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chapter 10

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fine ill go to the fucking thing GERARD.!!!!

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You know how you’re sleeping and you’re not really a morning person and someone has the nerve to come in and wake you up with pokes and tickling to your sides? Yea, someone did that to me.

“Kkkkayyyylaaaaa……..wakey wakey…..time to get up” someone said poking me in the side, I pushed the hand away and rolled over “WWAAKKEE UP!!!” but I just chucked the covers over my head.

“Oh no you don’t, your not getting away that easy, Mikey grab the doner….” I just held the doner even tighter.
Mikey tried to pull the doner off but every time he lifted it up off the bed, I would come with it, so frank suggested they carry me down in the doner.
Frank grabbed the top corners and Mikey grabbed the bottom corners.

“Okay, but don’t drop me down the stairs please” I said as we reached the stairs. Mikey laughed.

“Oh, no Kayla, we wouldn’t dream of it…” Frank said with sarcasm dripping from his voice. I just laughed.

We reached the bottom of the stairs and we went to the living room. Instead of carrying me to the kitchen, rolled me up in the doner and left me.

“HEY (-wriggles in doner-) that’s not funny guys (wriggles-) oh I give up (-goes limp-)” I said with a sigh. After about laying there for about 5 seconds, I had an idea. I started to caterpillar out to the kitchen. I made it out, it was easier on the tiles. No one was at the kitchen table. Hmmm that’s strange.

“Grandma, Uncle Frank, Uncle Mikey!??!!…….where is everybody.” I yelled but no reply.
I finally got out of my doner, and I stood up, to find breaky on the table but no one was there. I was started to get really scared. Suddenly, I heard the front door open and close, with a creak…….oh shit. I heard someone walking towards the kitchen, I ran and hid under the dining room table. The person came into the kitchen and stopped for about 5 seconds then walked over to the bench, I heard them put something down. They walked back over to the table I was hiding under and I heard them take off the plates and walk back over to the sink. Those boots look familiar, and so do those jeans…..I thought to myself, but my train of thought was broken when they talked.

“Kayla, what are you doing under the table…?” I didn’t respond, I was to scared “don’t pretend your not there, because I saw you when I first came in” I started to slowly back away, from their standing position, I looked behind me, and I saw the stairs were about 6 feet away. I got into a crouching position, and pounced out from under the table and stood up and ran for the stairs, I took 3 at a time and when I got to the top, I stopped and looked back. They didn’t follow me.

“You can’t hide from me Kayla” they shouted from the bottom of the stairs, and I saw someone walking up, so I ran into the room at the end of the hallway. When I got in, I locked the door. I turned around and got the surprise of my life………
‘This must Gerard’s room’ I thought to myself, as I saw papers scattered everywhere, bed unmade, a desk littered with junk, clothes on floor and around cupboard, a cd player and cd’s and black walls. It just occurred to me, I have never been in Gerard’s room, but my thoughts were broken by someone climbing through the window…..

“Why do you keep running from me Kayla, what did I do wrong…” and they looked up and I saw………

“D-dad………..what is with you and climbing through windows?” I asked trying to ignore his question. He just sighed because I think he knew.

“Kayla (-he started walking over to me….and i got tense cause I was still a bit shocked about last night, and he saw and he stopped and gave me look I couldn’t describe-)….”

“I-I……(-he got on his knee so we were at eye contact, and slowly moved towards me, I backed right up against the door-) what have I done Kayla…….it is breaking my heart to see us like this……please tell me” he said softly. We were now arm length apart and he was staring into my eyes. I was staring back with scars and a little fear of him, but before I could stop it, silent tears started to flow. Next thing I knew, he was holding me, “shhh-ing” and rocking back and forth. I didn’t hug back, I just sobbed into his shoulder. When I stopped he pulled me away.

“Please tell me” and he grabbed my chin and looked me in the eye. I caved and told him everything, about Bert and him, the friendship, and last night.

