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chapter 2

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kaylas birthday and a surprise

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I woke up feeling tied,
I tried going back to sleep then it hit me.
I ran downstairs to be greeted by……nobody.

“Hmm that’s strange” I said out loud while looking for a note or something. And there it was….

Gone to the shops to get supplies,
We will be home when you get home from school,
So you can open your presents.
Love Carolyn and Steven xox

‘Wait, what?? Carolyn and Steven?? Who are they??? Neighbors??’
That’s what you’re thinking, Right?
Ahha ok let me tell you.

Like I said before I am adopted.
And Carolyn and Steven took me when I was 2. I have known I was adopted since I was 7.
Apparently my mum couldn’t take care of me and they have no idea who the father is. They both had me in high school.
And they went there separate ways. I found out about a year ago that my mum had died a year after giving birth to me. It sort of hurts that I never new my real mum.
My dad is still alive and is living in USA, they don’t know a name or address or anything. I want to meet him, but chances are it will never, ever happen

Oh my fucking god, I had to wait all day to get presents, and see my family, on my fucking birthday.
Yeh, I was a little pissed off, but there was a scribble on the bottom of the note

P.s: help your self to a breakfast of your choice, DON’T CLEAN UP THE MESS!!!
We will when we get home.

Ok, that lightened my mood a little.
I made myself pancakes and I had 3 coffees (ya im an addict) and made my way to school.
I don’t have any best friends at school, only class mates, I sit at the cafeteria alone, sit in class alone, even though I talk to some people. The teachers don’t really talk to and they only talk to me when they have to.
I was sort of an out cast that had friends (if that made sense)

I was so glad when school was over, I ran and yelled im home as soon as I closed the front door behind me.
I walked past the living room but stopped, walked back and looked in there.
There was a woman with brown hair and she was wearing too much lip stick, and her eyes were blue.
She was sitting with Carolyn and Steven.

“Kayla, honey, come and sit down, we need to talk to you” Carolyn said

Okay, now I was officially starting to freak out.

“This is Jodie, from the adoption agency” Steven told me in a calm voice

“Hello Kayla, I guess you’re all wondering why im here, well, I have good and bad news, which do you wanna hear first?” Jodie said

“The bad” I said, a little too quickly.

“Well, we found the real reason of how your mother actually died, she was murdered by someone drugging her and leaving her to die, they still haven’t caught the person who did it but police are still looking”

I just closed my eyes and sighed.

“And the good news is, we found your father…”

My eyes shot open, did I hear correctly, they know who my father is.

“He lives in Belleville, New Jersey…..”

Omg, he must be some pot smoking, caravan living, and deadbeat, with no job.
I know this because one of the people from my school went there and told me that’s how it was………this isn’t going to well.

“He is also in a band….”

Whoa, hold on…a band, like a music band?

“Uhh…My Chemical Romance, have you heard of them?”

Oh my fucking god………this is a dream….I know. It is.

“His name is Gerard Way…..”

Ok. Stop. Rewind. And Repeat. Gerard Way is my father, no, no, no, this is got to be a dream.

Yep, im sure I am dreaming.

“Kayla, you still with us?” I snapped back to see Carolyn and Steven in front of me.

“U-uhh yes im fine….umm did you day Gerard Way?” I said, wheezing slightly.

“Yes I did Kayla, he is your bio-logical father. We have made contact with him and he wants to meet you”

“Oh Kayla honey that’s great” I heard Carolyn say, but I wasn’t listening.

Jodie then asked to speak with Carolyn and Steven privately, and so I went to my room and sat on my bed and just closed my eyes and soaked everything up.

Gerard Way is my father
I Kayla Jane am his daughter.
Oh. My. God.

*Carolyn Steven Jodie conversation*

“I know it might to a bit of a shock you but Mr. Way wants to come and see his Kayla as soon as possible, apparently he’s been searching for ever since he found out that Mary died, he found out a year later after her death, the same time as Kayla, he also wants to see if it was possible that he could adopt her back, after sometime and after Kayla has decided what to do” Jodie said

“What do you mean Kayla decides what to do” Carolyn asked, getting worried.

“Well Kayla has to decide whether or not she even wants to meet him in the first place, so do you wanna call Kayla down and we can ask her now, and I can go straight to the office tomorrow and sort it out”

“Uh yea, sure, KAYLAAA YOU CAN COME DOWN NOW PLEASE” Carolyn yelled up the stairs.

*Kayla Pov*

I went over to the mirror, to see if Gerard and I actually looked alike, and oh boy, did I get a surprise. I don’t know why I didn’t see it before, we are so alike it’s not even funny

We had the same facial structure.
The same nose
The same mouth
The same jaw line
The same clear, smooth looking skin.
Everything, except for the eyes, they were a pure dark forest green, that had flecks of grey.
“They must be my mothers” I said out loud.

“KAYLAAA CAN YOU COME DOWN STAIRS NOW PLEASE” I heard Carolyn yelling at me from the bottom of the stairs.

“COMING CAROLYN…”I yelled back.

I took one last look at my self and then left my room.


“He wants t-to come h-here and m-meet me?” I stuttered after Jodie told me

“Yes Kayla, but only if you want to meet him as well, now im not trying to change your mind by telling you this but,
Gerard really wanted to keep you and raise you by your self, but Mary said no and that’s when she fled the country and put you up for adoption here” Jodie replied.

“Well, I want to meet him as well, after all he is my father…..”I said to Jodie,
I then looked at Carolyn and Steven, Carolyn had watery eyes but a smile on and Steven just looked at me with a small smile on his face.

“Are you sure Kayla?” Jodie asked

“Yes, Jodie, I want meet him, I want meet my father”

x-- do you guys like it... it will get better dont worry, and yes. mcr will be there soon, and you will piss your self laughing for what i have written. R & R.!! --x
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