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chapter 7

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who the hell are you

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“LUNCH IS READY….COME AND GET IT!!” I heard Donna yell.

I stopped mid laugh while everyone was still laughing and couldn’t get up.
I just looked at them with a disgusted look on my face...

“No control, what so ever” I stated then walked out of a lounge room where they laughed even harder.

I sat at the Kitchen and started eating lunch when they walked in...

“Oh, you decided to join me….?” I asked innocently, like I knew nothing that just happened.

“Yea, we got hungry…” Ray said and we all started eating.

After lunch, I went over uncy ray and sat on his lap. We started talking about guitars and soon Frank joined our conversation, and I was telling them about my guitar, they seemed to really like it because Ray said he wanted to play it, but I said I didn’t bring it.

“Well maybe you can play my guitar, Kayla, we have practice this arvo, and I really want you to come” Ray said to me, smiling. I could help but smile back.

“Sweet, oh and I wanna play Bobs drums, I can play the black parade, sleep, house of wolves, cancer, mama, famous last words and teenagers” I said, and they just looked at me surprised.

“Really, what about on guitar?” Ray asked me.

“I can play dead, the sharpest lives, house of wolves, mama, famous last words and I don’t love you...” said bouncing up and down cause of my excitement.

“Hey Kayla, can you play bass” I heard Mikey say next to Ray, I looked over to see everyone was now listing to our conversation listening

“No, sorry Mikey, I used to but I am a big girl now, so I moved on from bass” I said and everyone laughed.

“Well do you guys wanna come down now and we can start early, or Kayla can play a few songs with us?” Gerard said, getting up and heading towards the basement.
Everyone got up and went down to the basement.

“Can I play your drums Bob?” I asked jumping up in front of Bob pleading with him, he just laughed and ruffled my hair.

“Of course, just don’t play them to well, or your dad will kick me out of the Band.” I just laughed and said okay.

While everyone was setting up, I sat behind the drums and starting tapping the symbol, ever so lightly, I then started hit the snare and I looked up to see Alice, bob and Jamia sitting on the couch looking at me and smiling, Gerard helping Mikey with his amp, ray tuning his guitar and frank was sitting down in front of Jamia, playing slowly, I took this as a queue to scare the shit out of everyone cause it was quiet. I raised the sticks above my head and tapped them 3 times, no one played attention, so I started playing famous last words, up to the first chorus and sing the words. I stopped playing and looked up to see everyone staring at me in shock, I played the tune jokester (you know when someone makes a joke then you hear the drums play that tune and everyone laughs) and everyone burst out laughing and so did I.

“Wow, Kayla, ive made a decision, just by that little piece you played.” Mikey said while grinning. I just gave him a confused look.

“BOB YOUR OUT AND KAYLAS IN” He yelled and Bob whined at me.

“See Kayla, I told you what would happen, but that’s not enough, play something else, with the band…….play Sleep” Bob said, smirking.

“Okay, and if play it correctly, you owe me 50 big ones.” I said grinning because I knew Sleep like the back of my hand, and besides it was so easy to play, but I don’t think bob knew I could play it that well.

“Hahahahah, and if you don’t, you owe me 50 bucks” he yelled back.

“DEAL, now can we please play the sharpest lives now pleas?” I said turning to the guys and they just nodded. And got to positions. Ray started playing and then I joined in and everyone was playing. Mikey turned to me and started playing facing me, I just smiled and continued playing. Frank was jumping around and ray was head banging, and I was playing so good, I didn’t miss any beats. When the song ended, and I looked over at Bob who was shocked. He had his mouth wide open and his eyes were popping out of their sockets.

“Well, how did I do?” I said slightly out of breath, but it went away quickly.

“I think” Frank started “That Bobs owes you 50 bucks for that” and he started laughing.

Bob walked over to me and I heard him mumbling and I caught a few things like “runs in the family” “I lost to a kid” “and on my drums too”. I just laughed pocketed the money, and thanked him before he went and slumped on the couch.
We played 3 more songs with me playing drums and they were Teenagers, famous last words and welcome to the black parade. Everyone was shocked that I didn’t miss a beat. When I finished playing the songs, I wasn’t out of breath or anything. I guess practice really does pay off.