“Kayla, me and Bert arnt good friends, and we never will be again, he hurt me to much, and even if he does, I wont start drinking again, it will hurt you to much, and cant hurt you Kayla……and last night, I saw the look you gave and I saw pure fear, that absolutely broke my heart…and when you ran up the stairs, I was considering going after you but….that look, it was just so horrible, im am so so so so sorry Kayla, forgive me?” he said with puppy dog eyes.

“Awww how could I saw no to that face” I said and pinched his cheeks and then ruffled his hair. He gave me a hug and this time I hugged back.

“Oh and the reason why he was here, because we talking about warped tour, it’s coming up soon…..”He said, and I smiled.

We made our was downstairs to the kitchen.

“Can I ask you something” gerard asked me, I nodded “why were you hiding under the table?” I just laughed and told him I thought it was a burglar….and it reminded me.

“Dad, do you know where everyone else is?” I said in his ear. He was giving me a piggyback.

“Um……….I uh don’t, sorry sugar” he said quietly, I got worried.

“Don’t worry Kayla, they’ll be fine.” I just smiled, but not completely sure.

“Come on lets go to the park, I haven’t been there in years” He said, and he started to walk to the door.

“Wait dad, im still in my pj’s” indicating my batman pjs. He told me I had 5 mins before he was leaving without me. I ran up stairs and I got changed in black skinnies, a dark, dark purple/blue “the Rasmus” T and my green converse, I put I thin line of eye liner on and ruffled my hair. I actually looked pretty good. I ran downstairs and we left.

“Kayla, ive got a surprise for you, but you have to close your eyes, no wait, if you anything like me, you will peek, so come here” and I walked over to him and he picked me up and covered my eyes with one hand, while holding me on his side with the other.

“okay, you can look now…”and I opened my eyes as he removed his hand, and looked at him then looked over to see what he was looking at………

“SURPRISE” yelled a huge crowed of people. Everyone I knew was there. Mikey, frank, Alice, Jamia, Ray, Bob, Donna, (and to a little dislike for me) Bert, and there were a few other people that I didn’t know. There was only one kid my age. He was a few inches taller than me and he had a nice body shape, he had black hair and blue eyes and a lip percing, he was wearing skinnies and a black “the Rasmus” T, he had slightly tanned skin. He was pretty hot too. He was standing next to Ray drinking juice. He looked over at me and smiled, I smiled back.
Turns out this was a birthday party for me, cause I didn’t really have a party to think about it, and I never got to open my presents…….god damn it. Oh well, there’s heaps here. Alice got me a night before Christmas top and jumper. Mikey got me a dungeons and dragons set, which I screamed thank you at (I loved d&d, I was the DM). Frank got me a “taking back Sunday” T and a guitar pick necklace, it was so cool cause the picks glowed in the dark. Jamia got me “Green day jumper” that had the heart grenade on the back, and a new pair of converse that said “the flash” and it had a lightning bolt going up the side. Bob got me my own pair of drumsticks, they were red and black checks and a matching case to put it in. Ray got me a new guitar strap the had “im with the band…” written on it. I looked at him strangely.

“Why give me a really, really cool guitar strap, when my very shi (-I side glanced at gerard-) I mean bad guitar, isn’t even here…..”I asked him and he just laughed.

“Well ill guess, you’ll just have to see then” and I just rolled my eyes at him.
Soon we had cake and it was chocolate ice cream. There were skittles (yum), red bull, sugar coated chewy lollies, that me and frank wouldn’t stop eating. After about 5 minuets of having all that sugar, it started to kick in and I was running around everybody, and I ran up to Gerard, poked my tongue out at him and ran so fast. I ran past Ray and that hot dude. I looked back to see Gerard chasing me, I squealed and spend up, I was actually pretty fast, cause he ran out of breath and collapsed on the ground. I ran up the play equipment and hide before anyone saw me.

“Hiding much..?” a voice said from behind me. I spun around and came face to face with the hot dude.

“Yea, from my Dad…..he’s gonna kill me” I said and looked back to see Mikey looking for me, and heading towards the play ground.

“Oh-no…” I said and looked around to see if there were any better hiding spots.

