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chapter 9

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spagetti and glares all over the place......

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“Okay what about your dad?” I just shook my head.

“He’ll be with Bert, and I wouldn’t want to interrupt” I said my voice dripping with sarcasm and venom.

“Kayla, what’s going on” Mikey said as well started down the stairs.

“Uncy Mikey I know about the fight they had but what I didn’t know they made up and they are friends again, why would dad befriend a person that hurt him so bad, what will happen if they hate each other again???” I said nearly crying that Mikey stopped and looked at me.

I was really upset about this, I knew about the falling out between gerard and Bert, but I never new they made up again, and they way gerard started drinking cause of the fight they had, who knows what will happen this time if they fall out again. I just didn’t like it. At all.

“Kayla, I don’t know….”He said leaning his forehead on mine.

“Well, to tell the truth I don’t want to know ether.” I said with a smile. We got down the stairs and Mikey stopped for a second then walked to the front door.

“Hey…what’s going on………where are you going with her Mikey” I heard Gerard say and I closed my eyes and then I heard a chair moved out then someone walking towards us.

“Im taking her to the park, she asked me to” He said and continued to the door. I kept my eyes closed until I heard the front close behind.

We walked along the path quietly. When we got to the park I ran to the swings and started swinging. Mikey sat on the bench opposite and just watched me.
I didn’t have to say anything to Uncy Mikey and He didn’t have to say anything to me ether.
Soon after he joined in on the other swing, we were racing to see who could go the highest. He won.

“Kayla, just do it” Mikey yelled at me from the bottom of the slide.
This slide might I add was really huge. And it was a tunnel slide on some parts and I am claustrophobic. But it must have been about 20 feet high but it seemed about 100 to me because I was so small.

“Unncclleee Miikkkkkkeeyy it’s too highhhhhh” I yelled from the top of the slide. “Come down with me please the first time, and then I promise I will go by my self….” I said pleading. I looked down and I saw him smile and shake his head.

“No, you can do it, I will catch you at the bottom, I promise” He said emphasizing the promise word.

I groaned and starting kicking the slide. This made Him laugh even more.

“Tantrums arnt gonna get you anywhere in life Kayla” He said “now hurry up, we have to go home for dinner, and your father is probably wondering where we are” he said putting his hands on his hips.

I looked over to Gerard’s house, and saw people out the front, walking to the park…….
Oh god...

“Uncy Mikey” I whispered to him and he looked up “Someone’s coming from the house, I can see them” I said and looked back over. He then looked over and told me to stay up there.
The people who were walking over were Alice, Jamia and Frank.

“Hey Mikey, where’s Kayla” Frank asked when he got there.
Mikey didn’t say anything, he just point up to me. They all looked and I yelled at them

“He made me come up here and he told me to come down all byyyy mmmmyyyyy sssssseeeeeeelllllfffff” I yelled down. They just laughed. “It’s too high, and there are dark bits in the slide” and I started kicking the slide again and winging nonsense, literally, I was saying words that didn’t make sense even to me.

“Michael Way, She only a child” I heard Aunty Alice say, and I looked down to see Frank coming up.
Oh god….oh god….. Oh god…
“Here, its okay Kayla, ill come down with you” I heard him say as he got to the top of the ladder and pick me up and put me in his lap, and hold me around my tummy and put his head on my shoulder.

“No, Uncle Frank, it’s too high, and im claustrophobic and it’s dark down there and scary and it has monsters it will eat you, the tunnel will never end, it will just keep going and going and we will die and everything is black and scary” I said moving away from the edge of the slide into frank who was behind me, but he wouldn’t let me pass.

“Kayla, I will protect you, and I promise this will be all over in 5 seconds, do you trust me?” He whispered in my ear

“y-yes….but I don’t trust the slide and monsters” I said. I never really liked the dark, and I never liked monsters. The only monster I like is vampires.

“Kayla, I will protect you….ready on the count of 3” he said


“……2” I closed my eyes and hoped for the best. Suddenly I felt like I left my stomach back in the sky…..but wait I never went up in the sky… felt really weird, but I liked it. I wasn’t game to open my eyes because Frankie hasn’t even said 3 yet…..

“Kayla……Kayla opens your eyes...” I heard him say in my ear. I shook my head.

