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Chapter 5

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im cold, wet, and tied up.......what is going on

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*Kayla’s pov*

“Hey Carolyn, look what I found, a sea star” I said running along the beach of bondi up to where Carolyn and Steven were sitting.

“Kayla, what’s a sea……oh a star fish you mean? “Asked Steven as he held it up for a better look

I gave him a look of you-are-so-wrong and said

“Does this sea urchin have gills, fins or scaly outing?” I asked him in a snobbish tone.

“Umm, well no, but it’s called a star….” But I cut across him

“Ah-ha it is called a sea star because it is not a fish. So POO on YOU” I said and I started running around laughing my head off, trying to get away from Steven, who was chasing me.

“Your too smart for own good Kayla” he said after he captured me and brought me back to our sitting area

“I know right…” I said as I grabbed my juice……………

I was dreaming i was with Carolyn and Steven………..

I woke up to find myself cold and slightly wet. It was drizzling and I sitting in an alleyway near a dumpster with my hands tied.
My first thought when I looked around was, what the fuck is going on, second was where am I and where is Carolyn and Steven, and lastly, why are my hands tied.
They were all answered in a matter of minuets.
I got kidnapped from Gerard and Mikey.
I am in America, and Carolyn and Steven are in Australia.
And the person who tied these was most likely a dumbass because I untied it in a matter of seconds.

I stood up and looked down the alleyway while putting my arms around me. I started walking out of the alleyway and down the street towards……I have no idea.
I walked around the streets of jersey for what seemed like hours, my clothes were soaked right through, I wasn’t scared anymore, just worried about where Gerard and uncy Mikey was.
I was walking past a park when a cop car pulled up beside me and a woman hoped out and came up to me

“Hello sweetie, what are you doing out so late?” she asked lowing down to my level.

“Wheres your parents……..hey what happened to your wrist” she said referring to the marks the ropes left on me.

I told her everything. Right from where Gerard came that first night in Australia to what happened in the car.

“So your the missing sparkle, hold on let me radio the station to say we found you, your dad ordered the whole jersey force just for you” she said and she took my hand and led me in the car, and gave me a blanket.

When we got to the station, I saw uncle Mikey’s car that we came home the airport in, at the cop office.
Kristine (the officer) led me over the desk and she handed me a cup of hot chocolate and a change of clothes (which was a cop jumper and track pants which a bit long for me but made me look cute) that I thanked for and skulled down the drink down. It was yum.

“KAYLA, OH MY GOD, I WAS WORRIED SICK ABOUT YOU!!!!!!!!!” I heard the familiar voice, or should I say scream from uncy Mikey, and he ran to me and hugged me so I couldn’t breath

“Uncle Mikey, I need to breath” I said gasping for air

“What? Oh right…..thank god your okay, your father is having a fit, he is more worried than me…..let me just go get him…. He was talking to the cops about what happened….here, Ummm Alice, could you take her for me for a sec” he said and he looked over to a woman with dark hair and dark eyes, she was beautiful

“Sure hun, hello Kayla, im Alice, Uncle Mikey wife” she said lowing down to my level.
Yes I am short for my age, very short actually, you could pass me for a 8 year old.

“Hello” I said quietly and shyly, she looked really friendly and beautiful and I want to hug her, but I was too afraid.

“Hey, it’s okay Kayla, im not gonna bite you or anything” this made me smile and giggle

“Hey, sorry, I just get nervous meeting new people” I said looking up smiling even more.

“So, you wanna go get a chocolate or something from that vending machine over there, cause I do” she said pointing to vending machine and rubbing her tummy. I really liked her.

“Yes please Alice” I said, and she got up and held out a hand for me and I took it and she smiled

“Please Kayla, call me Aunty Alice or something, not just Alice, I mean we are family” she said as we walked to the vending machine.

“Okay……Aunty Alice…?” I said giving a hopefully look at her, she just laughed.

“Fine with me, actually, couldn’t put it better myself.” And gripped my hand tighter.

