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I'll tell how good it can feel

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Ryan, Jon, and Spencer share with Brendon how good it can feel

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BRENDON-Great Jon’s going first only god knows what dirty little secret him and Zoe have.

JON-“Zoe and I love the oral it’s the best type of sex for us. And I love the feel of her nails digging into my back and my hair when I’m eating her out. I love the feel of her stiffen clit. I love to suck on it she particularly pulls my hair out when I suck on it a ring pop. I also love the feel of he tongue and lips when she’s giving me head. It feels like she’s trying to suck the life out of me. And it feels wonderful. Ok Spencer what about you”

SPENCER-“I’m going to have to say her touch”
(Jon opens his mouth to let out a smart remark but Spencer shoots him the evil eye)

SPENCER-“Yes her touch no matter where she touches me or what part of her body she uses!”
(Spencer goes back to his computer screen not realizing he’s left us all in suspense)

JON-“You want to elaborate on that give some more detail maybe an example?”


(Jaws drop)

SPENCER-“I have to leave something to the imagination all right Ryan lets hear it what feels or touches turn you on?”

RYAN-“Ok unlike Jon and Zoe Jams and I prefer intercourse. The best feeling is when I first slid inside her. She feels so good. Warm, wet, and tight.”

JON-“See that’s what I’m talkin’ bout”

RYAN-“I’m not done the only thing that feels better is when.

JON-“Her going down on you”


JON-“You going down on her?”


JON-“Then What?”

SPENCER-“I’m sure if you shut your mouth he’d tell us”

RYAN-“The only thing that feels better is the way she feels when she’s having an orgasm.


RYAN-“Yeah she starts cumming and I can feel her back begin to arch and she does something that is apparently rare in women. She ejaculates. It’s awesome. She shakes and moans and screams my name. It feels great to know I’m the one sending these shock waves of pure pleasure her though her

JON-“Dude Jams squirts that’s hot”

RYAN-“I know she’s awesome. Anyway my turn and I choose smell”

BRENDON-I’m learning so much about these three. Maybe a little too much.

To be continued…..
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