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Meeting some new people.

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Nobody sent me reviews so I can't tell you she is going to fall in love with.
"Alex! Stay away from me!" Tiffany yelled into the phone.
"Oh but honey I'm right behind you."He said sounding very weird. Tiffany looked behind her. There he was standing with his hair combed and with a rose in his hand.
"Please come back to me." He said getting on his knee and handing her the rose.
"I don't think so. You don't treat me with respect and all you can think about is sex and because i won't give it to you, you go out and cheat on me!" Tiffany screamed at him. This made him mad. He stood up but not like a normal human would stand up. He was all wobbly and unbalinced.
"Fine...Then..I'll make...You.... come" He said in a very sickining way. He grabbed her arm and started to pull her. She quikly pulled her arm away from him and said.
"Alex! You're Drunk!"
"So wat if I am! Now come!" He yelled at her. He grabbed her arm tight this made scream in pain. He pulled her and she pulled back.
"STOP THIS!!! LEAVE HER ALONE!!" Someone yelled out behind Tiffany. She looked behind and there stood the shy an dquiet member of Fall Out Boy.. Andy.
"How dare you say that to me you little bastered!" Alex yelled. Before he let go of Tiffany he quikly twisted her arm so that he fractured it and then threw her on the ground.
"OWWW!" A blood curdling scream came from her mouth. She couldn't get up. Patrick and Pete ran to her side while Joe and Andy stood there fighting with Alex.
"Tiffany...Tiffany!!" Pete screamed at her. She had gone unconsous after Alex had thown her down to the ground.
"Look there is Travis. I'll go ask him if he can help us." Pete said running to Travis.When Pete came runing back with Travis Alex stopped fighting and looked up at Travis. Alex whimpered and ran.
"THat's right you better run!" Travis screamed at the runing Alex.
"Quick! We have to get her to a hospital! Pete screamed holding up Tiffany's head.
"Hold on a sec... Her arm is fine. Alex didn't facture it at all. He Twisted it just enough to make her scream in pain." Andy said.
"Well.. We have to get her back to her room. Now who is going to carry her?" Pete asked looking at everyone.
"Well does anybody know how much she ways?" Joe asked. This time Andy smacked Joe on the head.
"What?? I didn't call her hot or anything. So why did you smack me?"
"Because that was a stupid question. No girl, ton-boy or not, is going to tell anyone, especially a bot their weight."
"I'll carry her." Joe said putting his hands underneath her back and her ass.
"Okay I guess we are going to have to walk from here. The hotel is only 2 blocks away." patrick said starting to walk.
"I'll come with you."Travis said walking with them.
"Okay. When she wakes up we will intorduce you to her." Pete said.But what pete didn't know was that Travis and Tiffany were the greatest of friends.
When Tiffany woke up she was in her hotel room with everyone surronding her. Even her greatest friend Travis. Sat up on the edge of the bed rubbing her head.
"ugh.. What happened?" Tiffany asked standing up to stretch.
"Your ex happened." Joe said.
"Thank you guys for telling him to back off." Tiffany said finishing her stretching.
"Well it was Travis who scared him off. Oh Tiffany i would like you to meet Travis McCoy from the band Gym Class Heroes." Pete said looking at both of them.
"Travis! How are you?!" Tiffany said to Travis giving him a hug.
"I'm great. Look at you. The last time I saw you you were not as famous as me." Travis said as a joke.
"Hahaha very funny." Tiffany said
Sorry guys. I'll finish this cahp some other time. I'll make the next chap Meeting some new people part 2. It will start off from where this chap ends.
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