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You're Beautiful!

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Well... my first frerard. I'm not tooo sure about it but I'll start.
Id like to know what you think and I really need ideas so tell me what you think?



The band was getting restless as we waited for our show to start.
Bob was tapping his drum sticks against everything in sight.
Ray was tuning his guitar.
Gerard was humming 'Helena' in between sips of his coffee.
I was drawing black crossed across my eyes and Mikey was looking behind the curtain at the large crowd which only grew bigger by the second.

"Woah!" Mikey exclaimed, turning back to us. "That's one of our biggest."
This only made Bob more anxious to get out there, making him hit everything harder.

"Dude. Shut up! You don't know how fucking annoying that is!" Gerard shouted over all the racket Bob was making.

"Then stop humming. We've heard the song billions of times before." Bob said grumpily.
I watched the argument out of the corner of my eye. Well I wasn't really watching the argument... more like Gerard.

"MCR! MCR! MCR!" the crowd were chanting.

"We should really get out there." I said, looking pleased at my make up.

"We can't! You know Brian always talks to us before every show." Mikey said.

"I say Fuck it!" Bob said, pulling out his drum sticks, threatening to play on the table again.

"Kay. Lets go." Ray jumped up and went to tell the stage manager we were ready.

"Good luck, man!" Gerard smiled, putting his hand on my shoulder.

I smiled back. "You too."

I grabbed my guitar and Ray gave us a 'ready' nod.
Gerard ran out on stage closley followed by Bob, who was doing back flips to the drum kit with Ray and Mikey behind them.
I stared at Gerard in his tight, leather jacket for another few seconds before the crowds screams reminded me I had to be on stage. And the other side of the stage.
I quickly ran out as Gerard was introducing us.
Like they didn't know us already.

"What's up New Jersey?!" he screamed, along with all the fangirls and guys in the crowd.
"We are My..Chemical..." he left the microphone out to the crowd to finish the name.
"We thought we'd start our show with a bit of our best." He said.
Ray and Mikey started to play the first notes of 'Helena' while the crowd cheered.
I followed along as Gerard started to sing.

"Long ago.
Just like the herse you dies to get in again.
We are
So far from You!" he sang, winking at the girls and guys in the front row.

Bob kicked in, using all of his energy he had been dying to get out backstage.
I was doing terribly. I missed a few notes and was off tune. I wasn't the best guitar player, I knew that. But I wasn't ever this bad. Something was throwing me off. But what?
Gerard looked at me, while he was singing and have me a look saying 'what the hell?'
I looked back down to my finger placement, which helped a bit. I finaly got back on coarse and was my uslual hyper self. Standing on the drum kit and almost killing Bob, which, by the way, never got mad at me. Spinning around pointlesly on stage and screaming into the microphone when ever I could.
I was doing okay. We played The Sharpest Lives after Helena, followed by Prison, This Is How I Dissapear, Mama, Teenagers, Black Parade, Demolition lovers and Burry Me In Black. The show was almost over. Only two more songs to go. Give 'Em Hell Kid and I'm Not Okay.

"Oh baby, here comes the sound.
I took a train to New Orleans and they shot me full of ephedrine.
This is how we do it in the murder scene.
Can we settle up the score?" he sung to the audience.

He started to slowly make his way towards me.
He extended his arm and pointed to me.

"If you were here
Id never have a fear.
So go on live your life!
But I love you more than I did yesterday!"

He was inches away from me. All I had to do was lean in and our lips would touch.

"Your beautiful!" he smiled.
And without me doing anything he brushed his lips with mine.
Fans screamed their lungs out. To them it was just another Frerard moment but I kissed him with all the love and lust I could muster.
He pulled away and continued with the song like it ment nothing.
It did to me.
The rest of the song and for I'm Not Okay, I played perfectly.
I hit every note, spot on.

"Thank you all for coming!" Gerard screamed.
"You guys are fucking awesome!"
And with that we exited the stage and entered the dressing room backstage, receiving 'great job's' from all the crew.


Like it? Hate it? Tell me. And I also need ideas of what to happen so tell me those to..

R&R's are loved!!!
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