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Part 7:

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Genre: Anime/Non-Anime
Date: 070407
Update: 020907
Type: A Ranma/Babylon 5/Palladium/Sailormoon crossover
Disclaimer: Ranma and the Nerima Wrecking Crew belong to Rumiko Takahashi while Rifts and Nightspawn belong to Palladium. Babylon 5, Manhunter and Sailormoon belong to all their creators respectively.
Part 7 :

Begin flashback ...

"Hello Ranma," the girl spoke.

"Nabiki? What are you doing here?" the pigtailed boy asked.

"It's the rest of the family. They want to meet you. Sharp at eight tomorrow morning. Be there at the Tendo Dojo," the middle Tendo sister answered before taking her leave.

"Wait!" the pigtailed boy shouted.

"See you there!" Nabiki called out in reply, her steady footsteps taking her further away from the Jusenkyo-cursed pigtailed martial artist.

End flashback ...
Operation Free Ranma was set. Nabiki simply shook her head ruefully. Somehow Genma had managed to convince her father and the rest of the group that Ranma was possessed though as to how that could have happened was anybody’s guess. But then again … outside of fighting, the Nerima Wrecking Crew had never been very bright when it came to deductive reasoning. The Kunos were a prime example of that … being unable to think any further than their daily obssessions. Obsessive-compulsive disorder with little muscle in between the ears. Nabiki shuddered inwardly at the thought. People like that should never have been allowed to breed.
Ryoga and Akane were little better compared to the Kunos that Nabiki was not surprised when they accepted Genma’s words at face value.
“Ranma is possessed and a danger to all around him.” The old panda had begun.
“I knew it! The pervert! He must already be sneaking into the ladies’ washroom with that female body of his!” Akane added hotly.
“Ranma! For defiling the purity of all the innocent maidens, prepare to die!” the Lost Boy continued .
“Vile sorcerer! What evils he must be planning even from his grave!” the Kuno boy had answered.
Nabiki simply rolled her eyes at their words.
When were they going to learn?
When? She wondered.
They were all there … in their hiding places … heavily armed to the teeth and more with the exception of the Amazons who had gone back to China to prepare for war against the oncoming ‘darkness’ whatever that was … the middle Tendo sister still had trouble believing Cologne’s words … thinking it more likely that the Amazon Matriarch had gone cuckoo … at long last.
Magic … she could accept. Alien invaders sure … but immortal sorcerers with longstanding grudges from another dimension poised to attack the Earth over something that happened more than twenty thousand years ago? Come on! That was rich!
Even with big sister, Kasumi agreeing with the Amazon Matriarch. There was only so much that one could believe in … after all … Or maybe not … Nabiki frowned … Knowing Ranma … and the weirdness factor that followed him … it would just be his fortune ... some might say misfortune ... to piss off an entire race of immortal sorcerers with long term memories and god-like powers. Remember Saffron? This was Nerima after all … where common sense did not exist while the strange and ludicrous walked hand in hand.
She glanced back at the doorway.
At this moment they were still waiting for Ranma to show up … yes … the idiots had decided to lure him back with the promise of acceptance back into the Tendo home if he showed up.
Nabiki surveyed the surroundings quickly. Big sister Kasumi was well … doing things like she normally did any other day … and consequently treating the big occasion in which to ambush the pigtailed martial artist as nothing significant. In fact, at this moment … she appeared to be sweeping the house, washing the clothes and humming a tune to herself. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary for the oldest Tendo sister … but then again … nothing ever seemed out of place for her … or set her alarm bells ringing for that matter …
Not even once when Akane was kidnapped …
When Nabiki told her about it … all her elder sister seemed to say would be, “Sand is sand. Rain is rain. Grass is grass. Dust is dust. What must come to pass, must come to pass. What will be, will be,” before going back to whatever she was doing.
And sure enough before too long … Akane would be rescued and everything would be back to normal … well as normal as their lives could be anyway.
Sometimes the middle Tendo sister wondered if Kasumi had studied Zen or had the ability to see the future … as she seemed so calm and sure in the midst of all the chaos that Ranma had brought into their lives that nothing ever seemed for certain again …
Stepping up to the medical cabinet, she opened it to see that it was unusually full of bandages, antiseptic and other medical herbs.
Most ominous …
Nabiki fingered her chin thoughtfully.
Most ominous indeed …
It seems that Big Sister must have precognition, Nabiki thought before closing the door to the cabinet.
Finally the time came … as the pigtailed martial artist stepped through the door.
“Tadaima! I’m back!” he called out before knocking on the door.
The moment he stepped through the door … all hell broke loose.
The pigtailed martial artist didn’t even get a chance to reply as he receive a full dose of Kodachi’s knockout gas in the face.
“What are …” his voice trailed off as he tumbled into an unconscious heap on the ground.
“Bind him!” The Lost Boy and Ukyo ran forward without hesitation and bound him so securely that even if he were to wake up … he would not be able to move.
