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I'm working as fast as I can!

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A/n: Okay kiddies, I'm working on a really epic chapter. ha ha, epic. I want it too sound really good and touch back to how it was like in the beginning chapters. Stuff about her writing career, her family, so it's gonna be long (AWESOME POSSUM? ...Yes.)

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Anyhoo, on my personal news to why it's taking so so long!

I've been trying to get tickets to see Panic! in Vancouver on jun 6 because Honda civic does not come to my province(poop and a half). So I'm trying so hard to arrange it, I haven't looked at tickets, but if nosebleeds are left then I'll wait for another time.

I added the video above because it really reminds me of the Spencer in the Story.

And in other Personal News, I've joined the gym so I work out alot more. Gotta build my ass up.

AND! My homework load has increased so I have to fit this in as much as I can whenever I can.

But don't worry I hope by Friday I'll have something!

If not, then more interviews OR you can ask me questions. I don't know.

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