When we got to the vending machine I was disappointed there weren’t any Cadburys.

“What’s a Cadbury?” Aunty Alice said as she was choosing a hurshy chocolate bar

“Only, the best brand of chocolate ever…..but I think it is only in Australia….”I said scanning the vending machine, and not finding any purple and white wrapped chocolate bars.

“Wait, that’s called a Cadbury….do you wanna try this” she said, pointing to a red and black wrapped chocolate.

I tried it and it tasted like the chocolate at home…..awww I was in heaven.

“Wow, this is it, thank you Aunty Alice” I said and I gave her a hug.

“Its, okay sweetie…..”She said only to be cut off from someone yelling and crying at the same time.

“KAYLA, OH KAYLA, THANK GOD WE FOUND YOU (- picks me up and gives me a bone crushing hug-) I WAS SO WORRIED, IF ANYTHING HAPPENED TO YOU (-he was now balling his eyes out-) WHEN I JUST GOT YOU BACK, I DON’T KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO, OH GOD I LOVE YOU SO MUCH KAYLA” Gerard said as gripped onto me for dear life.

“Umm, d-dad I need to breath” I said gasping for air

“Sorry sweetie” he said and held me at arms length. That’s when I found out he had a tear stained face and wet hair and clothes. I guess he was out looking for me.

“Thank you so much Officer Ingham, if you hadn’t found her, then, I don’t know what I would do” Gerard said as he turned to the cop who found me, still holding me in his arms and stroking my hair.

“Awww, no worries Mr. Way, its was my job, and the chances of us finding her were at large, since you kind of had the whole force out there.” She said with a chuckle, and she looked at me…

“You okay now, sparkle” she said giving me a smile

“Yes, Kristine, thank you for finding me and giving me some hot chocolate” I said.

“Uhh, that’s okay, now you lot have a good nights rest, and ill see you folks later” she said and waved to everyone…..that’s when I relised the whole band and girlfriends where here.

“Are you sure okay dad?” I asked Gerard and looked at me and smiled.

“Positive, now that you’re here” he said and he kissed my forehead. I gave a small smile and looked at everyone else, that’s when I saw frank, and he smiled and winked. I looked away quickly and blushed and buried my head in Gerard shoulder.

“tired sugar, well I wouldn’t be surprised, you’ve had a lot happen to you in the past…how longs it bin someone” he said looking around at the guys.

“It’s been about 18 hours since you left Australia” I heard the unmistakable voice of……Frank

“Yea 18 hours?” he said in my ear

“Um…yea….tired” but I wasn’t at all, I was wide awake and he knew it.

“Or is it just because frank winked at you” he whispered so only I could hear. I smiled in his shoulder and nodded my head. He just burst out laughing.

“Umm…..what?” I heard uncle Mikey say in a confused voice.

I felt him mouth words to him and then I heard him chuckle. I couldn’t help look up and glare and he and he gave me a scared look and look at the ground. I looked over at Aunty Alice and she just smiled at me.

“Kayla, can I introduce my band mates and best friends to you?” he asked me and I nodded.

“Okay well this is Ray” He said pointing to a very tall man with lots of hair.

“Hey Kayla” he said with a smile, and I just smiled back. He seemed really friendly.

“This is Bob” He said, motioning to a man with blond hair and a lip piecing.
I really liked his lip piecing and couldn’t stop staring at it. It was just so cool. He noticed and gave a small smile and I gave one back. I looked and Gerard and said.

“Hey dad, can I get my lip pieced like bob’s…..pleaaassseee” and Gerard, just turned at me and looked shocked.

“No way, your way too young and plus you hate needles” he said in matter-of-factly way.

“Umm dad, that’s you and im not to young…….im 10.” I said with holding up my fingers.

“Exactly, to young, maybe when your 13” he said, and I knew that was the end of the conversation.

