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Meeting some new people. part 2

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"Okay. I'm confused." Pete and Joe said.
"So are we." Patrick and Andy said.
"You didn't tell them did you?" Tiffany asked Travis who was standing there looking down at her.
"Ummmm... No i didn't." Tiffany sighed.
"Me and Travis had known each other since we were in 4th grade. We are like the greatest friends." Tiffany said rubbing her head.
"ok, and why didn't you tell us this Travis?" Patrick asked.
"Because I know a lot of Tiffany's and i didn't know which one you were talking about." Travis said.
"Yeah right Travis but whatever. What time is It?" Tiffany asked trying to find her cell phone.
"It's 2 o'clock in the morning." Pete said rubbing his eyes.
"Well we better get some sleep. Andy can I have our room key?" Pete said sticking his hand out at Andy.
"Yeah....sure...ummmm.that's not good."Andy said digging in his pockets.
"What?" Pete said getting a little frustrated at Andy's carelessness.
"Ummm I think I dropped it when I was fighting Alex.
"Oh thta's great now where are we supposed to sleep?" Pete said.
"You can stay here with me. THay gave me 4 bedrooms with 4 King Size beds. I can sleep on the couch." Tiffany said also rubbing her eyes.
"No..No We don't want to be a burden." Pete said.
"No I insist." Tiffany said pulling out the couch bed.
"Are you sure it's ok?" Pete asked
"Yes I'm sure. What is this doing in here? Alex. I'm going to kill him."
"What? What is it?" Pete said worried.
"He bought me 4 pairs of men pajamas when i don't even wear them. Since you guys don't have pajamas you can sleep in these. And please. Don't give them back." Tiffany said. They didn't even notice that Travis had left. He didn't even say goodbye.
"Thanks Tiff." The whole band said to her.
"You are very welcome." She closed the door so she could get changed. When she came out she was wearing long pants and a shirt that hugged her curves really tight.
"Wow.. O my god Tiffany even in sleeping clothes your so hot!" Joe said with his mouth hanging open again. Patrick smacked the back of his head.
"Sorry." Joe said. Rubbing his head and looking down.
"It's ok I've gotten use to it over the years."
"Well I have got to get some sleep or i get really cranky in the morning." Pete said getting up from the kitchen chair.
"Yeah that's how I am in the morning too....soo. Goodnight Pete." Tiffany said to Pete.
"Good...(Yawn) Night.." Pete said.
"Every one else was starting to their rooms to except for Tiffany who was going to the couch.
"Goodnight Patrick,Andy, and Joe." Tiffany said turning off the light.
"Goodnight!" they all screamed. And in 10 min everyone was sound a sleep.
Now... I'm still looking for reviews from you guys. I need to know who you guys want Tiffany to Fall in love with from fall out boy. If i get just one review from you guys that is the person that Tiffany is going to fall in love with.
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