“Why not?” he asked mockingly.

“Cause you didn’t say 3 yet and I don’t wanna see the slide and when were going down it, its too scary.” I said and I put my hands over my eyes, and snuggled into his chest.

“Kayla, were at the bottom” He said and I peeked out from behind my hands and saw tanbark and people feet…huh... there’s no tan bark at the top of the slide…

“Laaannnnnnddddd!!!” I yelled and jumped off frank and flattened my self on the ground. I heard Mikey laugh.

“See it wasn’t that bad Kayla” he said and helped me up.

“Well I didn’t actually see it so I don’t know, but I had the most strangest feeling almost like you left your tummy up there (-pointed to the sky-) but your still down here……weird” I said trailing off.

“Well, guys we gotta go back to the house teas ready in about 5 minuets, and after were having ice cream….what flavor are you gonna have Kayla” Jamia said as we were walking. I was holing Frank’s and Mikey’s hands, Mikey on my left and Frank on the right.
“I don’t know…” I said looking at the ground. “Uhh…..chocolate, you Frankie?” I asked him

“Well im gonna have strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate, orange…” I stopped him after orange

“EWWWWW that’s disgusting Frankie” I said laughing.

When we reached the house, I stopped so quickly, it made frank and Mikey’s hands slip out of mine.

“What’s wrong Kayla?” Frank asked me. Mikey came over and hugged me.

“It’ll be okay….ill be right next to you the whole time” He said and I nodded. Frank Jamia and Alice looked confused. Mikey filled them in on how I felt about Gerard and Bert’s friendship.

“Well she not the only one who thinks that” I heard frank say and I looked up at him and picked me up and cuddled me.

“Its okay, you have me Mikey Alice and Jamia here. Don’t worry, you’ll be okay” Frank told me. And we made our way into the house.

As soon as we entered the house we got greeted by the smell of spaghetti and made me forget about everything until we reached the kitchen where I saw Gerard and him.

“Okay, now everyone’s here, we can have dinner. Kayla you can come sit by your father and Bert, Bert wants to meet you……” Donna told me but I shook my head and ran to frank’s seat, which was sitting next to Mikey’s.

“Jamia sweetie move down one place” Frank said and I took his old seat. I looked over at Gerard who looked heart broken…….I hated that look, but I didn’t want anything to do with Bert.

While we were eating our spaghetti, or should I say, while EVERYONE ELSE was eating their spaghetti, I couldn’t even weave it on the fork.

“OH MY GOD….” I screamed and tried again. No use. So I dropped my fork and used my fingers (don’t worry I washed them before, cause that’s just disgusting and wrong). It was so much easier using my fingers.

“Kayla, what are doing, you have a knife and fork for a reason….” Mikey started but I didn’t let him finish

“Yea but I can’t friggen weave it on the god damn fork” I said getting frustrated.
Mikey just sighed and took my bowl.

“You know, if you were hungry, you could have just gotten more from the kitchen and not STEAL MINE YOU BUTT” I yelled at him.

“Kayla im not going to eat it, im making it easier so you can eat it properly” and he cut up all my spaghetti
Who knew smaller strands would be easier than big strands.
Dinner was really quiet, I glanced over at Gerard but never caught his eye, I then looked at Bert and just glared at him, but he never looked over at any of us. He just kept his head down.
I was the last one to finish along with Frank, we were slow eaters. Mikey and Alice went home, but Mikey promised he would be over first thing in the morning. Donna went to bed. Jamia and Bert were watching TV in the Family room. Gerard was at the table drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. Frank finished and went to the lounge room, I glared at him as if to say 'dont leave me here with him right now...please' when he walked past, but he just ruffled my hair.
I looked over at Gerard but he wasn’t paying attention, so I finished quickly and put my plate in the sink and started to walk upstairs when bert came back in the room.

“Hey Gerard im gonna go, but ill see you in the morning okay?” and he left the kitchen. Gerard snapped his head over to me and staired at me, and ill admit it, I got shit scared, so I ran up the stairs and ran to my room.

I was just sitting on my bed, to scared to go downstairs, and to scared to go to sleep. But, I drifted off in the end….
I didn’t even get to say goodnight to anyone, not even Gerard.....
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