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You were always born a crime

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| Stephanie's P.O.V |

I was awakened friday morning by the irritating beep of my alarm clock. I groggily heaved myself up, before flailing aimlessly at the clock wishing for it to stop. I managed to stop it and climbed out of bed , using all of the will power i could muster. It was only my second day at Bishop Gorman, i felt i should make an effort to be on time for at least an extra week.

Catching sight of myself in my bedroom mirror, i looked like a zombie; my eyes were red and puffy, and my hair was looking similar to that of a birds nest.
I decided to risk taking a shower, which i accidentally took longer than i should have, and immediately began rushing around to try and brush and blow dry my hair, not to mention undergoing my make-up routine. Flinging on my uniform, i rushed downstairs and into the kitchen, hoping to grab a piece of fruit to eat before i left.

As i entered, i noticed my route to the fruitbowl was intercepted by millions of tiny white shards of china scattered on the floor.
I sighed as i a bent down to sweep up the segments of the smashed dinner plate, and in doing so managed to cut part of my hand as a tiny piece of china embedded itself into me. Swearing, i pulled it out as a trickle of blood followed after. I placed my mouth over it, trying to stop the flow when the phone rang. I sprang up to answer it, only to end up treading on another, larger shard of china that cut right through my thin tight covered feet and into my flesh. Swearing again, i brushed quickly at the spot on my foot and hurried to answer the phone, half limping for the minor stabbing pain that seared through my foot everytime i stepped down on it.

'Hello' I half winced as i picked up the phone.
'Hey Steph' Kate's voice answered 'i was wandering if you wanted a lift to school this morning? I mean, it's on the way and my brother says he doesn't mind.'
'Are you kidding? That would be GREAT, thanks!' I gushed 'i'm running so late today.'
As i spoke, i half hopped as i tried to lift my injured foot upon the cabinet the phone stood upon, in an attempt to inspect it.
'No problem, we'll be there in a few minutes, kay?'
'Kay, thanks Kate your a life sav-AAH!'
I yelled as i managed to lose my balance and topple over onto my back.
'Steph? Steph?' Kate said 'are you OK?'
'I'm fine' i groaned, grasping the dangling phone from my postion on the floor. 'See you soon'.

I managed to scramble up and put the phone down. I could tell today was going to be a bad day.

I sat at the bottom of the stairs, lifting my leg onto my lap and inspecting my foot. The pointed piece of china was still in there, and had somehow weedled itself deeply into my flesh. I grimaced as i attempted to prize it out, but it was embedded too deep in my foot for me to get any good grip on it. The area around it was red and irritated, and my frustration grew the more i failed to take it out. After several minutes spent squeezing my foot, a car horn sounded outside, and i assumed Kate and Ryan were here.
I gave a few last desperate attempts to remove the china, but to no avail. Admitting defeat, i stood up wearily not wanting to make Ryan and Kate late, and angry at me for making them late. I half hopped to to the door, slipping on my flats and swinging my bag over my shoulder as i limped my way outside and over to their car.

Kate threw open the door and i climbed in tenderly.
'Howcome your limping?' She asked, concerned.
'I stepped on some broken china and have a piece of it wedged in my foot' i said , closing the car door behind me.
'Oh God Steph! Do you want to try and get it out?'
'It's OK' i said 'I'll wait until we get to's very hard to pull out and i don't want to make us late. Besides, i don't want to get blood on your car.'
'Are you sure?' Said Ryan, turning from the drivers seat, to look at me.
'Yeah, i can deal with it for 5 more minutes.' I shrugged.

He started driving whilst i tried to get my mind of my painful foot.
'Hey' i said, turning to Kate suddenly 'check this out.'
She looked at me questioningly whilst i pulled my shirt up slightly to reveal my navel.
'You actually got it pierced!?' Kate exclaimed, her eyes widening.
I nodded and grinned, noticing Ryan's eyes reflected in the rearview mirror, looking in my direction.
I dropped my shirt and he flicked them back to road, before looking back at me again.
'Your bleeding' He said.
'Huh?-oh!' I said, spotting the trickle of blood still ecscaping from where i had cut my hand earlier.
'What happened there?' Said Kate, handing me a tissue which i accepted with a thanks, before placing it upon the cut watching it soak up the dark red liquid.
'Another piece of china' i stated.
'What broke?'
'Oh, i dropped a plate' I lied.

We eventually pulled up into the school parking lot, and felt the shooting pain in my foot as i stepped out the car and put pressure on it.
'Oww' I whined.

Kate insisted that i sat sat down right there and then so she could help attempt to dislodge the piece of china in me.
Her attempts turned out to be more useless than my own, partly because she was too worried about hurting me- which was quite sweet.

