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Keep My Hands On My Guy

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Well... wake up with Gee.... and Brian, Mikey, Ray and Bob. I didn't know what to call it... this song was playing,

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... syrup.

Ray's POV

I walked over to Gerard's bunk to wake him up after drinking some coffee. Brian had texted and told me to wake everyone up because we had an interview and he would be over as soon as he could.
I opened Gerard's curtain, ready to jump on him or poke him to death before I noticed Frank on his other side.
One of Gerard's hands had fallen over Frank's crotch in his sleep... or not... but either way it was there.
I smiled at the memories of the night before.
Boy do I know how to ruin a moment!?
I let out a small chuckle, waking up Bob.

"Aaw!" he yawned loudly, waking up Mikey. "What you doin so early?"
They both got out of their bunks and started to head over to me.
What do I do?
I did the first thing that came to my mind and quickly closed the curtain.

"What's wrong? What was in there?" Mikey asked worried.

"Ahh. N-nothing..." I said nervously.

"Why'd you close the curtain? Why was it open? What the fuck's goin on?" Mikey asked walking closer and closer.

"Nothing, really!" I snapped, softly, trying not to wake Frank and Gee.
Mikey snatched the curtain open and watched the sleeping boys in awe.

"Oh my god!" he whispered.
Bob came closer too.

"Haha! Whoa! That's not something you wake up to every morning?!" Bob laughed.

"Guys leave them alone. It probably just fell there in his sleep."
Mikey was still staring at Gerard's hand placement.

"Coffee anyone?" Bob asked.

"Yeah. And make one for Brian. Hell be here any second." I said.
Bob nodded and right on cue Brian stepped through the door.

"Morning boys!" he sung cheerfully.

"SHHHHH!!!!" Mikey and Bob said in unison.

"What?" Brian made his way up to the rest of the band and gathered around the boys.
He suddenly burst into a quiet fit of giggles.

"Oh my god!" he laughed. "Someone get the camera. This is so cute!"

"Cute!" Mikey screamed in a whisper [AN; ??]
, waking up Frank.

Frank's POV

I woke up from my peacful sleep in Gerard's arms, by the piercing light which came through the small window. I squinted my eyes and took a look around, seeing nothing but Gerard. So I decided to go back to sleep.
Only to be woken up an hour later by whispers, surrounded by 4 faces staring in at me.
I sleepily rubbed my eyes and yawned.

"What's up?" I asked, my vision still a little hazey. I finaly realisied who they were.
Bob, Brian and Mikey were gathered around the bunk staring at me in awe. Ray mouthed the word 'sorry'
For what?

"What?" I asked, confused.
I realised they weren't just looking at me. They were looking at Gerard, still fast asleep, his hand near my crotch.
I looked back at the guys. Mikey was still staring, shocked while Brian, Ray and Bob were laughing their heads off.

"No seriously. Its nothing." I said nervously.
He stayed shocked.
Gerard slowly arose from his sleep and looked at me with his tired eyes, which were only half open.

"Mmfwamkie?" he asked, yawning.

"Gerard. What. The. Fuck!" Mikey shouted and pointed to his hand, which had fallen over my crotch in his sleep.

"Woah!" Gerard whispered, partly smiling and he quickly removed his hand, before Mikey fainted.

"Dude! It just fell there in my sleep!" Gerard answered truthfuly.

"Yeah, while you were alseep. Next to Frank! Are you guys like... together?" he shouted.
Gerard and I looked at each other, pretending to look discusted, and then quickly back at Mikey.

"No!" we shouted in unison.
Mikey still stared shocked while the other three laughed.

"Ghe-he-t up." Brian laughed. "We got an interview."

"You never told us this!" Gerard shouted.

"I would've if you waited for me to call before the show last night."

"Its Bob's fault!" Mikey pointed in Bob's direction.


"He threatened to beat us up with his drum sticks! And you know no-one argues with Bob!" Mikey defended.

Bob laughed once again. "True, true. blame me."

"Well get up. We have to be there in 30 minutes." Brian said, before walking to the lounge section of the bus.

"S-so you guys arent like like... gay? Together?" Mikey gulped.

"Ahh.. No Mikey. Frank just got a bit... emotional, last night." Gerard smiled.

Mikey sighed in felief. "I wouldn't know what to do if my brother and best friend were gay!" he laughed before following Brian and Bob to the lounge.
That really hurt.
I couldn't be with Gerard? And if I was we'd have to keep it a secret.
I slowly got out of bed and brushed shoulders with Ray.

"Not what I heard last night!" he said softly so only me and Gerard could hear before walking off.
Gerard and I looked at each other, slightly embarrassed.

"We should really let Brian talk to us before every show from now on." Gerard chuckled.
I smiled in responce.


Gerard's POV

I took a long sip of my water. I wasn't 100 percent listening to the reporter. 95 percent was focused on Frankie and the look on his face when he heard Mikey ask if we were gay and saying that he wouldn't know what to do if he and I were together. A mixture of sadness,hurt and anger. He hadn't talked to me since I said we wernt with such confidence. I was only covering up. But its not like me and Frank are together. We just had a moment. And that moment relpayed over and over in my mind, making me smile every single time. I would tell Mikey if we were together and if he was a good brother he'd be happy I'm happy. I think.
I needed to show Frank I didn't mean to hurt him this morning and that I do love him.
I just need to wait for the right mouthful.
That's a good one!

"So Frank." The reporter started. " Can you tell us about last nights stage kiss? - was this another way to get the fans riled, or is there something even more. something that could be classed as feelings?" [[AN; Thankyou Emmi!]]

Just before Frank could answer I placed my hand on Frank's thigh, making him jump a little and then choke on his water.

"Are you okay?" she asked.
He nodded while ttrying to keep his mouth covered.
After a few minutes of coughing, he settled down. My hand was still rubbing his upper thigh under the table so no-one could see.
He answered the question as a simple 'Nope. No feelings. Love him but not in that way.' Only I could hear the lying in his voice.

"So what about you Gerard?" the reporter asked. "Any girls in your life?"

I smiled and rubbed a bit hader. "Nope. No girls."

I looked over at Bob who was laughing into his hands, quietly.

The interview ended soon and we headed to the second city of our tour.


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