“Kayla, can I play my drums now?” Bob said as he came over to me

“Of course Bobert, I was just warming them up for you.” I said getting up and making my way to the couch. But Gerard stopped me.

“Kayla, I want you to play guitar, I know how good you are and I want you to play house of wolves. But I want you to play Rays guitar. Ray is that okay?” He said and then he turned to Ray.

“Yea that’s fine, just don’t play to good so you kick me out” he said with a pleading smile

“Maybe, maybe not” I said and took his guitar.

I adjusted it so it was the right height and started tuning to my liking. I was tuning to the song dead. I looked to see a very surprised Ray.

“What?” I asked him with playing and looking at him

“You’re a very good Guitarist for your age Kayla, you play like me when I was 20, it took me years to get as good as you are, how long have you been playing?” he asked me

“About 2 years” quietly so I hoped he didn’t hear.

“2 YEARS, man I must suck then it took me about 8 years to get as good as you are right now.” He sighed. I just laughed.

“Okay, can we play now, this is one of my fav songs and it is really fun to play, so NOW???” Frank asked impatiently.

Bob started drumming and I got ready to play my first notes. This song was so easy to play. I started self consciously jumping around like frank, and soon I was head banging to the chorus.
I sang the back ups where they were needed. When I was playing with them it sound just like off the CD. It was awesome to play with them. When the song ended. I was stuffed playing instruments. I gave Ray his guitar back and I sat on the couch.

“Kayla, you are good at music, why don’t you do it professionally like your father?” Alice asked putting an arm around me

“I don’t know, I want to start a band but it will be hard, cause I can play almost everything, and I can sing, so I don’t know, it would be heaps cool, but yea.” I said and I laid my head on her head.

“Well you should consider it Kazy” She said. I smiled at the nickname she gave me.

A couple of hours after the guys were playing the black parade, they moved onto im not okay (I promise). I immediately got up and start to dance with Alice and Jamia. I singing all the lyrics with Gerard I played my air guitar solo with Ray. When the song finished we just burst out laughing. Frank collapsed and said he was stuffed, I was shocked because he was the hyper one. I was still hyper, so I was still bouncing around and Gerard told me to settle down and I did.

“Well it was fun playing with you guys and Kayla, and we see you tomorrow” Ray said and got up to leave with Bob.
I jumped up and grabbed Ray ankles.

“Noooooooo please uncy ray don’t leave me, don’t leave me here with these boring people (-I got a pillow chucked at me by frank for that comment-) don’t leave me” I said as he was dragging me.

“Umm guys help” Ray said trying to shake me off. But it didn’t work. When I wanted to hold on to something, it took a while to get me UN stuck.
That was, until Frank came and tickled me. I yelped and started laughing while Ray and bob ran out the door.

“Noooooooo, damn you Iero, you made them leave” I yelled at frank and got up to run to hide behind Gerard for safety.

“What are we doing tomorrow guys?” I asked getting all excited again and jumping up. This made everyone groan.

“God, Kayla where do you get your energy from?” asked frank as he was laying on the coach with his legs on Jamia. Mikey was on the floor with Alice and Gerard was sitting behind me. Gerard grabbed me and pulled me into his lap.

“You missy, are going to school and I…….”he said but I cut him...

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” I yelled making everyone jump.

“What, what’s wrong” Gerard asked me and turning me around so I was facing him

“I can’t go to school, I don’t want to, and you can’t make me” I said crossing my arms

“Oh really” he said, crossing his own arms and cocking an eyebrow at me and smirking

“That’s right Mr. Poo brain, and you cant do anything about it” I said getting up so I was trying to tower over him, but I only achieved getting a foot higher than him, this made him laugh.

“Oh and if I had a brain of poo, would I be able to do this?” he asked

“Do whaaa……HEY!!!” I said but cut off by Gerard attacking me with kisses and tickling me.

“Ewwwwwwww, dad germs, yucky, someone help me…..” I said trying to craw away and some how managed to and ran up the stairs and was going to run to Donna but bumped into someone else……..
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