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Chapter 15: All The Poets Come To Life

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Pete and Tina get closer..or do they?

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Chapter 15: All The Poets Come To Life

~ 2 Months Later ~

A few months had passed. Billy got five years in prison, but could be out in two. Pete spent Christmas with Tina’s family. Her dad was warming up to Pete..just a little.

Pete and Tina walked out of the theatre. “Did you enjoy the movie?” Pete asked. “Yeah, it was good.” “Do you want to go to the park?” “Sure.” Pete and Tina got into the car and went to the park. They just sat in the car.

“What’s wrong?” Tina asked looking at Pete. “I don’t know. Lately, I’ve just felt so out of place. That I’m sinking and can’t come up for air. Have you ever felt that way?” “Yes. Sometimes it hurts so much. Have you talked to your therapist about it?” “No. I quit going.” “Pete, do you think that’s a good idea?” “I’m tired of it. I’m just plain tired.”

Tina moved over in the car and hugged Pete. “Sweetheart, if your feeling this way I think you should talk to someone.” “You don’t get it. I want to deal with this on my own. I hate seeing the therapist and not feeling any different.” “Are you doing what your therapist is telling you?”

Pete just looked at Tina. “Are you kidding me? Do you think I want to be like this. Your just like the therapist. He said that I didn’t want to get better.” “Pete, honey, I don’t think that.” Tina took Pete’s hand into hers. “I know you want to get better. Just promise me that if things get too bad that you’ll go back.” “Alright.” “Are you okay?” “I will be. I feel better when I’m with you.”

Pete bent down and kissed Tina. Tina fell back on the seat of the car and Pete laid on top of her. He kissed her and slid his tongue in her mouth. Tina licked his lips with her tongue. Pete reached under her shirt and moved his hand up to her breast. “Uh, Pete. We need to stop.” “I know.” He continued to kiss her. “Peter, stop.”

Pete looked at her. “Are you sure?” “Yes.” He got up from her. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t of done anything.” “It’s alright. I do want to make love to you, but give me time and I don’t want our first time to be in a car.” Pete laughed. “I guess your right. It is almost midnight. I better get you home.”

Pete drove Tina home. When she walked inside her dad was in the living room. “Dad, I’m home.” “Okay. Did you have fun?” “Yeah, we went to the movies.” “How’s Pete?” “He’s doing good. Well, I’m going to go to bed.” “Goodnight.” Tina walked to her bedroom.


“Tina.” She turned around. “Hey, Destiny.” “How was your date?” “Good.” “Is everything alright?” “I don’t know. Pete and I haven’t really done anything.” “You mean have sex.” “Yeah.” Tina laughed. “Anyway. Last night we were in the car and we were making our and I stopped him. I felt bad. I mean he’s older and I know he’s not a virgin and probably has done it with lots of girls.”

“Wait. Have you asked Pete? I don’t think he’s done it with lots of girls. He may be hot and everything. And don’t you dare tell Patrick I said that, but Pete isn’t the type to sleep around.” “Your right. I do feel bad. I want to have sex with him, but I’m afraid of how I’ll react. Will the memories of Billy come back?” “You need to be ready. Don’t just do it, because you think Pete wants to. Give him a little credit. He can always take a cold shower.” “Funny. I guess your right. I need to get to class. Talk to you later.”

After school Tina waited for Pete. He was late as usual. She got into the car. “You do know I get done at 3:00?” “Yeah, why?” “Your always late. Just once I’d like to see you on time.” “I’m sorry. Can I have a kiss?” “I suppose.” Tina leaned over and gave Pete a kiss.

“I missed you today.” “Did you go to class?” Tina asked. “No.” “Why not?” “I didn’t feel like it. I’m not going next year.” “It doesn’t mean to skip out now. What if you want to go back?” “I just don’t feel like going. Come on, I don’t want to get into an argument.” “Me either. But I wish you would think about going to your classes. Your too smart to throw it away.” Tina took Pete’s hand and thread his fingers with hers.

“Want to go back to my house?” “Yeah.” Tina smiled at Pete. Pete drove to the house and they went up to his room. Tina dropped her bag and laid on Pete’s bed. “Are you tired?” Pete asked. He laid on the bed next to Tina on his stomach. “A little. I haven’t been sleeping lately.” Pete rubbed Tina’s head. “Why?” “I need to ask you something.” “What did I do?” “Nothing.” Tina smiled.

Pete began to play with her hair. “Um, do you want to make love to me?” Pete looked down at Tina. “Yes, but only if you want to. I’m not going to pressure you. You mean the world to me. I’m sure you don’t want to hear this. I’ve had a few girlfriends and they never meant as much as you do. Usually, they were as I was, after one thing. I want our time to be special. I want you to be sure.”

“Really?” “Really.” Pete smiled at her. “I know you have had other girlfriends and are older, but does it bother you that we aren’t having sex?” “Baby, I don’t want to have sex unless we are both ready. I’m enjoying getting to know you and not having the complications of sex. Don’t for a minute think I need to have sex or I’m not happy.”

“Alright. I guess I just worry because your older.” “Thanks. Your making me feel like an old man.” “If you were I couldn’t do this.” Tina placed her hands on Pete’s cheeks and kissed him. She smiled down at him. “There was something else I need to ask you. School is having a dance and I was wondering if you wanted to come with me.” “Of course. When is it?” “In a couple weeks. Are you sure? You’ll be with a bunch of teenagers.” “If you haven’t noticed, I hang out with a bunch of teenagers and I act like one.” “So true.” Tina laughed.