“What’s wrong” The hot dude asked me, moving a little.

“Uncy Mikey’s gonna come get me and bring me to my dad……..I have to go find a better hiding spot now…..see you.” I said and I started to get up.

“No wait…..I have the perfect hiding spot, come with me…” he said and he grabbed my hand and pulled me down the other side of the play jungle. We ran over to a tree that was pretty big and he started to climb. I just looked up, I could sort of climb trees.

“Are you coming or do you wanna get caught?” He asked. I just nodded and started to climb, it was actually pretty easy.

We got high up and found a big branch, I sat down and he sat next to me.

“Im James, by the way…” He said extending a hand for me to shake.

“Hey, im Kayla….. Wow its really cool up here, you come here a lot then?” I asked and he laughed.

“No, I just ran to it randomly, and it just so happened to be this cool” he said. We both laughed.

“Mines “in my life”...” He said. I looked at him confused. “My fav Rasmus song is “in my life” you?” I laughed

“Umm probably “in the shadows” or “Falling”, they are pretty cool” I said. He nodded.
We talked heaps and found out we had a lot in common. And, no he wasn’t Ray kid, it was his sisters.

“Well I guess I better go now, my dad will be worried….” I said starting to climb down.

“Yea uncle Ray will be getting worried as well, come on we can go together.” I smiled and nodded.
He reached the bottom first and he helped me down. When we got back to everyone, they were looking at us strangely, I looked at Gerard, and he had his arms crossed. I looked back at James to see him looking scared, he looked at me and moved a little closer to me, I didn’t mind at all, in fact, I moved over to him so there was only about 1cm between us.

“So as I was saying… (- I turned to face so only he could see my face and I winked at him, telling him to play along-)...the DM can also be a character as well as the game planner” I said kind of loud, cause I knew everyone was eaves dropping and I stopped walking and so did James….

“Okay, now ive got it….” He said smiling. I blushed and then, so did he.

“James, where have you been, we have to go now, Bye Kayla, happy birthday and we will see you soon.” Ray said as he came over and gave me a hug before turning to leave.

“Bye James, ill see you around...”I said blushing. He smiled and said goodbye (blushing as well) and left with Ray. I half turned over to the other guys. Alice, Jamia, Frank, Mikey, Bob, Gerard and Bert all looking at me.

“Yea, I gotta go as well, Happy birthday Kayla” Bob said coming over and gave me a kiss on the forehead and left. I slowly walked over to the other guys. And sat down in Between Alice and Frank. They still haven’t said anything….what’s going on.

“So, what are we doing now?” I asked carefully, side glancing at everyone.

“Well we have to head home because you missy, have school tomorrow, and you are going because your not going to stay here and do nothing, I still want you to have an education, don’t worry I talked to the teacher and I told them the situation and they said everything was fine….”Gerard said trying to cover up why they were staring at me before.

“Oh bu-”I said but was cut off by Mikey.

“Kayla, listen to your father, he only wants what’s best for you….”but I cut him off

“wants what’s best for me, wants what’s best for me??? (-I stood up-) I haven’t seen him in 10 years and then comes and finds me, asks me to come here, so we can spend time together, but instead, sends me to school, yeah sure, I might have a little bit of my education missing, but it would be worth it……” I said slightly yelling. I was angry with them, everyone, they ask me to come here and spend time with them, but instead, they send me to school, so they can’t see me, what the fuck is with that………

“Kayla, we didn’t mean…”frank started but I would hear it.

“No, you’ve made your decision, don’t worry, ill go to the fucking school….” I said and I walked towards the house.

“Kayla Marie Way, get back here right now!!!!" I heard Gerard yell at me, but I kept walking. I walked all the way to the house and walked straight upstairs to my bedroom. As soon as I closed my bedroom door behind me and walked over to my window and locked it (-because of Gerard or Mikey-) I fell on my bed and let silent tears fall. Why were they doing this to me? They all wanted me to come and spend time with them, but obviously not. I got up and changed into my pjs, then went back to bed and slept right to morning.
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