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chapter 11

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dont you ever talk about my dad like that you fucking bitch..!!!!

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“Kayla if you don’t get up now, im going to break this door down and drag you to school in your pjs………get up now!!!” I got woken up by the sound of someone yelling at me through my locked door.

I dragged my self out of bed, and got changed, did my makeup and brushed my hair (-I did this really fast-)

“Kayla, open this door in 3 seconds…….”they continued.

“One……” I picked up my bag that was now my school bag.

“Two…….” I walked over to the door, and wrenched it open.

“Thr…..of well it’s about time Kayla, we have to go in 5 minuets if you don’t wanna be late” Gerard said……and he walked down the stairs.

“Okay then…..”I said out loud, and followed downstairs.

“Kayla what do you want for breakfast?” Donna asked me as soon as I came in sight.

“Oh, im not hungry…”I said looking at the floor.

“Okay, well here’s some money for lunch” she said handing me a ten.

“Thank you” I said as Gerard came in the room with his car keys. We headed out to the car after I said goodbye to Donna. The car ride was quiet except for the stereo that was playing quietly. When we pulled up at the school and I looked at it from the car window. I didn’t like it.

“Kayla, do you want me to come in with you or will you be okay?” He said but I cut him off.

“Ill be fine, ill see you after school dad……”and I went to get out of the car but he sighed and grabbed my arm.

“Kayla, what’s wrong, I know now it’s not because of us, why don’t you like school?” he said, turning me around.

“at my last school, in Australia, I didn’t have any friends, but I didn’t get bullied or anything, it was like I was invisible, so in the end, I just got used to it, and when you told me that I was going to school here,
I freaked cause, I wasn’t going to be invisible here, I was going to get a lot of attention, and some of that attention isn’t going to be good attention,
and what did you put as my last name when you enrolled me here, was it Jane or Way?” I said. He just smiled.

“I put it as Way, Kayla if you’re worried about what people are gonna do, there gonna know you’re my daughter anyways, because you look just like me…..” He said still smiling, but I didn’t reply it…

“Okay, so you want me to get bashed.” I asked him getting out of the car and looking through the window. “Cause not all people like the Ways dad, ill see you after school.”

I walked off. I heard him shout goodbye, but I didn’t respond. I walked to the front office and walked to the front desk.

“Hello, im Kayla Way, im new here and I was wondering if I could get my classes please….”I said but stopped because the lady gave me a look of shock.
I replied that look with a confused look of my own. She regained her self and smiled and handed me a piece of paper. I thanked her and started to leave…..

“Oh, you have someone to help you around today….Shelby come here please...” the front desk lady said and then a girl with brown hair, blue eyes and light freckles came out.
She was about one inch taller than me and was really pretty.
She was wearing blue jeans, white slip on, and a blue James Blunt top. She had her fringe pinned back and she had eyeliner one.

‘Yep, this is totally going to work out’ I said to my self, with sarcasm

(- I was wearing my green converse my black skinnies, black top with a purple heart-of-gram on with eyeliner and black eye shadow-)

She looked me up and down and gave me a………..big smile???

“Hey im Shelby Murphy, but you can call me Shelbz or shelly” she said extending a hand out for me.

“Hi Shelbz im Kay…..”But she cut me off mid sentence and hand shake

“Oh I know who you are….and let me tell you…….YOUR DAD’S BAND IS THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD!!!! Oh and I have a huge crush on Mikey, wait, that would mean your uncle, oh god, please don’t him I said that.” she said squeezing me hand while yelling.

“Okay, I won’t……..” she just smiled even more
Okay this was a little strange…..a prep likes rock……… it just me or is there something wrong with that???
She let go of my hand and she started walking me to my first class.
Me and Shelby had the same class’s everyday so we sat with each other. Math’s was first up and it was really boring, so she told me about the school.
There was one girl to look out for, Aletia harper (-one of the biggest skanky bitches in the world, and I hater of my chemical romance, apparently she made people sign this petition last year to make them break up-).
I hated her already and I haven’t even met or seen her.
We had English next and Shelby told me she had this English class……great.
When a bottle blond hair,
fake blue eyes,
blush over done and pink lip gloss,
light pink short skirt,
a pink top with ‘im sexy’ written on it, pale skin,
white high heels and a fluffy pink bag walked in,
I kind of guessed this was Aletia, and it was confirmed when Shelby whispered “that’s the fucking ho who hates the best band in the world”.
I clenched my fists.
When she walked in, she scanned the room

Most likely looking for me

She made eye contact for about 3 seconds

What is going on in her head………hmmmm

she smiled evilly

Um what?

