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Chapter 3

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okay...we meet gerard, and his reaction is.....

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It has seemed like weeks since Jodie came but it was only 2 days ago,
and told me when Gerard was coming, it was Friday afternoon and I was so nervous it wasn't even funny.

“Kayla honey, are you okay?” Carolyn asked me pulling into a comforting hug.

“Yea....uh, no, I mean, I AM meeting my father for the first time, so yea I am kind of nervous” I said looking at the ground.

“Kayla, it will be okay, me and Steven will be in the kitchen if you need anything” Carolyn said with a smile.

And she walked about to the kitchen leaving me sitting in the lounge room think, just thinking about what the hell I am going to say…

*Gerard's pov* =]

Man I was tired, the flight from USA to Australia was long. I was so nervous it was not even funny.
Mikey had come with me to see Kayla. I had picked that name for her.
It was as beautiful as the girl who owns it, even though I had only seen her when she was born, I saw a picture of her when she was 8.
She looked just like me but had Mary’s forest green eyes.
We finally reached Australia, and started our way to bondi, we had a car pool that Brian got for us.
When we reached her house it was beautiful, it over looked the ocean, even though it was dark, the moon shone on the ocean, it was beautiful,
Australia is beautiful, this moment was beautiful.

“Arr, Gee, are you coming inside?” Mikey asked.

“Yea, come lets go” we made our way to the door.

We rang the door bell and a very pretty, red/brown haired lady came and answered.

“hi Gerard, im Carolyn, we are so glad you could make, please come in, and your Mikey is it, well im glad to meet you, would you like a coffee or something before you meet Kayla, she is up in her room I don’t think she knows you’re here yet, she is playing that god damn cd again, she plays it everyday” she smiled and we led us in the house.

The house was so nice, we sat down at the kitchen table.
I could hear a familiar song playing:

Now I know
that I can't make you stay.
But where's your heart?
But where's your heart?
But where's your,

I smiled at the sound of my own voice, I looked over at Mikey, who was humming to the bass line in the song.
At least she likes our music and is not some stuck up little bitch. (lol)

“Oh, you boys know that song?” Carolyn asked

“Actually, its us, our song from our album” Mikey said, giggling slightly.

“oh yes it, so do you want me go get Kayla for you, or wait till she comes down, she usually comes down when the last song comes on, I cant hear the words, its just a piano” Carolyn said, I new she was nervous.

“Umm we can wait till she comes down and the last song” I said replying.

Just then blood finished playing and we heard a door open then close.
I heard her come down the hall way and started making her way down the stairs.
I closed my eyes… waiting for her to see me...

*Kayla’s pov*

The final song just played and I made my way down to the kitchen, I checked me clock to see what time it was
7:00pm, oh thank god, Gerard wasn’t supposed to be here for another half hour.
I came down stairs and stopped dead in my tracks.

Oh. My. God.

Like I said before, he wasn’t supposed to be for about half an hour.
What the fucking hell is going on here.??

“Uh, Kayla, come and sit down” Carolyn asked pointing out a chair beside her that was opposite….Gerard.
I sat down I saw that Gerard was looking right at me

*Gerard’s pov*

She sat down in front of me.
I looked up and I instantly saw me,
but as a girl. (Lmao)
She was the most beautiful little girl I have seen.
She has her mother’s eyes.
They were more beautiful every time I looked.
She was defiantly my daughter. I was so happy…

*Kayla’s pov*

We just stared at each other and everyone was looking at us. I then looked over to see a guy with brown hair and glasses….MIKEY!!!.
I smiled at him and he smiled at me.
I looked back at Gerard to see him smiling, it looked like my smile, and I smiled back.

“So, uh Gerard, do you wanna talk to Kayla in the family room or what do you wanna do…?” Carolyn asked him. And looking at me

“i.uhh.....”but I was cut off by Gerard

“I wanna talk to her alone, if I can…” I looked at Gerard

“Uh, yea, that’s a good idea” we walked in the family room, I was a little scared.

We talked for what seemed like hours, just about random stuff.
I wasn’t scared anymore, just curious to know more about him. We love and hate the same stuff.
We have the same personality. I didn’t want this moment to end.
We talked for a bit more and made a joke and I laughed.
I started to feel sleepy and soon, I past out for tired-ness…..

*Gerard’s pov*

We were talking about anything.
I know she plays electric guitar and can play most of Ray’s riffs in all of our songs.
He gonna love it if she agrees to come on tour with us. She loves coffee and chocolate.
I didn’t want this moment to end. I made joke and she laughed, she laughed just like Mikey. I saw her starting to drift off to sleep.
I looked at my watch. It was 1:57am. Oh crap, she was just about to fall asleep and fall of the couch and I caught her. She snuggled into my chest and fell asleep with me falling a sleep as well.

*Kayla’s pov*

I awoke to find arms wrapped around me, it was Gerard.
He had stayed with me all night. I think he was just happy to have his daughter back.
I smiled and giggled and he started to wake up. I quickly pretended to be asleep again.
I could sense he was watching me.
I moved slightly making my fridge fall in front of my face, I was about lift my arm and brush it away when Gerard’s hand beat me to it. I pretended to wake up then and I looked at him and smiled, he was smiling back

“Good morning Kayla sugar, how are you feeling” he asked yawning.

“I am still a little tired, but I am okay now” I said yawning, I yawned like him

“MORNING SLEEPHEADS HOW ARE WE TODAY” Carolyn said very cheery when she came in drying a glass with the tea towel.

“Good morning Miss Jane, umm I was wondering if I could spend the day with Kayla and we could go the park or something and get some ice cream, or go the mov….” But I interrupted him

“And coffee?” I asked him and gave him puppy dog eyes, he looked at and laughed.

“Of course, I can’t go one hour without coffee” Yay, we both love coffee. (well duh.!!)

“Well in that case, I am going to have a shower and get ready” I got up and kissed Carolyn on the cheek and went and got ready.

I ran up stairs and took a shower and dressed in my black skinny leg jeans and my black iron maiden top, my black jumper and my cons and I straightened my hair and put on some eyeliner.

“Ready” I yelled as I ran down the stairs.

“Uh, Gerard, you might want to disguise yourself, there are some my chemical romance fans around here” I said

“Right, thanks for that” He pulled out a pair of sunnys and put his hood up.

“Let go Kayla sugar and get some breakfast” he held out his hand for me to hold. I took it and said goodbye to Carolyn and Steven and Mikey.
Mikey decided to stay here because he wanted Gerard to bond with his daughter.

*at the park*

“So, Kayla, how would you like it if you came back to America with me for a little while and meet your family?” he asked me and I was so happy

“Oh my god, are you serious??, I would love to come Ger...…..I mean...umm…” I said, I looked at the ground.

“Sugar I already told you, call me dad” he said holding my hand.

“Dad?” I asked him

“Yeh” he said with a huge smile on his face. It must have been heaven to his ears me calling him dad

“I wanna meet the rest of my family, I want to go with you”

I knew it was the right thing to do.
Even if it ment leaving Carolyn and Steven behind...
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