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I need to know who you guys want Tiffany to fall in love with. Do you want it to be Pete the Hot and protective guy, Patrick the cute sensitive and protective guy, Andy the quiet shy and protective guy or Joe the weird tall protective guy. Write me a review and send it to me at . I know it is a strange email but i'm strange.
I also want to tell you about the next chap. The band is going to meet Tiffany's ex-boyfriend. He is going to be well... you'll find out. He's going to beg tiffany to come back to her and then one of the members are going to tell him to back off. You guys also need to tell me who is going to tell him to back off. THen i'm going to introduce Travis McCoy from Gym Class heroes. And if I get enough reviews I'll tell you who Tiffany is going to fall in love with, But I NEED YOU GUYS TO TELL ME. My email(again)
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