“Take him to the dojo!” As one, Ukyo and Kodachi lifted up his unconscious body and took him to the prepared room for the exorcism rites.
The old priest whom Genma had invited over for the occasion was also here.
He began by throwing strange smelling incense into the air, mixed with silver powder and lighting the candles around the unconscious martial artist in a well-drawn circle and pentagram. Around the circle and pentagrams were strangely drawn symbols … Wards were also drawn around the circle to neutralize the demon just in case it tried to stay around and possess someone else other than Ranma.
Mumbling strange chants and barely audible phrases … and as magic gathered in the air … the old priest finally came to a stop and shouted …
“Begone, foul one and never return!”
… Everyone braced themselves … expecting something dramatic to happen … an explosion … the demon exiting the body in great anger to extract revenge upon its tormentors … or a Ranma screaming as if all the lost souls of Hell were trying to break out of their fiery prison ... but nothing prepared them for the pigtailed martial artist slowly stirring and yawning … as if he was getting up from a deep sleep.
“That was it?” the youngest Tendo sister asked nervously.
“Strange … Normally … the ritual won’t be so calm and peaceful …” the old priest answered.
“Hmmm? Is the demon gone?” Ukyo asked nervously.
“Are you sure that the victim was possessed by a demon?” the old priest asked thoughtfully.
“Yes,” The Saotome patriarch replied instantly.
“Because normally there would be signs of a struggle as the demon would fight the ritual in a situation like this. Even a lesser demon would have shown signs of a struggle … before being forced to return to its hellish dimension.” The old priest explained.
“Pops! Akane! Ukyo! Somebody let me go!” a familiar voice called out again.
“Quiet! We’re trying to listen here ...” the youngest Tendo sister answered coldly before swinging her trusty mallet into her ‘beloved’ fiancee’s head, knocking him out like a light.
… Quickly, she shouldered her mallet, giving it a kiss as she returned it to subspace storage.
A few hours … and many bruises … and bumps later …
“This is weird … I’ve tried every exorcism and banishment ritual that I’ve known but for some reason … it’s not working on him … Are you sure this guy is possessed?” the priest asked once again.
“Could it be because Ranma is not in his cursed form?” Nabiki asked.
“Cursed form? Explain …” the old priest asked with interest.
After a minute of explanation, the old priest answered … “You should have told me earlier. Now I will have to repeat the whole process again on his cursed form.”
“What’s going on? Untie me this instant!” came a shout from the floor.
As one, everybody turned to the badly bruised and tied up martial artist on the ground.
““D*! He’s becoming immune! Looks like I’ve to put more power into that swing!” Akane hissed under her breath before swinging her famous mallet into her ‘beloved’ fiance’s head with more strength than usual, knocking him out cold for the rest of the day.
“There … that should take care of it …” the youngest Tendo sister added coldly before shouldering her mallet as if she were a gunslinger shouldering her favourite gun.
Upon seeing everyone’s stares … Akane glared.
“Why’s everyone looking at me? You want some too?” she asked … everyone wisely turned away … not wanting to be on the receiving end of her mallet strike^_-.
Once again … the exorcism ritual restarted … with no better results than the first time.
“I don’t think your son is possessed, Genma.” The priest shook his head. “You had better untie him.”
“There’s no need …” a female voice answered sinisterly.
“Ranma … he’s awake!”
Like before, Akane swung her mallet towards Ranma only to find herself being thrown through the air into the wall by some unseen force. She struck the wall on the head and collapsed to the ground in a heap.
“Son! Apologize to your fiancée this instant!” a voice shouted.
“Not this time, Akane! I’ve had it with you all!” Ranma shouted as he broke the ropes binding him easily in his female form.
“Ranma! For hurting Akane, prepare to die!” the Lost Boy leaped towards the cyan-haired woman only to find himself being thrown through the air by a dark beam of energy from her fingertips.
“Get lost, P-chan!” the woman smiled cruelly before firing two more of those strange beams of dark energy that send him flying through the wall of the Tendo Dojo.
“Hah! Shameless harridan! You shall fall before the might of the Black Rose!” Kodachi shouted as she threw her razor sharp ribbon around Ranma only to see it halt in mid air before turning itself and wrapping her around her body … binding her snugly.
“The Black Rose … Hah! More like the Plucked Rose indeed!” the cyan-haired woman laughed as she saw the insane gymnast struggling futilely with her bonds.
“Divine goddess! Though it pains the Blue Thunder, I have no choice but to subdue you for your own good!” came the voice of the Blue Thunder as he charged forward …
…. Only to run headlong into a massive wall of electricity … that had appeared out of nowhere …
“The Blue Thunder? Hah! More like the True Blunder! Where’s your thunder now … Oh mighty Kendo Man?” the cyan-haired woman sneered as the electrical wall continued to shock the Blue Thunder, making him spasm uncontrollably.
“I … fight … on …” he trailed off before collapsing to the ground in a spasming heap.
