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Chapter 26

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How is Ashley going to get them out of the mall?

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Ashley’s Pov

“I am on a mission.”, I said getting dressed. “First I’ve got to locate every one in the mall.”

“What is this Mission involving people and the mall?”

“The guys decided to go to the mall.”

“Oh okay want me to come?”

“Nope I don’t want them to spot you too.”

“I can wear my Jason mask.”

“Then they will probably think your robbing the place.”

“Who in their right mind would try to rob the mall. Hello it’s huge.”, I stared at him. “PLLLEEEAASSEE”, he said coming from behind me kissing my neck.

“Okay just stop kissing my neck.”

“You know you like it.”, I smiled and turned around.

“I do that’s why I want you to stop.”

“Okay let me go get the mask and maybe my clothes.”, he said walking away. I started to laugh watching his cute ass.

We got dressed and when we got to the mall I decided to call someone. And that person was Bob.

Dialing number!

Bob: Hello
Me: Hey where are you?
Bob: In the mall.
Me: I know that, you idiot! Where in the mall?
Bob: That hurt Ashley L And if you must know. The shop that sells pregnant women cloths.
Me: Ha ha really?
Bob: Yeah.
(Andrea: Oh bob this would look so cute on you laughs)
Bob: Stop trying to dress me woman!
Me: That gives me an idea.
Bob: No way I know what your thinking and it’s NOT happening.
Me: Come on Bobby!
Bob: Don’t call me that.
Me: Please Bob.
Bob: Bye Ashley
Me: BOB!!!!!!
Bob: Just come and get me out.
Me: Let me talk to Andrea
Bob: Oh no then you two will plot against me!
(Andrea: Give me the Phone)
Andrea: Hey girl. What’s the plan?
Me: I need to you to dress Bob like a pregnant woman.
Andrea: Genus! But he isn’t going to like it.
(Bob: Oooooooh no, no fucking way am I wearing a dress!)
Me: Ha ha I’ll let you get to work meet me in the food Court when your finished.
Andrea: Okay got it Where are we meeting you at?
Me: Food court as soon as possible!
Andrea: Okay bye.
Me: Bye!

End of conversation!

“ Your going to get Bob to dress like a woman?”, Frank asked laughing.

“ A pregnant woman.” I corrected causing him to bust into laughter.

“ That has to be the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“Just wait I’m not finished.”

Dialing number!

Mikey: Hello
Me: Mikey need to speck to Aneesah.
Mikey: No problem.
Aneesah: Hey girl what’s up?
Me: Where in the mall, where are you?
Aneesah: Where hiding in Belk, Some crazy ass fans were chasing us.
Me: I know, Listen Go to the dressing rooms and switch clothes, go in there and get a bandana and fix his hair and makeup, meet me at the food court when your done.
Aneesah: ha ha okay.
Me: Bye.
Aneesah: Bye

End of coversation!

“ And last but not least.”

Dialing number!

Miranda: Hello
Me: Hey theres an extra janitor’s uniform?
Miranda: Yeah why?
Me: Will it fit Gerard?
Miranda: It would be really big on him
Me: Tell him to put it on, oh and put his hair in a low ponytail.
Miranda: Okay.
Me: Good and meet me at the food court when your finished.
Miranda: Thanks you’re a life saver.
Me: No problem bye.
Miranda: Bye.

End of conversation!

“Can I come?”

“No! Stay boy.”

“I want to go.” He whined.


“Man your no fun.” He pouted.

“Stay and I’ll be fun when we get home.”


“I could also not be fun.”, he shut his mouth.

“That’s better.”, I walked in and into the food court. And the first one that I spotted was Andrea. Then I saw Bob standing next to her. I started to laugh. He had a pink maternity dress on.

“ Stop laughing.”

“Go to the car Frankie’s out there.”

“Come on baby.”, Andrea said linking arms with Bob. “Coming threw lady with a baby!” Bob shot Andrea a dirty look. I laughed.

I turned around and decided to go and get Starbucks.

I sat at a table and seen with his Janitor outfit and a bandana with his hair in a ponytail. He actually pull the whole janitors look off!

“ Hey.”, I looked at his name tag. “ James.”

“These clothes smell so fucking bad. I hate you.”, I started to laugh and turned around only to laugh even harder but this time Gerard was laughing with me.

“Shut up lets go.”, Mikey said. Me and Gerard where crying now from laughing so hard. I linked arms with Gerard and Mikey and we all walked out to the car. Frankie and Bob were sitting on the hood of the car.

