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My Famous Life

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Pretty much the sequel for My Foster Life. :D Yes dont tease me about the TITLE!

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“How do I look?” I raised my arms out around me as I posed to my friend Shelly.

“You look marvelous! As always” she smiled as she looked at my high heel shoes that she adored a lot.

“Thanks” I smiled back and grabbed my handbag.

I was going to go for a photo shoot by some photographer. It’s really hard remembering random’s names. I was going to bring Shelly with me because we were going to visit our friend that still hasn’t worked out where we were going to meet him. His name is Dylan, and me, him and Shelly all live in one apartment. I met Shelly and Dylan pretty much at the same time, I met them when I went to Starbucks after a photo shoot with Dolly magazine when I was about 19. We became friends instantly.

“Come on” I said as I opened the hotel room door; waiting for Shelly to get out.

“Maybe I shouldn’t go” she ran her tanned fingers through her long beach brown wavy hair.

I sighed and shifted my weight on my left leg. “Shelly... why?” I asked

“Because, you’re going to a photo shoot. They wouldn’t want some ugly abnormal weirdo with you” her light brown eyes gazed to the floor.

I walked to her and held her shoulders tightly. I looked sternly at her, my green eyes piercing holes into hers. “Don’t you ever say that! Shelly you are the most beautiful girl in the world. You’re none of those things! I’ll show you what ugly and abnormal looks like once I punch you in your face” I narrowed my eyes at her.

“Ok ok!” she was wide eyed.

“Good” I sighed.

A lot of things happened to me ever since I touched foot in Australia. Like I was chosen as the model of the year for the Dolly magazine and when the year finished, my manager Andrew Collins wanted make me big and famous. I thought I should go ahead with him and in less than a year my name was everywhere. I was interviewed and shit, it was amazing! The bummer part of this was that I was alone… I mean not literally but I didn’t have my old friends with me. I missed them so much. Ray’s fro, Frank’s jokes, Mikey’s willingness to help me through every problem I had, Gerard’s…Bob’s… love. Who cares! It’s good that I left them; they don’t have to try and handle me again. I’m sure they are happy. I mean we lost contact ever since I first called Ray when I first was in Australia, which was over 5 years ago. I think they got pissed off… or just thought hey, she wants to be there then I don’t give a fuck. I mean I don’t blame them, they put up with me for so long. Though, I still miss them. I’d do anything and everything just to see them again. I probably do regret what I did but it was for the better. Who knows, Ray, Frank and Mikey must have gotten their dream jobs, I mean they are like 24 now well except Mikey who was 23. Gerard must be a cartoonist by now… Bob would be a sound engineer.

I was now here in America in New York temporarily. I got so many offers like interviews, photo shoots, some catwalks for major designers from America that I had to come. I realized that I looked at everyone surrounding me hoping that it was one of the guys. But it never turned out to be them; I’m dying to know how they are right now. But I keep on wandering, what if I did meet them, how would they react? Probably spit at me and walk away not noticing me at all.

I blinked away my tears trying to get rid of the blurriness because of the tears in my eyes.

“Mary, are you ok?” Shelly asked and she looked at me with a worried face.

“I’m fine” I gave a weak smile and parked my car to a reserved parking spot.

We walked into the building and met with an eager secretary. Her blonde hair fell over her shoulders as she shook my hand.

“So nice to meet you Mary-Anne, I’m Samantha” she grinned, “I love all you do. You’re photos, cat walked and interviews. I mean the interviews are awesome! You don’t even sound or act like those common models! Have you ever thought of starting an acting or singing career?” she asked as her brown eyes stared at me wildly.

I shook my head, “Oh no, modeling is enough for me”

“Oh that’s great” she said, “OMG I so love your accent. I want your Australian accent too”

I chuckled, “Honey your accent is just fine. In fact it’s very cute” my accent somehow did change from American to Australian somehow.

She nodded with slight blush appearing on her cheeks. “Thanks” she absently twirled her blonde hair around her index finger. “Um… oh yea. Let’s get you ready for the photo shoot! Our photographer David Reid is waiting for you”

I smiled and we followed her.

omg a sequeal!
not much is explained or happene dhere... sooooo SORRY!
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