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Going back home..

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Hey you guys!! I'm sorry i haven't updated in a while. Well i got 4 reviews. 2 of them want Tiffany to fall for Patrick and the other half want her to Fall for Pete. Well which one is it guys. Now you must send me reviews that tell me if she should fall for Patrick or Pete. Her is the next chap....
"Good Morning!!!" Pete and Patrick yelled the next morning.
"Good Morning...ow!" Tiffany said getting up from her seat at the kitchen table.
"What's wrong? Are you o.k.?" Patrick asked questioning her.
"Yeah I'm o.k. it's just that, that couch was so uncomfortable that my back and neck hurts now but I'll be o.k." Tiffany said rubbing her neck.
"Here let me get you some ice for your neck." Pete said running to the freezer.
"And I'll get a pillow for your back." Patrick said running to the couch.
"Guys you don't have to do this." She said taking a sip of her milk.
"Oh yes we do... you let us stay with you for the night so we have to help you today. Because of your back it's going to be hard for you to pack and get everything to the airport and off of the plane and to your house so we will help you today." Pete said putting the ice on her neck.
"Thanks guys I really appreciate this." She said taking another sip of her milk.
" No I can take that." Tiffany said to Patrick as they were getting out of the cab that was parked in front of the airport.
"No you shouldn't take it. It is way too heavy for you." He said.
"Here you can take this one." Andy handed her a small bag, about the size of a printer, that had her makeup and heels in it.
"Thanks I guess." Tiffany said a little annoyed. She felt useless. They got online to get there tickets. They never knew where Tiffany was from.
"Where would you like to go?" The annoyed counter lady asked Tiffany.
"1 first class ticket to Chicago Illinois Please."
"Hold on a sec Tiff... Where did you say you were going?" Joe asked Her.
"I'm going to Chicago Illinois. That's where I was born and raised." She said.
"O.k. Cause that's where we are going." Joe said a little surprised. He had always thought that she was born in Michigan.
Sorry guys I have to stop this chap short. I'll update soon...I still need you to pick Patrick or Pete.
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