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Chapter 1: Love

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Moving and Meeting

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Chap. 1: Love

It’s the month of May in the year 1994 and Patrick Stump, age 10 with dirty blonde hair and green eyes and very compassionate for his age, and his brother Kevin Stump, who was 15 at the time and was “graced” with blonde hair with the Irish red undertone and dull brown eyes and was extremely violent and girl crazy for his age, were playing, well fighting, on the front lawn and Patrick was trying to watch the new neighbors move in. From what he knew, there were going to be children his age and he didn’t want Kevin to meet them first. That pesky older brother of his was always telling his friends lies about him and they would believe them, which left Patrick only with his neighbors Andy Hurley, who was 12, Joey Trohman, who was still 9, and Pete Wentz, who was 14 and friendly to everyone but Kevin. Pete was the other children’s only defense against Kevin’s occasional attacks. While Patrick was thinking about all this, and while being pinned underneath Kevin, he saw out of the corner of his eye a white and gray moving van pull in across the street.

“Kevin, get off of me! The neighbors are here!”

Kevin stood up and dusted himself off. He looked down and smiled at his brother.

“Alright, then. I’ll be back to tell you what they’re like, Pat!”

Then he was bolting down the driveway towards the van across the street. Patrick clenched his fists and ran right after him, keeping a close distance between them.

“Don’t call me Pat! How many times do I have to remind you?”

Just as they were in the grass about to kill each other, a red car pulled into the driveway and stopped. Inside were the neighbors, and slowly, the car doors opened and everyone stepped into Chicago.

There was a single mother and two sisters total in the car, everyone wearing black. The mother, who’s name was Lidia Apolli, was about 32 years old and had a light shade of brunette for hair color. Her two daughters came soon after, the eldest stepping out first. Her full name was Barbara Jean, but everyone called her Bobbie. She was barely 13 and had a very dark shade of brown hair and a icey gray-blue set of eyes. Bobbie was very pale and was sulking, her black-rimmed glasses giving her a gothic appearence. She only turned her head to see her younger sister coming out of the car. The sister’s name was, fully, Kathleen Rose. Her mother called her Kathy Rose, but her sister and friends had called her Kate. Her hair was, surprisingly, a cross between honey and platinum blonde and held a set of bright ocean-blue eyes. Kate too was pale, but she had a sparkle in her skin that only a child of her age had. For being only 10, Kate had gone through losing her father and moving from her hometown in Winsconsin full of friends to a suburb in Chicago. All the while, Patrick and Kevin were staring at the two sisters. Kevin was already thinking about Bobbie in the nastiest way, but Patrick was only starting to think of a girl, let alone a girl that he hadn’t even met, as something more than just a friend. Just in time for both boys to catch themselves, Pete runs over and Bobbie starts speaking.

“Mom, why did we have to leave? Just because Dad died doesn’t mean you have to relocate us!”
Kate smiled and giggled and added to the conversation.

“Yeah, Mom. You’re going to turn her more into a cutter than she---”

Bobbie covered her sister’s mouth with her pale palm. She widened her eyes and noticed her sleeve slowly sliding up her arms. Noticing Pete out of the corner of her eye, she blushed and pulled her sleeve to cover her wrist. She didn’t need to start a new reputation before she even knew anyone.

Kate wrote this chapter.
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