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Patrick and Tiffany's talk.

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"So have you ever been to Florida?"Patrick asked taking a seat next to Tiffany.
"No This will be my first time. I can't wait to meet some other artist and I can't wait to meet the rest of your band." Tiffany said.
"oh. The rest of my band is actually 3 rows back from us. They were to scared to come and say hi to you so I did. They are probably wondering what we are talking about right now." Patrick said looking into Tiffany's beautiful brown eyes.
"Why are they scared to say hi to me?" Tiffany asked staring into Patrick's blue eyes.( I don't know if Patrick has blue eyes so I'm taking a guess.)
" Well, this is howw Joe puts it. You can't just go up to a really hot girl and say hi. First of all it's to scary and second of all you never know what she is going to do. She might just let you sit down or she might look at you, snicker and then just say buzz off or something like that." Patrick said sounding just like Joe.
"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" Tiffany laughed.
"first of all only mean girly girls do that and second of all I'm not mean or a girly girl. So, I would not do that." Tiffany said trying not to laugh anymore.
"I told Joe that not all girls are like that but he didn't listen or he just wasn't paying attention because by then a hot girl was passing by so whatever." Patrick said fixing his hat.
"I love your hat!!" Tiffany said smiling.
"Thanks" Patrick said smiling back at her.
" I wish i could wear them but i just get hat hair, and i don't look so great when i get hat hair."


"Oh my god! How long has he been sitting there with her?" Joe asked.
"Ummm... about 45 minutes." Andy said looking at Pete's phone.
"And just how long is this plane ride?" Joe asked.
"About 2 and a half hours to 3 and a half hours." Pete said.
"oh no... She's laughing, that can not be good." Joe said being very nervous.
"Joe. Calm down. Laughing isn't always bad you know." Pete said.
"I know but i'm just soo nervous for him because this is like the first hot girl that he, by himself , has went up to and talked to them and they haven't said buzz off or something like that." Joe said biting his nails.
"That is true." Andy said.
"shhh. I can hear them now." Pete said.
"I love all your songs especially the song from your newest album, 'The Pros And Cons Of Breathing'. When I'm bored i will just all of a sudden will start singing it."
"Wow. Alot of people will say that is the most stupidest one we made." Patrick said.
"Well, who ever says that does not know anything about the art of music." Tiffany said.
"hahah." Patrick and Tiffany both laughed.
"Awww. They're having a great time." Pete said.

"Excuse me passengers." THe loud speaker came on.
"We will be landing in 5 minutes.Thank you."
"Well we better get our stuff together." Andy said.
"Yeah we better. Patrick is probably going to wait until we land to get his stuff." Jo esaid.
"That's okay." Pete said looking back at where his best friend was sitting. He was still so proud.
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