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Chapter 8 It's Time For Us To Take A Chance

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Kendra has a visitor

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Chapter 8 It's Time For Us To Take A Chance

Kendra's POV

So I was going to be going through

another day of school without my

best friend, not exactly my cup

of tea. Ryan was staying absent as

well, to keep an eye on her. That

means the only person I could

really talk to was Brendon and him

and I weren't exactly on good

terms.I know he was desperatly

trying to win me back but I wasn't

to sure I could trust him yet. I

mean he makes out with another girl

and then tries to pass some bogus

story about how he only wanted to

see if his feelings were true to

me? I'm not that stupid, I know he

was just being his usual lecherous

self. If Brendon had his way he'd

be with every girl in the junior

class I just know he would. I busied

myself at home by writing in my

journal. Babs and I were planning on

forming a band as soon as she

graduated and I was just

scribbling down some lyrics. With

that being said you think I would be

with Ryan; he's pretty much a

professional lyricist if you're

comparing him to say, Brendon. Babs

and I both wrote lyrics equally she

usually wrote songs about family

life and then the perfect balancer;

her relationship with Ryan.I used to

write about my future plans with

Brendon but lately my lyrics have

been dark and mysterious. I was

pulled out of my supposedly study

time by a knock on the front door. I

open it and I'm staring into big,

wide, brown eyes. I knew

automatically who they belonged too.

Lowering my gaze I see a boquet of

roses half white half red. After

this I didn't have the heart to yell

at him. Instead I walked foward and

hugged him. "I'll give you another

chance...but you gotta be good got

it?" I didn't get a verbal response

from him just a tender kiss on the


Kendra wrote this chapter.
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