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Chapter 6

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" oh fff" i closed my eyes "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY KAYLA MARIE WAY.??"

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next morning
kaylas pov

I woke up with urge to go pee really bad. I looked at my clock and it read 7:45am. I didn’t know where the bathroom was so I got up and tried to find it. It wasn’t that hard. It was across the hall.
I went downstairs to the kitchen to see. Donna sitting at the table in her pjs drinking coffee and reading the paper. She looked up and smiled.

“Good morning Kayla, how did you sleep?” She asked me, getting up and giving me a hug.

“Do you like your room, if you don’t, its fine, and Gerard designed it so I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t” she said with a chuckle.

“No, actually, I really do like it, I love the colors, he did a good job, I am proud of him.” I said grinning and Donna just burst out laughing.

“Who are you proud of?” asked a very Sleepy Gerard who emerged from the stairs. His hair was sticking up everywhere, He was wearing boxers and a grey top.

“You dad, about my room, I love it” I said running and giving him a big hug.

“Well, im glad you like it sugar. Now who’s cooking breaky, cause im hungry, so make it quick” He said rubbing his hands together and sitting in a chair and placing me in his lap.

“Well Gerard, if you want breakfast so fast, come make it yourself, no wait, on second thoughts, DON’T EVER COME INTO MY KITCHEN AGAIN, remember the last time?” Donna said, as she starting cooking pancakes.

“Yes mom, it wasn’t entirely my fault, I told Mikey that the tea towel would burn it he put on the stove.” He said innocently

“Yea, well let’s just hope it doesn’t run in the family, Kayla can you cook?” Donna asked me

“Yes, I can actually, and I don’t burn anything, I can cook pancakes, eggs and bacon, roast, pasta, veggies, fish, chicken…..”I said but Gerard cut me off

“Okay, missy, we all know you’re the master chief, so why don’t you cook the pancakes?” he asked me mockingly.

“3 things dad, 1 im too small to see over the stove, 2 this ain’t my kitchen and 3 I can’t really be bothered.” I said leaning back into his chest.

“Well, the lazy-ness runs in the family” Donna said. We all just laughed.

We had breakfast and it was yummy. It was about 10 when we finished eating and I was drinking my juice Donna gave to me. I was sitting at the Kitchen table, and looking out the window. I was in my pjs (batman T and shorts) I was just day dreaming until I heard Gerard yell something from the lounge room.

“Kayla, come here, I wanna show you something” he yelled and I went to the lounge room.

“Yea, what?” I asked when I got their. He pulled out his sketch book and showed me a drawing of…….me.

It looked exactly like me. My hair was long and straight, my face was soft and eyes were green.

“Wow, dad, it’s beautiful, when did you do this?” I asked him. Sitting on the couch next to him.

“Last night, I came here and just was drawing; not noticing what I was drawing and it came out of a picture of you.” He said smiling. I stayed there with him looking at all his drawings and art work. I can draw almost as good as him. But he was way better. He looked at the clock (11:14) and said I better go get ready for lunch and visitors.

I went upstairs and went to my bedroom, and got changed to a plain black T with the words im with stupid and an arrow pointing. Some black skinnies. I put a thin lining of eyeliner on and I straightened my hair. When I was done it was 12:02 so I ran downstairs and was about to turn the corner when I ran in to…..

“UNCY MIKEY!!!!!!” I yelled and leaped into his open arms and gave him a big hug

“Hey Kayla, I missed you, how are you this morning?” He asked spinning me around then setting me down.

“Im good, you?” I replied.

“Fine, wheres your dad?” he asked looking around.

“In his room I think…”I said and Mikey left.

I turned around and saw Alice and screamed and ran and jumped in her arms

“AUNTY ALICE!!!, Yay, you’re here, I missed you so much!!!!!” I said telling nothing but the truth.

“Hey sweetie, really, you missed me and Mikey?” she asked looking puzzled. While hold me up on her side and walking in the kitchen.

“Yea, you guys are my fav aunt and uncy” I said smiling.

She just smiled and gave a big huge saying, it meant a lot to her. She pulled away and looked behind me then looked back at me grinning evilly. I was confused so I was just about to turn and look when someone picked me up and throw me over their shoulder.

“Hey what the fffuu…” I was going to say but I remembered there were adults……….

“EXCUSE ME?” I heard Gerard say/yell and the person who was holding me (Mikey) put me down.

I looked at Gerard and bit my lip.

“Umm…well…you…..see….uhh….BYE!!” I waved to them and made for an escape to my bedroom, but someone caught me just as I was about to run up the stairs…

“Got her Gee!!!!” I heard someone yell, and drag me back over to Gerard, who incidentally had his arms crossed.

“h-hi dad, umm how you going today…he he” I said looking up at him innocently. He cocked an eyebrow and just looked at me.