'We're going to have to take you to the nurse' Said Kate.
'Nooooo' i whined 'i hate school nurses.'
'Here, let me try.' Said Ryan, bending down.
I offered him my foot, slighty cautiously.
'Don't worry, i'll be gentle' He said, taking my foot in his hands. 'You don't have tweezers on you by any chance?'
I flinched 'Nope'.
'OK, well this might hurt a bit but i'll do it quickly' He said.
The next thing i knew he had yanked at the piece of china and i winced in pain.
'So much for gentle' I pouted.
'Your foots bleeding' He said.
I mopped it up with a tissue Kate handed me, and stood up.
'Thanks Ryan' I said gratefully.
'No problem, kid' and he left, heading towards the school.


English class.
I hate english - no not hate - LOATHE it.
Even more than math...and i despise that too.
As if Mrs. Fitzergeld's persistent rant about my uniform isn't enough to make me dislike it already.

You know how i said today was going to be a bad day?
We're doing shakespeare.
God help me.

And just when i thought things were bad enough, Mrs. Fitzergeld starts picking people around the class to start reading aloud from 'Romeo and Juliet'.
I squirmed in my seat, an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach as i crossed my fingers and prayed that she wouldn't pick me.

But God doesn't usually answer prayers when your having a bad day, funnily enough.

'Thankyou Dominic' Said Mrs.Fitzergeld, as the swotty boy with an annoyingly posh accent finished reading, and sat down.
'Now then, who's next..?' She said, her eyes scanning across the classroom.

Do you ever get that feeling, when you just know that your going to be picked?
Well that's what i had right now.
Does it often fail you?
Me neither.

'Ah, miss. Moore, would you like to continue reading from the second paragraph?'
My stomach plummeted.
I cleared my dry throat.
'Um, nah it's OK miss, i think i'll pass...' I said, earning some titters of laughter from somewhere behind me.
Mrs.Fitzergeld raised her stupidly thin pointy eyebrows.
'It wasn't a question Miss.Moore, it was a command.'

What was she, a general?

'Then why did you say, would you?' I qeuried, earning more chuckles.
'Miss.Moore, you are trying my patience! Read or you will be given a detention!'

I sighed, and slowly stood up, holding the book.
'I-i'm a bit of a slow reader' I said timidly..
'We have time' She said.

'OK' I shrugged.
I took a deep breath, looking at the jumble of words infront of me.
With a quivering voice i started to read;
The class started laughing, they thought it was a joke.

Mrs.Fitzergeld looked angered 'Miss.Moore! It's your second day and already you are disrupting my lesson! How dare you not take the work of shakespeare seriously! Detention!'.

I pretended not to care, and sat down in my seat.
I guess i preferred her and the class thinking i was just being purposely difficult.


Detention. It's my second day here, and i already have a detention. Must be some kind of record.

I opened the door to the detention room and slid in, aware of the eyes resting upon me, from all the lovely people who would be accompanying me.
There was a large girl chewing gum, with one of those grumpy 'don't mess with me' faces, another girl with too many face piercings, a bored looking weedy guy who was slumped forward in his desk, almost falling asleep, and lastly, a cute guy with a hoop in one ear, who was laid back on his chair, looking pretty relaxed.

They continued to watch me as the haggered looking teacher in charge of the detention told me to take a seat. I looked around, deciding on where to sit, when to my suprise, the cute guy smiled at me and with a nod of his head indicated to the seat next to him.
I plonked my bag on the desk, and slid down into the seat, he just continued to smile at me. He had dimples at the corners of his mouth when he smiled, i noticed. I liked them.

After 5 minutes of aggravating silence, disrupted only by the annoying tapping sound the pierced girl was making with her pencil,
The teacher said he'd be right back, and to remain in complete silence until he returned.
But as soon as he left, dimples turned to talk to me.
'Hey' He said.
'Hello' I smiled.
'Your the new Sophomore aren't you?'
I raised my eyebrows 'Wow, news spreads quickly around here' I said.
'Well' He said smirking 'I can see why it would if it's about you.'
'Now,now we're being a bit forward aren't we' I teased 'i don't even know your name.'
'Callum' He said, holding out his hand formally, which i shook with my own. 'Stephanie' i said, grandly.
He smiled.
'So are you a sophomore too?' I asked.
'No, no i'm a Junior' He said. 'So where are you transferred from?'
'Philadalphia' I said.
'Nah, not really'

Unfortunately our conversation was cut short with the reappearence of Mr.Whatshisface.

We were emitted to once silence again, with only the sound of the clock ticking and the girl tapping.
Eventually, the teacher stood up and dismissed us.
I swung my bag on my shoulder.
'So i'm having a party saturday night...' Callum said as we exited the classroom. 'And i was thinking it would be cool if you came?'
'Sure' I shrugged.
'Feel free to bring a Ross' sister...just don't bring another guy with you, ok?' He said with a smirk.
'Hmm' i said 'I'll try my best.'
He smiled and winked 'Guess i'll see you there then'
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