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Don't say a word

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don't worry about the ending kiddies.

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I felt something moving in my mouth, it dug at my gums and soon showed itself. I stumbled back as I felt some instinct kicking in. My fangs had begun to emerge at the scent of human. Patrick had this strange scent of a tomato vine; the thick musk flashed small flickers of memories of my human past. Everything moved slower than me, and I turned to Pete for help.

He was the only Vampire that could tell me what the hell was happening; I had no choice but to trust him. Pete stepped forward and like wildfire I lunged at him biting his neck trying to drink him dry.

A scary urge of wanting to kill my maker, made me shutter. For some reason I had to stop, but once again the greed for blood overcame me. I could hear a thousand voices racing in my mind, I was shouting for silence.

“I’d leave Patrick,” Pete whispered very slowly, “I’d leave right now.”

Patrick watched as I clawed at the walls trying to keep myself from falling over. I felt a heavy weight from my lower abdomen trying to seat me to the floor. One voice seemed to becoming clearer, a voice I thought I recognized, a voice I thought was Spencer’s.

“/ Emma ,” It called, “”

“Spencer?” I called after it following the voice as if I could see it across the ceiling, “Spencer?” my voice got louder each time I called him name, “SPENCER!” I was yelling in seconds and my name grew softer and softer.

“/ emma…/.”

My eyes drifted to Patrick, a strange pink aurora floating around him. He was frozen in fear, his mouth open watching my eyes burn red.

“Patrick,” Pete warned, I could hear every atom of his foot shift behind me; I could hear his clothes brush against his skin as he took cautious steps towards me.

“/ Take the human’s blood /,” Spencer’s voice was right at my ear, I swore I could feel his breath.

Just as Patrick took a step back I had lunged at him; only I could gain any distance. Pete held me in a hold, looping his arms under my pits and bringing his hands to the back of my neck.
I was trying to break free as Patrick ran for his life, locking the sickbay door behind him. Pete could no longer hold me, and I slammed so hard into the glass door that I fell over landing on my back. The instinct to kill faded away like a fog in mid morning.

“It’s going to take a few new moons to kill that craze you get,” Pete stated watching me gasp at my injuries, “then again, I was angry about being turned, so I didn’t ever lose the craze,” he chuckled coldly.

I lay on the tile feeling my world loom in and out of focus. My fangs retracted slowly and painfully, I felt my gums repairing themselves but the stinging sensation of pain stayed the same. When I finally was able to pull myself from the floor I realized there were tears in my eyes.

“I thought--.”

“You’re still human under that body…everything that walks on this earth has a soul.”

I felt a few moments pass me; Pete crossed the floor and sat down next to me. His eyes were a soft blue. My own dark navy blue gazed into his. A few minutes past, I could hear the dust settling.

“We don’t have souls,” I corrected him slowly.

“Why?” he laughed softly, “because we live forever?” his eyes drifted down to his arms, “we are all immortal because our cells don’t age,” he took a breath, “well they do, just really slowly. It seems that because we collect nutrients straight from a source…almost like a tree in that way, that we no longer have metabolisms to break down food, no more wear and tare.”

His eyes grew a little bit lighter, to a baby blue. He turned and looked into my own eyes.

“You look lost sad eyes,” he whispered.

I turned away closing them. I wrapped my arms around myself encasing my frame into a cocoon. His gazed seemed to burn into my skin; I felt the corrosive evil in his soul, if he even had one to begin with.

“You’re eyes are sad as well,” I replied, placing a hand on my navel.

We sat in silence. He shifted once or twice, for a few seconds I almost caught on to his thoughts. They seemed to be angry and then quiet; I could hear him softly crying in one memory that could be hushed.

“I had a mate once,” Pete spoke after a while, “she was human, just like you…but then again so was I.”

I just looked at him. His eyes swirled and the blue began to fade.

“I left her, I left to become a vampire,” his tone grew cold and his eyes went black, “You’re lucky I changed you, she begged me.”

“Lucky me,” I muttered.

The moment had quickly died, Pete had almost seemed gentle to me. I thought I could even hear a slow song playing in the room. His thoughts were gathering again, the word attack danced across them.

He lunged at me, taking a strong hold of my throat. I tried not to breath, I wanted to die. Pete didn’t seem to notice, his eyes took to becoming a blaze of red and black.


There was one small breath before he screamed again.


“I d-don’t care,” I choked, “You’ve t-taken everything.”

He released me. I clutched my throat trying to massage feeling back into in. His eyes burned back to blue, and once the energy had grown still he turned and sent shivers down my spine.

“Spencer’s dead, I saw it while you were in a coma.”

Once again the screaming stirred up. I couldn't even hear my own screaming.
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