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chapter 4

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"kayla, please come back....LEAVE HER ALONE.!!!"

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*Gerard’s pov*

I was ecstatic.
I have finally found my daughter and she was coming home with me.
Mikey is going to be stoked she said yes.
He is going to be an uncle.
When we reached Kayla’s house, Mikey already told me Carolyn and Steven said that it would be good for Kayla to go and meet her family. Kayla ran up to her room and started packing immediately, we were leaving tonight and it was going to be a long flight.
She came down about half and hour later with her bags packed.
She had an expression on her face I couldn’t read.
She gave Carolyn and Steven a kiss and we left.
When we got the airport, Mikey was bombarded with fans, I slipped away with Kayla and left Mikey to deal with it.
My sidekick started vibrating.
It was from Mikey......

Mway: dude wtf, you have 2 come back, there not letting me go.

Gway: But what about Kayla, and how do you think they will act when see me holding her, they will probably kill her.

Mway: oh right, don’t worry dude, ill leave some how, meet you at the gate, text when you guys are boarding if im not there. Peace, Mikey xo

Gway: okay, but hurry up, Later, Gerard xo

“Dad is everything okay, wheres uncle Mikey?” she asked, god she looks cute when she worried.

“Yea sugar, just some fans recognized Mikey and now he is caught up with them and can’t get away” I said laughing because it was just so funny.

“Hahahahah, poor uncle Mikey” she said laughing as well.

We went and sat on some waiting chairs just near our gate. I was just day dreaming about nothing when she suddenly bombarded me with questions

“Do I get to meet, Frank, Ray, and Bob?” she asked

“Of course, they really want to meet you as well” I said smiling and sipping my coffee I had

“Okay, well I kind of like frank and I think is hot” she said a little quietly, but I heard and it made me spit out my coffee, and she was laughing her head off at me

“Okay, can I tell him you said that?” I asked her, giving her a sideways glance

“NOOOOO dad you can’t please, please don’t, please, please, please, please” she said jumping up and down in her seat, having a spasm attack

“Okay, calm down Kayla, I promise, you have my word” I said pretending to zip my mouth shut.

When she finally calmed down I got some weird looks from people cause they recognized me but not Kayla, she was bored and restless and starting jumping in front of me and sing im a little tea pot,
I could help but laugh at her, she was such a comedian. When she finally got her energy out,
(I hoped) I pulled her into my lap and she fell asleep, Mikey made it back about 10 mins before we started boarding. He looked at Kayla and just watched her sleep.
He really loves her and I can tell, he’s going to make a great dad some day.
Kayla woke up just as we were boarding and I held her hand as we got on the plan.
We were sitting in first class and Kayla loved it, she told us she had never been on a plane, and she was excited, not like other kids who would be scared, we actually got a lot of turbulence but it didn’t bother her, she smiled when ever there was some and we just stared at her, in shock.
She fell asleep after watching the movie that’s was on (finding nemo). Mikey fell asleep and so did I.

*Kayla’s pov*

I woke about 2 hours after the movie finished. I looked on my side to see my dad and saw him fast asleep, a looked to my other side and saw uncle Mikey asleep. I sniggered.
God they looked funny they were asleep. I had to pee so I went to the bathroom and when I came back I found them both still asleep.
I sat back down and fell asleep, but I swear I felt someone move me onto their lap and cuddle me to sleep and whisper “goodnight sugar” in my ear.

We were finally here, America, my new un-permanent home for a while, I actually didn’t know how long I was staying here but Gerard said it was going be a couple of month at the min. I didn’t mind as long as I was him and Uncle Mikey. We left the New York air port and I was wide awake, because
I slept for most of the flight. Mikey was sitting in back with me while Gerard was driving and looking very protective every time I scream when Mikey tickled me.

“Kayla, your to easy to tickle, I know all your weak spots, there the same as your fathers” Mikey said laughing when he tickled my neck.

“Hey Gerard..” Mikey asked his brother very slyly..

