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Chapter 8

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i just wanna be with you, dont let them see me

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“Hey what the……oh hello, who are you?” the person I ran into turned around lowered himself to my level and to my complete shock it was the person I least like cause of what he did to Gerard…..

“B-Bert?” I asked him, he looked shocked I new his name but pleased in a way as well

“Yea, hello, what’s your naaaa…..” he asked but cut off by me.

“AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I scream really loud that made him jump back and fall over.

I was still screaming when I heard people running behind me and someone cover my mouth with their hand and tell me to shut up.

“Kayla, Jesus calm down…it’s only….Bert what are you doing on the floor?” asked Gerard who was holding me in his arms and looking down at Bert with shock.

“Well this little midget ran up here into me and I asked what her name was she screamed at me” He said getting up and dusting himself off and looking at me and Gerard strangely.

“Who is this Gerard?” He asked looking at me. I was trying to wriggle out Gerard arms but he was holding me tightly

“What’s wrong Kayla? What are you doing….?” He asked me but I got free and started walking up to my room, I shot Bert a look and ran up stairs, before I got to my door I heard them talking.

“What the fu” but I slammed my door and I didn’t hear them anymore.
I walked over to my window, and opened it and climbed out and sat on the roof next my window.
It was nearly dark and I saw a park with 2 swings.
Not to self: ask someone to take me to the park. I loved parks.
I heard someone come to my room and knock on the door.

“Kayla, its me Uncy Mikey, can I come in please?” He asked and I didn’t answer.
“Kayla?” He asked again, this time a little scared. I heard him open the door and gasp.
He ran to the window and looked out and down the road.
“Hey” I said right next to him, to make him jump. He looked at me gave a small smile.

“What happened back there….”He asked but I cut him off.

“Hey uncy Mikey, can you take me to the park over there?” I asked him, He smiled and nodded. He pulled me back inside and he picked me up and carried me out the door

“Don’t let them see me please, I just wanna be with you” I whispered in his ear........
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