When Frankie saw us he whistled before saying, “ Who’s the hot chick!?”

“Shut up! I’m not the only one wearing a dress.”, Mikey said glaring at bob who was still laughing.

“ No, but you’re the only one wearing a mini skirt.” This caused us all to laugh.

“Shut up dude.”

“So who’s going to ride with me?”, Bob said putting a hand on his hip.

“ I will dude.” Mikey said walking over.

“Yeah all the ladies ride with Bobette.”, Gerard said. Bob punched Gerard’s arm. “ No that’s not lady like.”, he said laughing.

“Fuck you.” He said flipping him off walking off with Andrea.

“ That leaves me and Miranda is ridding with sis!” Gerard jumped into the front seat.

After hearing Gerard and Frankie fighting. Miranda ended up sitting upfront leaving the two men pouting in the backseat. When we got home Gerard snatched my coffee.


“ Not anymore.”, he said going and sitting on the couch. I ran and jumped on Gerard causing the coffee to go into his face. I silently thanked God that I decided to get an frozen Mocka. I laughed got up and ran. He chased me all around the house.

Incoming call!

I walked over and picked up my phone before sitting down on the couch.

Me: Hello
Amanda: Did you hear?
Me: About Brandon? Yeah
Amanda: When are you heading down?
Me: Tomorrow
Amanda: Okay well I’m already down here.
Me: Okay tell everyone I’ll be there tomorrow.
Amanda: Okay well I have to go Jerard is getting questioned by the guys.
Me: ha ha okay bye.
Amanda: Bye.

End of conversation!

“ Who was that?”, Gerard asked sitting down next to me.


“What does she want?”

“Oh she was just telling me she was home.”

“Here, we better go let her-”


“Oh.”, he said looking down. “Hey, I get it Mississippi will always be your home.” he nodded

“That’s not true.”, I walked over and hugged him. “ It’s just I was raised in Mississippi., As much as I hated it, it’s always gong to be home. But it’s not my only home. I have Jersey and New York. Oh did I tell you I found a house in Jersey and I made and offer.”, his face lit up.


“Don’t tell anybody yet but you know that house that’s been vacant next to your house?”, I asked and smiled. “That one.”, his eyes opened wide.

“THAT ONE!?”, he jumped on me causing us both to fall. “WE’RE GOING TO BE NEIGHBORS, WE’RE GOING TO BE NEIGHBORS!”, Frankie walked in. Where did he go? Oh whatever.

“What is all the yelling about?”, he looked at us on the floor.

“We’re going to be neighbors.”, He said really slow like Frankie was slow. I started to laugh.

“What?”, he asked smilling.

I go up. “That’s right, the house I made an offer on was next to Gerard’s.”

“ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?”, I noded.

“Yes, Frankie I’m serious.”, he ran and jumped on Gerard. What is it with all the jumping? Oh I was jumping to he he.

“DUDE, WE’RE GOING TO BE NEIGHBORS!” Frankie and Gerard ran out screaming to Mikey and Aneesah as they walked threw the door. I walked into the kitchen and got a coke when I walked back in I spit out the coke that was in my mouth. Mikey was still in Aneesah’s skirt sitting on the couch with his legs opened wide.

“Ewwwwwwwwww close your LEGS!”, he smiled but didn’t move.

“Close your legs, your scaring Ashley and her neighbors.”, Gerard said walking in covering my eyes before opening his fingers.

“Gerard! STOP it!”, I said pulling his hands down and away from my face.

“ What do you mean neighbors?”, Mikey asked. Frankie smiled.

“We’re moving to Jersey!”

“That’s awesome! We must celibrate!”

“With what?”, Gerard smiled.

“I HOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, all three guys yelled altogether!

Hey everybody….don’t think I’ve forgotten about you…Because it’s completely opposite…I decided to end the story cause nobody was reading or reviewing my story anymore but my mind kept on saying ‘ their not going to read if you don’t update’ so here I am following my gut. I’ve been working really hard on school work and all…and I’m going to be in this singing competition Saturday so I’ve been practing for that to so….I guess If any of you show any intrest in my story you an review.! I will update soon! The story is going to be twist and Taking back Sunday is going to be coming in a couple of chapters! J Got to love them! More love will be shown. Hearts will be broken. Relationships will be twisted and broken. Who is going to break up? Miranda and Gerard? Andrea and Bob? Mikey and Aneesah? Ashley and Frankie? Read the next chapters to find out! And the ending is not going to be what you’re expecting!
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