“Yea” he asked looking at us through the rear view mirror

“Are we there yet” me and Mikey both said, and we burst out laughing.

*Gerard’s pov*

We were driving back and I could already see a bonding between Kayla and Mikey.
I sort of got jealous cause she was MY daughter, but I was relieved that she loved Mikey and didn’t shut him out. The drive didn’t take that long, Kayla was listening to her ipod, and Mikey got an ear phone listened for about 5 seconds and dropped it like it was a spider and turned the other way.
I saw Kayla look at him strangely and shrug and smile to herself and put it back in her ear.

“Umm, did I miss something Mikey?” I asked looking at him through the mirror.

“She’s listening to Helena and it… just got me…..don’t worry about it…im fine now” he said, giving me a weak smile, but I didn’t want to push it any more, cause I get the exact same feeling.

Mikey soon grabbed Kayla’s ipod and was looking through her music while she was just looking over his should.
He must of changed the song cause she stopped humming and starting humming a different tune.
He grabbed an ear phone and started singing to it, and by now they were both singing very loudly. Mikey can sort of sing, but I kept listening to Kayla, and she was good, oh boy am I glad to have her as my daughter.
When we finally got to my mum and dads house, Mikey was fast asleep, Kayla was asleep but awake as soon as the car stopped.
I looked at her smiled, and she smiled back and said

“Dad, im glad I came, just promise you won’t leave me okay?” she said with a weak smile

“Kayla sugar, I would never leave you or let anything happen to you” I said and kissed her forehead.
She smiled then looked at Mikey then turned to me and grinned evilly.
I had to put a hand over my mouth to stop from laughing.
She jumped on him and started tickling him, I jumped in the back and joined in and Kayla and I were laughing our heads off at the freaking Mikey that didn’t know where he was until he looked at Kayla and her face dropped from a accomplished look to a
‘Im dead’ face.
Mikey grabbed her and started tickling her tummy, and held her down so she wouldn’t move. She was squealing her head off.

Just then, the door opened I got pulled out pushed to the ground, and Kayla immediately stopped laughing and got scared, the door that was next to Mikey got yanked open and Mikey got dragged out and pushed to the ground. I saw Kayla jump out on my side

“D-dad are you o-Kay” she said, her eyes were full of fear.

“Yea, but what happened…”I managed to say before I got hit in the head with something hard.

I looked up to see someone grabbing Kayla and picking her up.

‘No, this isn’t happening’ I thought as I saw her getting picked up.

I stood up, well attempted to anyways, and I was pushed back to the ground.
I looked up to see Kayla crying out for me and reaching to me, I tried reaching back to her but black was surrounding me.
I saw Kayla scream out for me,
But I was slipping into darkness.
It was taking me…….
The last thing I saw was Kayla being chucked into the car we were in and it driving away….
‘No, no, no, no…..oh god…please don’t let this happen….not yet’ I thought as black swallowed me and draining all my thoughts…

I awoke to see I was in a lounge room, a familiar lounge room. My lounge room.
I looked over to the other couch to see Mikey asleep, and I didn’t just see that.
He had a black eye and a cut on his cheek…..and then it hit me.

“Kayla!!!!!!!” I yelled as I jumped up from the lounge, only to fall back when dizziness kicks me right in the head.
“Oh thank god you’re alive Gerard, What happened..?” mum came in with tear stained eyes and running her hand over my cheek and looking between Mikey and I.

“K-Kayla…wheres Kayla…?” I asked trying not to cry myself, Mikey starting stir, and he woke up.

“Gerard…what happened. Wheres Kayla, is she okay?” Mikey said panicking and looking around the lounge room.

“I don’t know where she is, oh god, what have I done” I said sitting up and burying my face in my hands. Mikey came over and pulled me into a hug.

“Don’t worry Gee, we will find her” Mikey said in my ear.

“I promised her, I wouldn’t let anyone take this away…I failed.” I said and putting my head in my hands.

I hope to god Mikey was right, I already lost her once.
And I’d be damn if I was gonna lost her again………
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