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Chapter 2

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“He so had his eye on you! I swear if I wasn’t there or if you didn’t have to leave so quickly he would have made a move on you!” Shelly winked at me.

I shook my head, “No way Shelly. You have a dirty mind”

Dylan laughed, “Imagine that I was there. I would act like your boyfriend and he won’t ever have an eye on you. I should come with you for the photo shoots from now on”

I chuckled as we walked down a random busy street in the middle of New York. I just came from the photo shoot and we met Dylan on our way.
He said that he didn’t know where to
go in this city so we thought that we might just randomly visit weird and cool places. For once I was not wearing my sun glasses I guess because I aint that famous here. Thank god.

“Whoa! Look at that building!” Dylan awed as he pointed up in the sky.

We looked up and saw a very tall building it’s was so tall that I felt dizzy from looking at it.

“Wow Centre Point Tower isn’t even that tall” Shelly commented.

“Duh! This is America honey you’ll see the biggest of the biggest and the best of the best here” Dylan said and continued walking.

“Ooh” Shelly said and whistled. “Hey Mary, do you wanna go to your city that you grew up in?”

“Um… I grew up in Australia Shelly” I reminded.

“No I mean as in, you know your last foster family?”

“Oh” memories flashed through my head. Damn why did Shelly have to bring that up? Not I don’t mind, memories always flash through my mind. “Um… we don’t have to. There’s nothing to see anyway” I said. I really didn’t want to go back. It would kill me. Besides Dylan and Shelly don’t know that I ran away they just know that I left them to come to Australia. I lied to them, it’s a habit.

“So? You get to see your family again” she smiled.

I looked at her
uncomfortablely. “I’ll think about it”

“Ok” she smiled to Dylan and looked around the place.

“Wow this is so perfect! A café just in front of the two tall buildings!” Shelly clapped her hands as we sat outside on the table of the café.

“Says here that its called the Twin Towers” said Dylan as he read from a sheet that the café gave.

“Oh” Shelly said and stared at the towers. “Cool”

I smiled at them and sipped some caramel latte.

“Hey Mary can I have some of your cheese cake?” Dylan asked.

“No” I covered the cake with my hand as if I was protecting it. “Its mine”

He sighed, “Fine be that way” he crossed his arms over his chest.

I smirked and took a huge bite of the cake.

“Dylan are you sure?” I asked as he pulled me up the steps of the Twin Towers.

“Yes! We’re allowed to see New York
at the top of this building” he smiled, “Don’t worry I wont let anything happen to you”

“But Dylan, I’m afraid of heights. What if I fall? Of the roof gave way?” I asked in fright.

“No babe that does not happen. It’s pretty strong to hold a lot of people. Nothing will happen trust me”

I sighed and let him pull me up the steps into the tower. I had a bad feeling about this.

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