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Meeting the rest of The band.

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Tiffany signed into the hotel she would be staying at. Her room was so big a had a great view on the city. Tiffany left her room and went to see the yard that was located in the back of the hotel. In the yard was a soccer field where a soccer game was going on. Tennis courts, Football field, there was also a game going on there, basketball courts, archery and a handball wall. When she looked over to the handball wall she notice somebody waving at her. It was Patrick and he was standing with the rest of the band. He motioned for her to come over to them. She ran over to them.
"Hey Tiffany. how you doing.?" Patrick asked.
"I'm fine." Tiffany answered .
"This is the rest of the band."
"Hey I'm Andy." Andy and Tiffany shook hands.
"I'm Pete and I love that Hoodie."
"Thanks."And they both shook hands."
"And this is Joe." Patrick said pointing to the guy whose mouth was hanging open again.
"Nice to meet you Joe." Tiffany extended her hand. Joe took it, shook and said "Your Hot." He didn't even know he said it.
"Ha! Thanks I try."
"So would you like to join us for some handball?" Pete asked.
"Sure. But be careful. I'm a master at Handball."
"We will just see about that." Andy said.And they started the game. Joe was the first one out. Next was Pete then it was Patrick. Tiffany and Andy were the only ones left.
"Be careful Tiffany! Nobody has ever beaten Andy Before!" Pete screamed to her.Before they knew it Andy was out. Tiffany had won.
"Wow. No one has ever beaten me at handball before." Andy said as they shook hands to show a nice game was played.
"Yeah well I get good practice from my 7 brothers so that's the only reason why I'm good."
"Wow you have 7 brothers." Pete said surprised.
"Yeah. I'm the only girl. But I have gotten used to it." Tiffany said streching her arm that she had been using to throw the ball.
"Well let's go back inside and get some rest. We have a big day tomorrow." Joe said.
"Yeah we better. See you guys tomorrow." Tiffany said waving good bye.
"Yeah see you tomorrow." They all yelled. When Tiffany was out of sight Pete smacked joe in the back of the head.
"Ouch! What was that for?" Joe said rubbing his head.
"That's for saying what you said to Tiffany before. You better be lucky that she is a tom-boy and doesn't do what some other girls might have done if you said that to them." Pete said as he walked back inside to his room.
"But she is hot." Joe said in a whisper as he also went back to his room.
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