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Doesn't it smell so good

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Brendon finds out what smells are so intoxicating they will turn you on to the point of arousal.

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BRENDON-“Did you just say smell?”

RYAN-“Yeah smell why what?”

BRENDON-“Well I know smells can be intoxicating but to the point of arousal? Come on.”

JON-“You still have much to learn young butter nuts.”

Everyone laughs

BRENDON-“Yo don’t call me that”

JON-“Don’t get feisty with me because you don’t have big boy nuts”

BRENDON-“Keep on talkin’ trash and I’ll come over there and show you just how big boy my nuts are”

JON-“Bring it on butters”

BRENDON-“Whatever just go on Ryan”

RYAN-“If you two love birds are done I’d like to continue.”

BRENDON/JON-“We’re good!”

RYAN-“Now then a smell that is so intoxicating it can get me to the point of arousal is Jams sweet aroma.”

JON-“Her what!”

RYAN-“Sweet aroma, her own personal scent.”

JON-“Yeah yeah yeah I know what it is I’m not dumb.”

BRENDON-“You could have fooled me”

JON-“Shut up Butter nuts”

SPENCER-“You guys and your love triangle are ruining Ryan’s story”

JON-“I’m not the brightest Brady in the bunch but in a love triangle don’t there have to be three people?”

BRENDON-“Wait, your not the brightest what in the what what. Well that’s one way to describe your intelligence”

SPENCER-“There is Brendon, you, and…”


SPENCER-“Brendon’s nuts his butter nuts”

JON-“Ha ha Spencer made a funny”

BRENDON-“It was kinda funny”

SPENCER-“Thank you thank you”

RYAN-“Can we focus on me again PLEASE! Thank you!”

JON-“Sorry supreme rulers please don’t behead us.”

RYAN-“Ok back to the smells. Jams smell is hard to explain she smells the same all the time it’s a perfect but simple smell hard to explain.”

JON-“Is it sorta like a light touch of French vanilla with sprinkles of lavender.”

RYAN-“Uh no but I’m sure that smells good too”

JON-“That’s what I smell like”


JON-“Come take a whiff “

SPENCER-“Ok you two enough of that Jon it’s your turn”

JON-“Let me think smells smells smells…..yes I know the after smell”

BRENDON-“The what”

JON-“The after smell the way we both smell after sex. It’s like our bodies rolling a rounding together create this awesome perfume. And we wear it well. In bed anyway we do shower. Ok Spencer your up and please make it hot. We want Brendon here to have hardcore wet dreams tonight not soft core cable porn.

BRENDON-“I thought this was a learning experience”

JON-“A learning experience what dude are you still a virgin we’re trying to give you some tips and get you pumped so maybe the next girlfriend you get you won’t blow it
That and we’re tired of all the masturbation.”



SPENCER-“Now that that’s out of the way. The smell that turns me on to the point of arousal is the smell of Ash’s hair.”

JON-“You and Ryan are killing me”

SPENCER-“Her hair has the sweetest smell I love to bury my face in it when we hug or when I’m on top of her. I also enjoy playing in her hair.”

JON-“And that’s it uh?”

SPENCER-“Yep that’s it. But it is my turn and I choose taste.”

JON-“Brendon are you sure you and your young butter nuts can handle what your about to hear.”

BRENDON-“What are you talking about?”

JON-“I have a feeling that taste is going to be pretty naughty so at anytime if you need to do earmuffs we understand”

BAM! I throw a can of beer and hit Jon dead in the nose! My aim is better than I thought.

JON-“Goodness you’ve got aim dude.”

BRENDON-“I can take anything you guys can dish” (I think I hope)

To be continued…..
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