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Chapter 16

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Final Chapter guys

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I awoke to whispering, still in Gabe’s arms. I lifted my head, and was soon struck back down.
“Congratulations!!” Everyone on the bus, minus Gabe yelled at me.
“A baby Ross is on the way,” Michael said. I just looked at Gabe, tears ready to fall once more.
“How could you tell them? After I asked you not to! I can’t believe you Gabe, you promised me!” I was having a full emotional breakdown. Vicky came up to me and tried to hug me, but I pushed her away.
“Don’t touch me! Keep your fucking hands off me!” I screamed, before getting up and locking myself in the tiny bathroom at the back of the bus. I slumped down the wall, and had a good cry. After what I think was about half an hour, I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket, and dialled Patrick’s number.
“Hey Patty, its Em.”
“Em, are you okay? Have you been crying?”
“Ryan hasn’t told you then?”
“He did mention something, but when we all tried to delve deeper, he pushed us out. Anyway, I suppose you have a point to this call?”
“I do. I wanted to ask you if you could ask Pete if I can move to your bus for the tour. I thought it would work better if you ask him, because we all know he has a crush on you and will do anything to please you.”
“Yeah, even I know that. I use it to my advantage so often it’s not funny. Okay, I’ll ask him, and I’ll tell Ryan for you that you’re trying to move in here.”
“Can I actually speak to him please?”
“Sure, one moment honey.” There was a brief crackle as Ryan was handed the phone.
“I’m sorry Em. I didn’t mean to blow up at you out there. Will you forgive me?”
“I’ll do better than forgive you Ryan. I’ll keep this baby for you. I will bring it into this world and raise it with you, and all our friends and family within FBR.”
“So I hear you’ve got Pat enquiring into a possible move for you back here.”
“Yeah, I thought that since I’ll need you in more ways now, it wouldn’t be too bad if we shared a bus and a bed. I mean, it’s obvious that we won’t get up to anything, so I don’t see why we can’t.”
“Okay sweetie. Well, Pat wants the phone back now, but I’ll see you at the rest stop in an hour or so. I love you.”
“I love you too baby.” More crackling could be heard.
“He says you can come onto this bus, providing you have your own bunk, meaning one of us guys sleeps on the couch up front; you and Ryan get up to no dirty business, but that won’t be hard considering you’re expecting; and that you tell anyone if you need something, or you need to stop or if you’re not feeling well, or if you need to sit out a show, so someone can stay with you.”
“Okay, tell him thank you, and I will abide by these rules. Can I move on at the rest stop ahead? I really need to get away from all these people in this bus.”
“Sure. So we’ll see you in an hour.”
“Yeah, see you then. Oh, and can you tell all those on your bus who don’t know by now that I’m not only the future Mrs Ross, but there are definitely baby Ross’ in the future!”
“Sure thing. Bye Em.”
“Bye Patty.” Before exiting the bathroom, I typed a simple text message:
Hi guys and grl. I know I c u in hr at caf, but wanted to tell b4 any1 else does. Baby Ross on way. Celebrate at caf l8r. Luv Em xox
I sent it to Travis and Hayley on the third bus, hoping they’d get it and read it before the rest stop.
I then left the bathroom to see ten downcast faces.
“I’m sorry for exploding like that. I want to make it up to you somehow, but I don’t know how or when. Vicky, I’m especially sorry for cursing at you, and my apology is, will you be a godmother to the baby for us when he or she is born?”
“I’d love to be.”
“One thing though guys, I’m moving out of this bus at the café stop. I’ll still visit a lot, but since I’m expecting, it’s safer for me to be with Ryan, because he can stand my mood swings at the best of times. Plus he doesn’t get squeamish when people are sick. And I’m going to ask if Gabe can be a permanent addition to the bus, as he’s helped me so much so far, and I’m so thankful for it.”
“Well, I’ll only visit the bus, okay Em? I don’t want to stay on it, one, because the Fall Out/Panic bus is tiny, and two, I’d rather stick with my band.”
“That’s okay. I’m gonna get some sleep. Can someone wake me when we arrive at the café?”
“Sure,” William said before following me back to the bunks, me slipping into mine, William into his. Before I succumbed to sleep, I noticed Gabe slipping into William’s bed and curling up with him, Sisky walking right past the bunk and having a peek, not grimacing or double taking at what he saw. They told them!

Vicky woke me up gently when we reached the rest stop, but I noticed it was an hour after the time we were scheduled to be there. What have they planned now?
I carefully worked my way off the bus and into the café, Vicky talking to me animatedly by my side.
“And you know what the cutest thing about Gabe and William dating is? TAI and Cobra can tour together more often, which means I can be near Mike a whole lot more!”
“That’s great for you Vicky. But have you told him that you like him yet?”
“No, not exactly.”
“What do you mean ‘not exactly’?”
“I umm, sort of kissed him before I got you.” I let out a girlish squeal.
“OMG Vicky, I’m so proud of you!!” I pulled her into a hug, and both she and I were laughing. I hadn’t even noticed that when we stepped into the café, it was shrouded in darkness. Vicky led me to the closest seat, and made me sit in it, and she sat down next to me.
“Surprise!!” Everyone we were on tour with, including Zack and Dirty shot up from behind tables and chairs, flicking on lights, throwing streamers and making sure I saw a table full of presents. Ryan headed over to me, and pulled me into a tight embrace.
“Congratulations sweetie. You know I love you right?”
“Yes, and I love you too.” Tears fell from my eyes; tears I didn’t even realise were there.
“Baby, why are you crying?” Ryan asked, pulling out of the hug and drying those that fell.
“I…I don’t know really. I suppose it’s because I’m just so happy to see all you guys here, celebrating something that surely wasn’t planned, and encouraging me to continue on this tour. And that things are going so well for my best girl friend, and things are going so well for Panic, and that we’re celebrating Christmas soon and…I’m just so happy right now!” I said, giggling by the end of my sentence because I was babbling so much.
“Baby, at the end of this tour, we’ll take some time off to get sorted and our lives together. We can finally have a family, and the guys will accept our decision to have some time off. How does that sound?”
“Why don’t you guys take time off as of now?” Pete asked, overhearing our conversation. “Think of it as an early Christmas present.”
“Thank you Pete, I’d prefer if we did,” I replied, happy as ever, surrounded by friends and family celebrating.

Now I'm not sure if I want to do a sequel to this one, but tell me if you think I should!

It's another fic out of my way, and I'm kind fo sad to see it go, but it has been fun to write

xox Emmi
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