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chapter 12

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nothing dad, your hearing things.....

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I crawled back down and went towards the house.
When I rounded the corner, I saw Mikey, Frank, Ray and Bob sitting on the front lawn, i didnt even notive gerard was gone...
I ducked down behind a bush and watched them. I new I could make it into the house without them seeing me, but it was really risky. I quickly ran across the street and ducked behind the hedge.
I peeked over to see them sitting down still, I don’t think they noticed me.
I crawled along the hedge till it came to the lawn, I crawled behind the brick wall, I climbed up on the patio, opened the door very quietly and snuck in……woo safe.

“What the hell are you doing home from school” Gerard stopped dead in his tracks when he saw me at the front door. He was holding papers. “And what the hell happened to your cheek” he dropped the paper and came over and looked at my cheek.

“I guess, this is what you get when you try and stick up for your dad when he is being bitched about, and when your father’s past is put against you, and you fight back…..” I said looking up into his eyes with my watery ones.
He immediately pulled me into his arms and picked me up off the floor and cuddled me tightly. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist.
I was like a little koala bear…..
He let my tears fall on his shirt, while he carried me to the kitchen and gave me an ice pack.
He put me on the bench and when I moved, I got shooting pain in my stomach.
I winced and he saw, and I gave him a weak smile.

“Now are you going to tell me exactly what happened or do I have to call your teacher and ask her.?” He said with a smirk that made me smile.
He brushed some hair out of my face, and then I told him everything, even what the principal said.
This made him furious.

“Kayla, you stay right here, ill be right back okay, and keep the ice pack on.” And he walked over to the front door and closed it behind him. About 5 seconds later,
I heard the door being yanked open then I saw frank and Mikey running towards me.
Frank reached me first and gave me a really tight hug, Mikey gave me and kiss on the forehead and hugged me also.

“Kayla….were so sorry, we told your father this would happen, but no, he said you would be okay, and now look at you.” Mikey said screaming his head off, I was kind of scared and shuffled back slightly.

“Im sorry, it’s just your father can be really stubborn sometimes.” Mikey said, and I smiled.

“Let me see your cheek Kayla” Frank asked and I pulled the ice pack off. It was just a little red, it looked like I had a light blush on, but it wasn’t my check that was hurting, it was my stomach. I moved a little and got the shooting pain

“Oww….”I said and it started getting really bad. I told them and they told me to check my stomach to see if I had any bruising.
I lifted my top up slightly and I nearly fainted. There was the most biggest bruise ever.
It was a really dark purple in the middle, then it went to a lighter purple red as it went out from the middle. It hurt like fucking shit.

“Wow, I never new high heels could do that much damage” Mikey and frank just gasped.

“Kayla, I think you should go lie down and rest…” and they led me to the lounge room.

“Wheres dad….?” I asked getting a little worried, because I kind of wanted him right now.

“He went to your school, and I think is going to give them a mouthful of how to never talk to you like that.” I just nodded.
I laid down on the couch cuddle with Mikey and I had my legs on frank. We were watching TV. I completely forgot about the pain in my stomach, until Gerard came home.

“Dad….” I said getting up really fast, and as soon as I got up and started to walk I collapsed because of the pain in my stomach….

“FAAAAAAAR out, that really hurts.” I said clutching my stomach.
I closed my eyes and sighed, then re-opened them and saw Gerard, kneeling right next to me with watery eye, threatening to fall down.

“Please don’t cry dad, you’ll make me upset” I said and reached up and touched his cheek. I tried to get up, but no use. It hurt so fucking much.
Gerard picked me up and cuddled me and sat down in the arm chair with me on his lap with my arms around his neck. He was humming and the vibration went all through his body and I felt it and it made me sleepy. I soon started to drift off.
But was brought back to reality when I heard people talking, but I didn’t open my eyes, I wanted to see where this was going.

“Fucking hell that principal is a dog, she said Kayla should be ashamed of me cause of my past and what I am today” I heard Gerard say.

“Gerard, don’t listen to that fucking loser, she just jealous because you got a better life than her” Frank said and I felt Gerard nod.

“Well I can tell you one thing………she ain’t going back to that fucking school ever again” my heart skipped a beat. Yes no school and all family.

“So who did it and what does the other person look like, cause Kayla’s not that beaten up.” I heard Mikey saw.

“Well let’s just say, the other chick has a broken knee, fractured jaw and huge bruise on her stomach as well.” Gerard said smugly. “And her name was Aletia Harper, the one who made people sign that form for us to break up because she loathes us…….”

“Well I see the fighting skills runs in the family, I wonder what else….hey can she draw gee?” I heard Mikey say and I felt Gerard nod.

“And she can sing and play music” again Gerard nodded.

“Good looks and a personality just like you’re gee” this time Gerard didn’t nod.

“Lets just hope she doesn’t get depression and start taking drugs…………it would fucking kill me” I heard Gerard say with emotion, Before I could stop myself I blurted out something to him….

“How come you can swear and I can’t?” I asked opening my eyes, He just smiled and laughed

“Cause I am older than you, and I am your father so (-sticks tongue out-) there” He said and I just sighed and then smiled.

“You weren’t asleep were you?” frank asked me. I shook my head and grinned.

“I really gave her a broken knee, fractured jaw and a huge bruise?” I asked looking hopefully at Gerard. He just raised his eyebrows.

“Yes, you did………. But don’t worry, she got what she deserves, far out Kayla, a broken knee, all I’ve ever done was chipped someone nose” Gerard said with a laugh, which made me laugh.

“Well I guess you should learn my fighting skills then, hmm?” I said and he nodded.

“well, I don’t know what were going to do with you, we’ve got warped tour coming up next week and im gonna be up on stage singing and your gonna be watching and not going to be able to jump around us like you do in practices.” Gerard said while smirking

“Oh yea, warped tour, well I can’t wait to see you guys perform, I will watch all the videos people upload to you tube, but most of all, I will miss you, but you’re only gone for 3 weeks, so it’s not that bad…..”
I said smiling and giving Gerard a hug, when I pulled back he had a confused look on his face.

“Kayla what are you talking about…” he said confusion most visible in his voice

“I am going to watch you guys on you tube and miss you guys heaps..?” I said starting to get confused my self. Gerard just laughed.

“Kayla, you really think, im gonna leave you here, while we go on tour, and play all these songs and tour half the country, and make you stay here, uh-uh, no way, your coming with us…..” Gerard said, I still didn’t get it.

“Kayla, we were gonna make you come with us whether you like it or not, and besides James is going to be there…” I stopped and closed my eyes, then looked up at him

“Yea, so what about James…?” I said, stuttering at the sound of his name.

“Kayla Marie Way, im not blind and I know there is…..” I but I got up off him, and surprising my stomach didn’t hurt.

“Okay, going now, be down later” I said walking away “that’s if I don’t kill my self” thinking I said the last bit quietly.

“What was that?” I heard him say.

“Nothing dad, your hearing things” I said and ran up the stairs and went to my bedroom.
I went a straight to my mirror and to my surprise, there wasn’t any mark left.
“What a little weakling can’t even give me a decent mark” I said to my self, and then looked at my stomach. It wasn’t that bad anymore,
it just looked really bad but it didn’t hurt as much as it did a couple of hours ago......

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