Then took seat 3 rows in front of me.

“Shelby, when’s lunch?” I asked her and she looked at me funny.

“In about 15 mins, why?” she said giving me a confused look.

“Cause I think I am going to get a mouthful from aletia.” I said biting my lip.

Shelby just put her hand over my hand and rubbed it.
I smiled and said thank you.
The bell went, as Shelby said, 15 minuets later and we made our way to the canteen.
I got my lunch (-a cheese sandwich, an apple and a pineapple juice-) and instead of sitting in the canteen, me and Shelby made our way outside, but were stopped by the all familiar……..white high heels.

“So, look what the Goth freaks brought over from Australia,………how’s your dads band Way, still playing that stuff you call music?” she said with the fake white smile and a really fake girl tone.
I glared at her, she doesnt even fucking know me....

“I’m surprised that your dad hasn’t forgotten the lyrics, I mean, cause all the drinking and taking drugs, it’s gonna fuck him up more than he is already” she said smiling . I just glared at her………

“Oh and what about the depression is it the fact he still lives with his mom in the dankly old basement, or the fact that his only daughter is a stupid skanky bitch.” Yea okay, this bitch has gone too far, I snapped.

I tackled her to the ground and straddled her at the waist and punched her jaw. She slapped me back and pushed me of her.
She stood up and kicked my stomach, when she went for another kick, I grabbed her leg and punched her behind the knee, she fell to the ground and I stood up.
She was still on the ground when I stood up clutching her knee in pane, I kicked her in the stomach, and I bent down slapped her in the face, she grabbed my wrist and dug her nails in.
she let go of my wrist and slapped me on my cheek. I was just about kick her so hard when I felt someone pick me up and hold me while I was still kicking and trying reach her. I was struggling till I saw a couple of teachers come out and help Aletia up, I looked at her knee and it was all purple and swollen and pointing in a funny position,
her jaw line was bleeding and it was purple/black (-I must hit pretty hard-) and her cheek was red. She was taken to the sick bay while I went to the principal’s office.
She was tall with light brown hair, brown eyes and a bit lanky. She was wearing a white top, grey work jacket and skirt.

“Now miss Way, tell me exactly what happened…” And I told her everything Aletia said to me, and the fight. She just crossed her arms and sighed.

“Miss Way, it is your first day here and already your making trouble, now I think 1 week suspension will do it….” I was shocked…

“One week, you got to be fuc….”but she cut me off

“Do you want it to be 2 Miss way?” she said sternly….

“No” I said bitterly.

“No miss……..”She said asking me to finish

“No Miss Cotton” I said in a fake nice tone.

“God, you are just like your father…….”she said in a bitter tone, I gave a ‘wtf’ look.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” I said getting angry.

“Well, you both dress and look the same, both rude and have an ‘I don’t give a damn’ attitude, im surprised your father made it this far………with that rubbish music he plays……”she said, and then she uncrossed her arms and stood up.
“You should be ashamed of what he has become, and what you are going to become.”
Fuck that bitch……

“fuck you, don’t you ever talk about my fucking father like that again, don’t you dare make fucking judgment of what he does for a fucking living……..fuck you and this…im out of here.” I yelled and walked out.
I walked all the out to the front of the school.
I looked at my watch. (-12:30-) Damn. A few hours till Gerard come. Maybe I could walk home. And which I did.
I was walking through the park and I decided to stop. I went up to top of the slide I went down with frank, and looked over at the house. I could only see the driveway and there were no cars……… perfect..

X-- hey guys.... just so you know. ficward wouldnt let me upload chapters 12 and up, so i am going to do about 2 a day.
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