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Chapter 2

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“Hey guys.” I called to my fellow band mates as we finished up the meet and greet. “Would you be interested in getting lunch with Alyssa and her three friends?”
The guys just glanced at each other as I dialed her number. “Well I just asked them to meet us back here at FYE.” About 5 minutes later I spotted her again. Now she was carrying shopping bags in her hands.
“I’m sorry.” She apologized. “I can’t walk into a Hot Topic without buying something.”
“What did you get?” She pulled out these red and black plaid high heels. “Nice.”
“I’m a sucker for purses and shoes.” She explained. “Oh Brendon this is Amanda, Kayla and Lexi.”
“Nice to meet all of you. This is Ryan, Spencer and Jon.” I introduced us just to be polite. She kept smiling the whole time. Boy, do I love her smile. It’s so radiant.
“Where are we headed? I’m starving.”
“I was thinking me and you could go to Red Lobster. I’m craving some cod.” I saw her expression drop as I put my arm around her shoulders.
“Sounds great!” she looked behind her to say goodbye to her friends. We could probably meet up with later this evening. Maybe catch a flick. We walked out the door with Zack close behind and into the limo.
“I hope you don’t mind taking this. My car is in back home.”
“We can take my car if you like.” She offered.
“Yea we can. That’s fine.’ I looked to Zack and he just told us he’d meet us there. She got of my clutches to look for her keys in her enormous purse. She pulled out a lanyard with keys and key chains clunking at the end. It was a Fall Out Boy Lanyard with a The Academy Is…, Belle, some sort of painting looking thing and finally Will Turner.
“I’m sorry I don’t have my own car yet. I’m saving up for a Santa Fe but my father let me borrow his truck. I hope you don’t mind.”
“Not at all.” I smiled at her. A girl driving a truck should be interesting. We finally reached her father’s truck and wow can we big truck, small girl. She opened my side of the vehicle first then proceeded to the drive side. She was adorable driving this big truck. And might I add a good driver. Red Lobster was only 5 minutes from the mall. We were seated quickly.
“I’m sorry to be forward but you are extremely cute.” She blushed. Then replied.
“And you’re the cutest sex god!” Whoa where did that come from? She’s not so innocent, but then recalled that she is a drummer.
“Thank you. You may find out later.” If she could blush any redder she did. Even her ears turned red. The waiter approached the table and took our order. She just ordered the breaded shrimp.
“Not a big seafood fan?”
“Nah.” I then felt bad making her go here. “We can go somewhere else.”
“No, sweetie it’s fine. I haven’t had shrimp in awhile.” She smiled at me and called me sweetie.
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