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We closed the door behind us as quietly as we could, dripping water onto the floor as we trudged across the tiled ground. Our shoes soaked through. I smiled and shook my head, water spraying everywhere. Frank stifled a laughed as it hit him in the face, and he shook all the water out of his hair. I smiled and grabbed his hand, leading him toward the staircase to our dorms. We jogged up quickly, trying to be as quiet as possible so we didn’t get in trouble for staying out in the rain. I bit my lip as we reached the top and felt Franks grip on my hand tighten. I sighed and held back, slipping my arm around his waist. He relaxed a bit more and put his arm around my shoulders, walking down the hallway and watching the numbers until we got to our one. He opened his door, twisting the knob quietly and peeking inside.
“Coast is clear.” He said, walking in and turning on the light. I walked in behind him and closed the door behind me.
“Where’s Gerard?” I asked. He shrugged, slipping off his shoes. I unzipped his jacket and handed it back to him, watching as he smirked while he hung it up.
“What?” I asked. He smiled, walking over and placing his hands on my hips.
“Your shirt is white, dearest.” My eyes widened and I looked down, to see that indeed, my shirt was now see through. I sighed, turning back to my room to get another shirt.
“Here, I’ll help.”
“Of course you will.” I said, rolling my eyes. He grinned.
He followed me into my room as I opened my cupboard to look for some pajamas. I found a pair at the bottom, matching blue and white striped ones with a button up front. I smiled, feeling young again. I threw them onto my bed and slipped off my own shoes and socks, tossing them to one side of the room and getting frank to hold up my hair as I took off the white shirt that was sticking to me so it wouldn’t get caught on the retched tag.
I quickly got into some pajamas and raced back into Frank’s room to pick our some for him. I paced a mirror on the way and noticed my hair had gone all curly… like ringlets. I cringed and opened his wardrobe to find his pajamas.
“Your hair’s curly?” He asked. I nodded, looking through his drawers. “It looks good. You shouldn’t straighten it so often.” He said. I nodded, continuing my search. “I mean, it ruins your hair and all-“
“Aha!” I held out a pair of pajamas matching mine, except they were red. He groaned and put his face in his hand.
“My mum packed those last Christmas holidays.” He said. I laughed and threw them at him.
“And now you’re wearing them.” He sighed and undressed, putting on the clothes I gave him and turning himself around, examining the pajamas as though he were some critic.
“They’re comfy..” He said, looking up and grinning. I laughed, jogging over and pushing him onto the bed.
“You wanna sleep in my room tonight?” He asked. I nodded, kissing his cheek and rolled off him toward the edge of the bed and under the blankets. He followed and I smiled as I felt his arm wrap around my waist and he began to nuzzle my neck.
“I love you.” he said. I covered his hand with my own.
“I love you too.”

“Shhhh they won’t hear us, just be real quiet okay?” I smiled, opening my mouth to say something but felt a finger gently press against it. I glanced up to see him with one eye open, smirking. I nodded and closed my eyes.
“Awwww they’re so cute.”
“Wait, do you think they did it too?”
“Nah, they’re dressed.”
“Yeah true. Hey.. are we gonna tell them about this or keep is quiet or what?” I couldn’t help myself but smirk, he was sort of scream whispering. It was quite funny.
“I think we’ll tell them later. Not right now, they’re sleeping Gee.” I heard some rustling as Gerard threw something onto his bed and they walked back out again, making as much noise as they did when they first came in and shut the door behind them.
Without warning both Frank and I both broke into fits of laughter.
“I can’t believe they did that.” He said, rolling onto his back and clutching his stomach. I had my hand on my face, shaking my head in disbelief and trying to stop laughing.
“You got to love those two.” I said. He nodded and sat up, rubbing his eyes and leaning down to peck me on the lips.
“Good morning.” He said. I smiled and pulled the blankets off, sitting up and stretching. I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist and a few light kisses trailed up my neck. I smiled and turned to face him, but he wasn’t smiling, he looked really upset.
“I’m so sorry.” He said. I gave a sympathetic smile and nodded.
“I know. It’s fine, I’m going to help you.” I said. He nodded and leant forward, pressing his lips to mine for a moment and then pulled away, biting his lip. He smiled and got up, stretching and leaning down to help me up. I stood, yawning and made a bee line for my room.
“Where are you going?” He asked. I laughed.
“My room to play video games, duh.” I heard him laugh as he ran up behind me and we raced into my room to turn on the small tv. I think we looked a bit odd, in striped pajamas playing video games at 8 in the morning. But it’s all good.
“Frank..” I started.
“Where did you get the drugs from..?” I asked slowly, unsure of his reaction. He stopped what he was doing, and the character on his screen lost. He didn’t look at me, he looked unsure of himself. Like he didn’t know what to say.
“Frank..?” I asked softly. He looked at me and his eyes met mine.
“Eloise’s ex.”
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