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I don't blame you for being you

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Sorry i haven't updated in a whil folks.I've been skiing :)

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'Ooo, a party? That sounds great!' I heard Kate say from the backseat as i drove her and Stephanie back from school 'Who's?
'This guy i met in detention' Stephanie answered.
Sounds promising.
'You've already got a detention?' I couldn't help blurt out.
'Yes...' Said Stephanie turning towards me 'but i'll have you know, it wasn't my fault at all it-'
'You should have seen it Ryan!' Kate interupted 'Mrs.Fitzergeld looked ready to bust a gut.'
'What did you do?' I asked furrowing my brow.
'Nothing terrible!' Steph said defiantly 'I was just having a laugh...pretending to read really slowly...that woman can't take a joke.'
'Wait a moment' I said, realising something 'Your not talking about Callum Davis' party are you?'
'Yes, yes that's his name, Callum.' Steph said leaning forward and patting the shoulder of my car seat 'We're invited to Callums party.'
'Isn't he that cute guy?' Said Kate, and i could see Steph nodding her head enthusiastically in the rearview mirror. 'When is it?'
'Hmm...Friday? This friday..or saturday...or maybe it was next week...'
'Saturday' i confirmed, as they looked mildly surpised.
'So your going too Ryan?' Kate asked.
'Yes. but your not' I almost snorted.
'Uh, yes i am!' She said.
'No your not'
'Yes i am'
'No your not'
'Why not!?'
'Because Callum Davis's bad news OK?'
'Geez Ryan, i can take care of myself, who says you get to decide whether i go or not?'
'Your not going' I said again simply.
'Yes i am'
'No your not'
'Yes i am'
'No your not'
'GUYS!' Stephanie yelled suddenly. We both stopped.
She turned towards me 'OK, Ryan you can't force Kate not to go. Now i understand your just being protective, but think about, your gonna be there too, so like you keep an eye on her and stuff, can't you? And i will too, promise.' She placed a hand to her chest 'I shall not let her drink any alochol, take any drugs, smoke any pot or kiss and/or get anywhere further with guys.'
'For some reason i'm not feeling very reassured.' I said grimly.
Stephanie sighed 'it's understandable. But come on, it's Kate, your sister, you can trust her.'
I sighed 'Fine. But i'm taking you home early, kay?'
'Pfft. Fine' Kate groaned.

I drove on, the car filled with a momentary silence.
I noticed Kate suddenly sit up from her agitated slump and lean over to whisper something in Steph's ear.
Steph's eyes widened and she smiled at her before muttering something to her that i couldn't make out, but whatever she said, Kate nodded, smiling, in response to it.
I became curious.

'Ryan Daaarling' Said Stephanie, leaning forward. 'Do you think you could drop Kate and I off in town'
'Why?' I asked, raising my eyebrows.
'So we can go shopping.'
'Why?' I queried further.
'To get stuff.'
'Like?' I asked , suspicious.
She lowered her voice to a whisper 'girl stuff.'

It worked; i instantly dropped the matter.
I cleared my throat 'fine' i said.

'Thankyou' She said smiling. You don't have to wait for us. We'll cat a cab back.'


I sat cross-legged on the sofa, with my guitar in my lap, trying to learn the chords for our bands new song.
I got agitated everytime i failed to perfect a particular part of it.
My latest groan of agitation was interupted by the front foor slamming shut, causing Ben to rise from his current slump on my feet,
and rush towards whoever entered, however it only turned out to be Kate arriving back from town.

'You were gone long' I said, as she entered the living room and sat down to take off her shoes.
'Hmmm...' Was all she said.
'Where are your shopping bags?' I pryed, realising she had entered empty-handed.
'You went to go shopping...didn't you?' I said , sternly.
She looked uncomfortable under the intense glare i was giving her.
'Um, yeah-'
'Kate! What did you really do in town!?'

She sighed, 'OK,OK' She said standing up, and smiling excitedly 'You must promise not to tell mom or dad because they'll freak, but-'
She lifted up the brim of her shirt slightly to reveal seomthing silver glittering by her navel.
'You didn't!'
'Isn't it great?' She sqeauled 'It took ages trying to work up the courage to get it done, when i first entered the parlour i ran away! But Steph eventually mananged to pursuade me to do it, and i'm so glad i did, cos' look, isn't it awesome!?'

I just blinked, dumbfounded, unsure of what to say.

'OK, what happened to the Kate that didn't lie and got secret piercings without our parents permission?' I said.
'Oh Ryan, i'm just having a bit of fun for once' she said, patting her newly pierced navel, looking at it with admiration.
'I blame Stephanie' I huffed, folding my arms and leaning back on the sofa.
'Why? Ryan, it was all my idea!'
'She's a bad influence' i grumbled.
'OK, so she's fun-loving-'
'Her second day here, and she's already got a detention.'
'Well i think she taught Mrs.Fitzergeld a lesson- it's unfair to pick on people.'
'Puh, she just wanted attention' I said.
'That's not true.' Said Kate stomping her foot. 'Now if you don't mind' She said turning on her heel 'i'm going to decide what to wear for the party saturday.'

And she stomped up the stairs, slamming her bedroom door behind her.
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