“Forgive me … Ran-chan,” Ukyo cried before launching herself at Ranma only to find her combat spatula wrapping itself around her legs … binding them together … causing her to fall to the ground.
“Forgive me … Uc-chan,” the cyan-haired woman repeated derisively as she saw the Okonomiyaki chef struggled to break herself free of her combat spatula.
Suddenly, the cyan-haired woman appeared to snatch something out of thin air … with one hand. Her grip tightened as an invisible body struggled to free itself.
“Ah … what have we here? A practitioner of the fabled Umisenken, an art so dangerous that it was sealed away by its creator, Genma Saotome … for fear of misuse. You have to do better than that, Pops!” the cyan-haired woman chided as if berating a child before throwing the invisible martial artist into the electrical wall, knocking the Kuno boy out with it.
“Ahhhgggg!” the bald-headed martial artist cried out as he was shocked in the electrical wall repeatedly.
The old priest narrowed his eyes at the scene before flinging a hail of prayer strips and wards at the cyan-haired woman, who let them hit her … with no ill effects.
“I’m not a demon that you can just banish or get rid of, old man!” the cyan-haired woman sneered haughtily.
She was about to retaliate when she felt a pair of eyes looking at her from the kitchen. Her eyes turned and saw … a beautiful and gentle woman looking at her with much tenderness … concern … and … affection … in her eyes …
“Kasumi …” she whispered with longing in her voice as their gazes locked onto each other.
The desire to humiliate her family and ‘friends’ left her in an instant.
‘I will not fight them in front of her. Another day then …’ The cyan-haired woman thought before turning into a shadow and sliding away from sight … much to the disbelief of onlookers.
Later ... that night ... when all was come and quiet ...
In Nerima's case ... it could also mean unconscious ...
A lone figure walked the street ... as if heading towards a certain destination ... There were few people around ... for the streets are not safe at night ... Still, the lone figure went on heedless of the dangers that might appear ... when all of a sudden ... two shadows blocked the path.
"What have we here?" a voice asked mockingly.
"Wow ... sister ... beautiful ladies like you shouldn't be coming out so late at night ..." another figure added.
The beautiful girl shrugged.
"Be off with you," she said.
"Say that again? I didn't just hear that ..." the first unsavoury punk replied.
"Leave and forget all that you saw ..." the beautiful girl answered, her voice becoming hypnotic in quality.
"I hear and obey ... " the second punk turned around as if to obey ... before bursting into laughter loudly.
"Lady're Psi-Cop or something? Well ... we got news for you. We're not like some wussy humans that you can order off like Obi-wan Kenobi. That Jedi mind control trick of yours won't work on us," the first punk sneered derisively while the rest joined in laughter.
"Even those te-eps jerks from Psi Corps elite division couldn't do jack about our minds," one of the punks behind her laughed at her apparent helplessness.
"And we taught them the error of messing with our minds ..." another punk continued sinisterly as he felt the girl began to probe his mind.
The girl became silent at the reply and became still as a statue. It wasn't long before they tired of laughing at her and proceeded with the next step ... action.
One of them had finally done something. Apparently tired of waiting, he moved right next to her ... and began to ... caress her.
The punk held the demure yet beautiful girl by the throat and began to lick her face.
The girl did not move a muscle. Nor did she even twitch.
In most circumstances, this particular girl would merely respond with an "Oh my." But right now ... she was as still as a statue.
She had also seemingly stopped doing the martial arts (most assumed she was merely saddened by the loss of her mother but that was not true). The truth was that this girl was way stronger, faster and tougher than any human or martial artist could ever hope to be. She didn't realise just how tough she was until that road accident ...
... in which a large trailer transporting flammable gas tanks ran her down while going to market one Sunday. She emerged without a single scratch although her clothes were torn and covered with dirt. The same could not be said for the driver of the trailer or the vehicle itself which was destroyed in the resulting explosion.
Now if the punk had any sense at all or even an inkling of what he was actually facing, he would have boarded passage on the fastest ship available and made a beeline for the outer reaches of the galaxy never to return. But of course he didn't, much to his misfortune.^_^
Now, faced with the punk in front of her, the girl reacted in the same way a person might react to an annoying insect. Namely, squash it like a bug. Which she did as she swung her hand and slammed her palm into him. The punk flew more than a hundred feet back and went crashing into the gutter. "That's not nice," she mumbled in traditional yet classical housewife fashion, a slight frown marring her beautiful face.
Watch the reaction of Babylon 5, President Clark, Nightwatch and Psi-Corps to Dark Day as the Ba'al return to Earth for a long-awaited reunion. I've also explained as best as I can as to why a certain Tendo sister behaves the way she does in the Ranma 1/2 series in this fanfic. For those of you, who have read Rifts World Book 4: Africa, you will know the reason why^_^.
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