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The concert

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"Oh my God! You guys are so funny!" Tiffany tried to say through her laughing.Tiffany and Fall Out Boy were on their way to the concert. The whole band wanted to know what her dress looked like but she would not show it to anybody.
As they got out of the car onto the sidewalk they were swarmed by the paperazzi.Fall Out Boy started to back away from them when Tiffan yjust kinda pushed them out of her way making room for her and the band. They looked at each other and followed her. When they got inside Andy asked,
"How do you just ingnore them like that and just push them out of the way?"
"When you lived with 7 innoying brothers, you learn to deal with it."
"Wait! We are inside. That means you have to show us your dress that you're wearing." Pete said wanting to see her dress and how hot she looked in it.
"Crap! ugh!!! Fine" She took off her long trench coat that she had been wearing.
"Wow!!!" They all said when she took it off. She was wearing a dark puple dress that had ruffles going down her front, back and sides. It was a halter top. It was very glittery. It went down to the floor so you couldn't see her feet. And hugged her curves very tightly.
"You look soo soo soo hot." Joe said before going into his stage of open mouth string whenever a hot girl walked by him. Pete again smacked the back of his head.
"Ouch. Sorry" Joe said rubbing his head.
"haha. It's ok Joe i'm use to it by now."
"How are you use to it. I don't think your brothers would be calling you hot?" Andy asked combing his hair.
"Well, when I was in school everybody called me hot. I got so embarressed because all the girls would look at me with anger on their faces and I only had boys as friends like I do now. Yeah, Everybody in school called me emo, a geek, and a nerd, but if you asked every boy in the schoool 'Who is the hottest girl in school?' They would all say 'Tiffany Olszower'. So that's how i got use to it." Tiffany explained putting on very little make-up on and fixing her hair.
"Wow. What a great life you had." Patrick said fixing his hat.
"Yeah you would think." Tiffany said.
"Patrick hold on a sec you have something in.." Tiffany said trying to get something out of Patrick's hair.
"Owowowowowowo...Ouch!" Patrick said as Tiffany tried not to hurt him.
"So...rry...Got it!" Tiffany yelled as she pulled 3 stickers that were from the inside of Patrick's hat out of his hair.
"Tanks Tiff." Patrick said rubbing his head.
"You are welcome." Tiffany said throwing them into the garbage.
"Tiffany, Fall Out Boy. You're on."
"Okay let's go!" Tiffany said waiting at the door for them.
"Yeah!" They all screamed.
Fall Out Boy got onto the stage and started to play 'Walk Away'
"You've got your mother and your brother every other under cover tellin you what to say..." Tiffany started singing her song"
The concert was a blast.Fall Out Boy and Tiffany had a great time. After the concert They all went to a resturant called 'Golden Hearts'.
"So Joe, What are you going to have?" Pete asked Joe whose head was buried into the menu.
"Ummm... I think I'm going to have the salmon montoya. How about you Andy?" Joe asked the Vegitarian.
"I'm Going to have the vegetable Flamba. How about you Pete?" Andy asked Pete who was staring into space.
"oh.. I'm going to have the Chicken Marsala. How about you Patrick?" Pete asked Patrick who was looking at the cieling that was covered with stars.
"I'm going to have the Steak anchor, and I'm guessing that you, Tiffany, will have a salad with no dressing and nothing fatening." Patrick said to Tiffany who was listening to what everybody was going to have.
"Me? Have a salad?... Hahahahahahah!"Tiffany started laughing histerically.
"What's so funny? Isn't that what every girl gets to eat? Cause whenever I go on a date with a girl they always get a salad with no dressing and nothing fatening." Joe and Pete said at the same time.
" You guys are talking to me. I would never get that." Tiffany said trying to stop laughing.
"Okay. Thank God. Cause If I have to hear a girl get that for dinner I might just go crazy." Joe said.
"Then what are you getting?" Andy asked.
"I'm getting the Shrimp Flank."
"Good choice."
As they were walking to the car Tiffany's phone rang.
"Oh no." Tiffany said in a very nervous way. She stopped dead in her tracks and her eyes started to turn red.
"What's wrong" asked Andy.
"It's My ex-boyfriend. I better pick it up."
"Hello?" Tiffany answered the phone.
"I'm coming for you."
owwwwww what will happen I'll update as soon as possible.
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