“What do you want to do?” “I probably should get home. If my dad finds out we’ve been here alone he’ll have my head.” “Has he said anything about me lately?” “No. Last night he asked me how you were. He’s kind of cooled off on you and me. I think you staying at Christmas helped.” “Good. I don’t want him to get on you because of me.” “He isn’t. I can handle him. I really have to go. I’ll talk to you tonight.” “Okay. I should be home all night.” Tina kissed Pete. “Bye.”

Tina walked home. Her mom was in the living room. “Hi, mom.” “Tina, I have something to ask you.” “Oh. What?” “In a couple weeks your dad and I are going to Texas and I know you need to be in school. Could you stay home?” “Um, yeah. Why are you going?” “You remember Donna? My friend from college. She is getting married and I want to go. Your brothers are going to go with us too. You sure it will be alright. I’ll have Pete’s parents check on you and if you need to stay with them.”

“I’m sure I’ll be fine.” “Good. I know how it’s your last year of high school and you don’t want to miss anything.” “Will it be okay with dad?” “Yeah. I’ll talk to him. How was your day?” “Good. I asked Pete to go to the dance and he said yes. Other than that not much went on.” “You’ll have a good time. Do you want to help me with supper?” “Yeah.”

Chapter 16: All The Poets

Tina went to her bedroom after her date with Pete. Tonight she finally wanted to tell Pete she loved him. She cared for him, but neither has said the ‘L’ word. Her parents were leaving the next day. She was going to have Pete over for supper. She would tell him then. She fell asleep with a smile on her face.
The next day Tina woke up and grabbed her robe. She walked downstairs. “Good morning, mom.” “Hi, Tina. We are just about to leave. All the numbers you need are in the kitchen. If you need anything ask the Wentz’s. If you want to stay with them they said it was alright. There’s a credit card if you need it.” “Mom, calm down. I’ll be fine. You have a nice time.” “I just worry about you. You take care of yourself.” “I will. Bye.” Tina hugged her mom. “Tina, I want to say bye.” “Okay, dad. Drive careful.” “I will. Remember the rules. I don’t want Pete here.” “Yes, dad.” She agreed to the rule of not having Pete over, but it didn’t mean she would follow it. “Okay. See you in a couple of weeks.” She hugged her dad and watched him leave.

Tina made some toast and poured a glass of orange juice. There was a knock on the door. Tina went to the door and opened it. “Hey Pete. Took you long enough.” He walked in. “I just wanted to make sure they were gone.” He kissed her. “Want some breakfast?” “No. I had a pop tart.” “That’s healthy. Want to watch some TV?” “Yeah.”

They walked to the living room and Tina sat down. Pete laid down putting his head in her lap. She played with his hair. “Did you sleep last night?” Tina asked. “No. I’m having a hard time sleeping. I wrote a lot though.” “I wish you’d see someone. I’m worried about you.” “I’ll be fine. It’s just sleep.” “You better be right.” “I am.” He squeezed her thigh.

“Tina, can I go to your room to sleep? I’m kind of tired.” “Sure.” Pete got up. “You sure you don’t want me to go with you?” “Only if you want.” He smiled at her. Tina got up and took his hand. They went to Tina’s room. Pete laid on the bed. “Come here.” Tina laid next to Pete and put her head on his chest. Pete was asleep in a matter of minutes. Tina laid with him, just watching him sleep for a hour. She got up and got dressed. She went downstairs. And got what she needed for the supper she was going to make.

Around 5:00pm Pete woke up and went downstairs. He sat next to Tina. “Babe, I’m sorry I slept all day.” “It’s okay. Why don’t you go home and shower and then come back.” “Why? Do I smell bad?” “Just do it.” “Okay. I’ll be back in a little bit.” Pete kissed her. Once Pete left Tina put the lasagna in the oven and took a shower.

After her shower she put on a skirt and shirt. She put her hair up and put on a little make up. She walked to the kitchen and made a salad. Pete came through the door. “Tina, I’m here.” “I’m in the kitchen.” “Wow. I thought we were just going to have pizza. I’m a little undressed.” “Your perfect. Come here.” Pete walked to Tina. She wrapped her arms around Pete’s neck and kissed him. “You smell good.” “So do you. Do you want me to do anything?” “Could you take the lasagna out of the oven?” Tina put the salad on the table. They both sat at the table and ate. After, they both cleaned up.

“What do you want to do?” Pete asked. “Would you like to go upstairs and talk?” “Sure.” Pete took her hand. They went to Tina’s room. Pete sat on the end of her bed. Tina walked over to Pete and straddled him. “Um, Tina, what are you doing?” “I want to make love to you.” “Are you sure?” “Yes.” She kissed him. Pete ran his hands up and down her back. He took off her shirt and kissed her neck, sucking gently. Tina ran her fingers through Pete’s hair. Pete cupped her breasts while he continued to suck her neck. Tina reached behind her and unsnapped her bra. Pete took if off and bent his head and took one of her nipples into his mouth.

“Oh, Pete. That feels so good.” He switched to her other breast. He rubbed the other breast and pinching her nipple. Tina arched her back. Pete took her and laid her down on the bed. He kissed her stomach. She grabbed his shirt and pulled it off of him. She ran her hands up and down his back and to his chest. “Your beautiful.” Pete said. “So are you. Pete, I want to tell you something.” “What?” “Um, I know we really haven’t dated long, but I really care for you. Pete, I love you.” Pete looked down at her. He didn’t say anything. “Pete, say something.” He didn’t.
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