“Oooh….” I said really, really, exaggerating a little too much to make Gerard shoot me a stop-now-or-it-will-be-worse- look, that made me stop mid protest. Everyone just burst out laughing, and I just gave Gerard a cheeky smile.

“Anyways this is Frank” he said after everyone calmed down and pointed to a man with black hair and a lip piecing and a nose piecing that I knew all too well.

“A pleasure to meet you Kayla” He said bowing and giving me another wink. I blushed and looked away. Gerard just laughed.

“And his girlfriend Jamia…”he said

“Hey….”she smiled really friendly, just like aunty Alice.

I just smiled at her, she seemed really nice, even though she had my dream man, and I couldn’t stay mad at her, that wasn’t like me at all, so I wanted to be her friend.

“And you already know Alice, Uncy Mikey’s wife” Gerard said as he turned to Alice and Mikey. Mikey was smiling and Alice was beaming.

“H-h-h-hello again” I said yawning, I was actually getting tired and Gerard knew.

“Okay sugar, let’s get you home” Gerard said and he started heading out the door. I closed my eyes, he was still carrying me, I was so small and light, I rested my head on his should.
As we got to the car, Gerard stopped and said goodbyes.
I was so tired yet I couldn’t fall asleep so I just listened pretending to be asleep.

“Awww, gee, she’s adorable, ill look after her any time you want” I heard Alice say.

“Gerard, she is a spitting image of you” I heard Ray say

“Yea, and very, very, cute.” I heard Frank say. I smiled and I think Gerard new I was awake. There was silence for a couple of moments, and then I heard Mikey talk.

“So Gee, we will see you tomorrow, for lunch with everybody, im staying the night at Alice’s. Okay?” I felt Gerard nod.

“Umm, yea, just come around about 12 – 12:30. By then she will be up and really hyper and probably can’t wait to see you guys.” And all of them said okay.

“Okay, well can one of you hold her while I open the car, I don’t wanna wake her up” exaggerating on the wake bit.

I felt myself being lifted and put into someone else’s arms and held like a baby and I peeked open to see…FRANK!!!!! Omg…..

“Wow, she so light, and short, are you sure she’s 10?” he asked looking at me.

“Sure as sugar” and I got put in the car, by frank and buckled up by Gerard.
Everyone soon left and we made our way home.

“I know your not asleep Kayla, you can stop pretending” I couldn’t help but smile. And soon I and Gerard were laughing our heads off.
When we got to his house and he carried me in.

“Mom, im home.” I looked at Gerard and he just grinned.

“Oh thank god Gerard….oh hello, you must be Kayla, im Donna Gerard’s mother, god you look just like him” she said embracing me in a hug. I felt immediately at home. It felt great.

“Are you tired dear, do you want to go to bed, and do you want something to drink” she said walking away from Gerard with me still in her arms.

“Im kind of tired, so yea, ill take the bed offer up” I said smiling. I looked back at Gerard, who was right behind us.

“Here ma, ill take her up to bed.” He said. Lifting me out of Donna arms.

“Night Donna” I said smiling at her. She gave me a smile back and said.

“Please call me Grandma, since I am actually your Grandma.” She said.

“Okay Grandma, goodnight” I said and Gerard headed up the stairs.

“I hope you like your new room, I decorated it, so it might not be that good” gerard said as we entered a room with black walls, a midnight black ceiling, grey carpet, a dark blue four poster bed with a nightmare before Christmas bedspread, a dark blue chest of draws, a black bean bag and wardroom with a mirror on it. I just looked at it with my mouth open. It was so… I loved it.

“Dad, this is the best room ever” I squealed at him and ran and jump on my bed.

“Well, im glad you like it. Now go to sleep, you have a big day tomorrow.” He said and he kissed me on the forehead and walked out of my room. It wasn’t long before I changed into my pj’s and went to bed. I looked at my clock and it read 1:12am. I rolled over and fell straight asleep.

x-- hey guys, sorry i havn't been writing these. i hope you like the long ones cause i got so many ideas yto where this will head. R & R.
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