“Im....just gonna go……NOW” I said backing slowly away from him. Only to bump into someone behind me. I spun around to see who it was.....

“Frank, grab her…” I heard Gerard say and then smile evilly. I looked back at frank making a moving to grab me by the waist. But I was too quick for him and I ran around and was yet again, about to run up the stairs for safety, when someone grabbed me again….

“Hey Kayla, where you going so fast?”….

“Damn it Toro, I was trying to make a great escape from my evil dad and frank, but you ruined it.” I said trying to wriggle free but he held me tight on his side. I looked at him and he just giggled whilst everyone burst out laughing.

“Well, since im a good guy and I don’t like evil people, im on your side so…..RUN!!” and he put me down and this time I actually ran up the stairs and made it to my room.

I heard footsteps, then Gerard’s voice…

“You can’t stay in their forever Kayla, im gonna get you some how…”then he walked off

“Yea right dad, you can’t get to me even if you life….AARRGGHH!!!” I yelped as someone grabbed me by my waist and flung me over their shoulder.

“I told you Kayla, I was gonna get you” Gerard said as he open my door and walked downstairs.

“How the ff, I mean, how did you get in?” I asked him.

“The pleasure of windows and the skill of climbing” he said and tickled my stomach.

I leant on his back and put my head on my hand and sighed

“Okay, okay I give up, dad you win” I said and laugh triumphantly.

“I knew it” he said and flopped me on the couch, and started tickling me.

“He he…DAD…that really tickles…..he he….stop!!” I said in between laughs.

This only made it worse, and the fact that someone else had joined on pinning me down. I was small, I was pretty strong and I had lots and lots of energy, so even with Gerard and Mikey pinning me down, I flung Mikey off and he landed on the floor. This actually made Gerard stop tickling me and point and laugh at his brother, who was now on the floor, might I add.

“Ohhh, im sorry, uncy Mikey” I said and ran over and gave him a hug.

“Its okay, here, jump on” and he gave me piggy back to the kitchen where everyone else was talking. Everyone else was there, even………...

“BOB!!!!!” I screamed and jumped off Mikey and ran over to Bob’s out stretched arms and gave him a huge hug.

“Hey Kayla, god, you have more energy than Frank” he said in my ear and I laughed. He put me down and I said.

“Well Frankenstein (-as I said his nickname that I gave him I turned and looked at him and smirked-) isn’t this many (-held fingers up 10-) years old.” I said stating my point and putting a hand on my hip.

“Kayla, stop being bossy and scaring bob and come here” Gerard said.

“Now, whose being bossy” I said quietly so everyone could here but Gerard. They all burst out laughing.

“Umm, what?” Gerard said as I came over and he picked me up.

“Ahhahahahahaha lets just say I know now where she gets her humor from” said frank.

Gerard looked at me, and I just shrugged innocently.

“Okay, everyone go to the lounge while, I make lunch, ill call you when it’s done.” Donna said. And we made our way to the lounge room.
Everyone was talking to each other. Gerard was talking to Mikey. Ray was talking bob. Frank, Alice and Jamia were talking. I crawled over to Alice and cuddled to her and she plopped me between her, Jamia and Frank was sitting on the floor.

“Hi Aunty Jamia, how are you today?” I said giving her a hug.

“Hey Kayla, I am good, what about you.” She said giving me a hug in return.

“Eh, can’t complain, I love it here.” I said lacing my fingers and putting them behind me head and sighing. Alice, Frank and Jamia laughed at me.

“What?” I said innocently. They all just smiled and shook their heads. It was quiet for about 2 seconds until Frank burst out laughing which made everyone stop and stair.

“What’s wrong with you?” Mikey asked looking confused.

“Kayla’s…….im with stupid…and it’s pointing to Alice…HAHAHAHAHA” he said

He just continued laugh. And Alice hit him and told him not to be a butt.

“Oh Alice you’re not stupid, you’re smarter than Frankenstein…”I said and cuddled her and then moved to my top was pointing to Frank.
This made him stop laughing, and put on a shocked look before saying.

“What did you just say?” before his face turned to an evil smile and made me feel total fear.

“oh-o” was all I could say before he grabbed me and started tickling me and wouldn’t stop.

“DAD, help me…” I screamed between laughs.

“No, sorry sugar, your on your own” He said and started laughing

“oh, my own father betrays me….oh” I said I faked fainting which was actually pretty good cause Frank stopped tickling me was saying my name…

“Kayla….Kayla….KAYLA????” I didn’t answer.

“Kayla…WAKE UP” I heard him yell. He was starting to panic.

As soon as he turned around to get help from the guys I rose up like a zombie and looked at the guys who smiled, at queue, Frank turned around, and I screamed

“BOOOOO!!!!!” I yelled and he jump up literally and ran behind Gerard.

I couldn’t breath, I was laughing so hard, tears were coming, I looked at Alice and Jamia and they were laughing really hard as well...

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