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The Walk Of Shame...

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"I need you"

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Frank's POV

After our 'interesting' interview we were on our way to our next city.
New York.
I've always loved New York. My father used to take me there every summer. The busy streets, the tall buildings. Its so full of exitment.
The city that never sleeps.

I was in the bunk area, cleaning up my bed, while the rest of the band were watching 'The Night Before Christmas' in the front of the bus.
I leant over to straighten my sheets when I felt a poweful force grab me around the waist. I tried to scream but they had already put their hand over my mouth. I tried to jerk out of their grip but I couldn't. They dragged me into the bathroom and sat me down on the toilet. They took their hands off of me but before I could say anything they covered their my mouth with theirs. I'd who those soft lips belonged to anyday. Gerard. You think getting me almost hard in the middle of an interview was enough. I kissed back of course. I wouldn't pass up an offer like this.
He pulled away after a few seconds and we stared into each others eyes. He leaned his forehead against mine.

"I need you Frankie." He whispered.
I smiled and pecked his lips.
"I need you too, Gee."

"So I can have you?" he smiled.

I took my head from his and looked at the wall beside me."Mikey?" I whispered.

"He doesn't have to know just yet." He said hopfully.

"We can't keep it from him." I said looking back at Gerard.

"He'll be happy I'm happy." he said.

"I don't know, Gee." I sighed.
He gave me a reassuring kiss.

"Please, Frank." Gerard whispered.

"Well." I started. "I guess I owe you after you got me stiff as a board in the interview this morning." I smiled.

"You mean. I can have you?!" Gerard grinned.
I nodded.
His smile grew even larger if that was possible.

"I've waited so fucking long for this, Frank." Gerard said, while nuzzling his head into my shoulder.

"Me to Gee, me too."

After a few more minutes we decided that we'd go out to the others since they'd be wondering where we are. Gerard opened the door and snuck out and I closley followed. I gripped his hand tight and softly closed the door. I felt Gerard stop. I turned around.

"What's--" I started but stopped when I saw Ray watching us from his bunk, which was above Gerard's.

"Have fun?" he smiled.

"Aah-w-umm." I stuttered. Gerard stood still just staring at the grin on Ray's face.

"Its alright guys. I understand. I tries to stop them this morning its just that Mikey beat me to it." Ray said. I tugged on Gerard's hand and lead him up to Ray's bunk.

"Well... Ray. We'll tell you since you pretty much heard it." I started. Gerard stayed silent, staring at Ray. I rubbed his hand.
"Well me and Gee are together." I said nervously.
Gerard squeezed on my hand and Ray just smiled.

"I'm happy for you guys." Ray said. "It was only a matter of time."

"What's that surposed to mean?" I asked.

Ray chuckled. " I think we've all noticed Gerard's lyric changes for you Frank."

"At least someone noticed!" Gerard spoke up.

I laughed feeling kind of embarrassed.

"So when are you gonna tell the others?" Ray asked.
Gerard and I looked at each other.

"Not for a while, I think." Gerard said.

"They'll be happy. There's nothing to worry about." Ray smiled.

"Well I think we'll keep it hidden for a while." I said wrapping my arm around Gerard.

I heard the door open and I quickly took my arm away and acted like nothing happened. Bob and Mikey came marching in.

"Hey watcha talking bout?" Mikey asked cheerfully.

"Nothing!" Ray, Gerard and I said in unison.

"Oookay." Bob said. "Who's up for a sing star competition?"

Gerard and I shrugged and we made our way to the lounge. Bob put in the game and set up the microphone.

"Who first?" he asked holding the microhones up.

"Me!" Gerard and Mikey shouted together.
Bob gave them each a microphone.

"I don't like blue! Swap with me Gee!" Mikey whined.


"Gerard give me the red one!" Mikey shouted, jumping onto Gerard's back.

"Get off of me!" Gerard sqealed.

"Give me the fucking microphone!"

"No! I want red!" Gerard laughed, and fell to his knees.

The rest of us were clutching our stomaches laughing.

"Fuck! Okay you win!" Gerard said handing Mikey the mic.

"Haha! I still fucking own my big bruda!" Mikey laughed.

Gerard mummbled something along the lines 'Fuck you' and then they chose a song.

"Fall out boy?" Mikey squeeled, now holding the red mic.
Gerard sighed and rolled his eyes.

"She says she's no good
With words but I'm worse!" they sung, jumping around wildly.
The song ended and they waited anxiously to find out who won.
"Mikey!" he screamed.
Gerard fell to his knees.
The room was filled with 'ooohs'

"That's right! Beat by the fucking bassist!" Mikey teased.

Gerard turned to go back to the bunks.

"That's right! Take the walk of shame!" Mikey shouted.
Gerard stuck his finger up, without turning out around and exited the room...
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