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Well, This Is My Fantasy After All.

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Gerard is single and feeling down, so Frankie takes advantage of this. Who wouldn't?

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I leaned back in my chair and cracked my knuckles. I was in a press conference and I was bored. I hated these stupid things; the bright and continuos flashes, the nosey questions. I’d rather be anywhere else. I looked over at Gerard, who was talking about the upcoming tour. Gerard usually talked the most at these things, simply because he was the best at it. I was always too disinterested, Mikey’s too shy, Bob hates it. Next to Gerard, Ray talks the most. A few long minutes went by, before someone asked Mikey about his fiancé, Alicia. He turned bright red and opened his mouth, then glanced at Gerard, who answered the question hastily. Now, any bet that’ll come up in the interview as being rude and pushy. No, he was helping Mikey. I roll my eyes and sneeze, as the journalist turns on Gerard.
“Mr Way, tell us about Eliza Cuts. Why did you break up?” Gerard was stunned. We didn’t know that was public yet, it had only happened a few days ago. His lip quivered and he seemed to be at a loss for words. The journalist sat there with a smug smile on his face, then asked another question.
“So what do you say to rumours that she-“ “Shut the fuck up.” I said, cutting him off. “Obviously he doesn’t care to share that information with you, so lay off, will you?” I said angrily. I heard the scratching of 40 pens on notepads that I wanted nothing more than to rip up. I sat back in my chair again and waited for any more journalist fuckers who wanted to pry into our personal life. Instead, one nice looking girl asked timidly about the imagery of The Black Parade. Ray looked at Gerard, then Bob. Gerard was obviously not going to answer the question, his face was in his hands and he looked upset. So Ray answered, and did for the rest of the conference, with Bob helping. When it was over, Gerard walked out to the bus quickly, and I followed. He ran to his bunk and flung himself down into Spongebob Squarepants quilt covers and sobbed. I sat down next to him “Gee, it’s alright. Don’t let them fucks get to you.” He looked at me and sat up. “Thankyou, Frankie, for what you did back there. I just froze.. I couldn’t answer…I...” I looked at him kindly “It’s ok, man. I know what it’s been like for you and I just want to help. You’re my best friend, I love you man.” He smiled and wiped his eyes. I put my arm around him and we sat there for a while, many things still unsaid. Well by that I mean that I couldn’t possibly have said or described the thoughts running through my head. I couldn’t tell him about the butterflies in my stomach, the tingling in my groin, or the love that I felt, burning in my heart, just beneath my skin, pulsing through my veins. Gerard looked down at me, and parted his lips as if to say something. Well, deep down I knew that, but I ignored it and leaned in to kiss him. I pressed my lips on his and held them there, until I felt his hands pushing me away. “Uh, what are you doing?” Said Gerard, his voice shaky. “Er, um…I…Nothing. Dunno what came over me.” I replied. Gerard’s look said he didn’t believe me. I hated the way he was looking at me. “What?” I said, annoyed. “Frankie, if you have something to tell me…” I started to snap “No, Gerard, I-“ I was cut off by him pushing me down onto the bunk, and kissing me roughly. I kissed him back, enjoying every second, for hadn’t I been waiting so long for this moment? I seized him by the shoulders and rolled him over, so I was on top. This had been my fantasy for far longer, and I was really going to live it…
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