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The Eyes That Told Stories and Spun Silken Dreams...

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Frankie has his fun, and comes to a conclusion.

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Gerard writhed beneath me as I straddled him, leaning down to kiss him and taste the delicate pale skin on his neck. He was breathing heavily and when I sat up straight again, the look on his face was one of uneasiness. That wasn’t right. I’d gone over this a billion times in my head and that wasn’t right. I tried to push it from my mind and went back down to meet his lips with mine. Those perfect lips… Gosh, underneath it all I was no better than your typical Gerard Way fangirl. The only difference was I knew him, and he was in between my legs right now. The thought of being in the spot teenage girls all over the world long to be in made me smile as I brushed my tongue along his and touched his cheeks with my hands. He spoke “Frankie… This doesn’t mean we’re going out or anything… I don’t… Like you… But…I, uh…” I wrinkled my nose and slid off him. Way to ruin the mood. He doesn’t like me. I knew that, I guess. But, but, I can still do what I want now, right? I nodded and rolled back over so I was next to him, and kissed him again, stroking his hair. “I always said Eliza was a bitch…I saw it in the way she kissed you” I purred, stretching out the word ‘Kissed’. Gerard sort of nodded, still looking slightly uncomfortable. Fuck, why isn’t this happening the way I imagined it? I attacked his neck with my lips and teeth viciously, clutching his hands with mine. I worked my way up to his mouth and traced it with mine. I felt him go to get up, but I moved again so I was pinning him, and my hands drilled his into the sheets. I looked into his hazel eyes, the ones that entranced millions, who looked into yours from stage, magazine covers and videos. The eyes that told stories and spun silken dreams in your heart when you looked at them. But this time, they weren’t smiling and glossy. They were scared. Why? I sighed impatiently and kissed him again, but his lips were stiff and unresponding. I propped myself up. “Gee? What’s wrong?” He looked up at me with wide eyes and shrugged. “Nothing. I just never thought I’d be here, with you. Y’know? I mean, I’m not gay…” I nodded “Yeah I know. Me either. But you’re way hot.” I grinned at him, and he back at me. I climbed off him. Maybe this wouldn’t happen the way I planned, with romance and fireworks, and I love you’s. Maybe this is all I could’ve hoped for. And maybe, for once, I should just accept it. I’m never really satisfied till I get what I want. What I planned. But really, I think I’m just as happy anyway. I put my head on his shoulder. That’s all. For now.

Yah this story's pretty much done.
It was just a filler to cure my writer's block.
I can get back to In Between Days now, hopefully.

Reviewsssssss are nice :D

xx Jonads.

P.S: I often wonder if the lads read/enjoy our fic. I mean, I'd be flattered. Even want to act it out! On camera!
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