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chapter 14

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holy fuck, i didnt know you had a daughter mr way.!!!

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I was woken awake by sunlight pouring through my window onto my bed and hitting my face and burning my eyes.
I rolled over and opened my eyes and I came face to face with the wall. I groaned and rolled back over and got up.
I got changed out of my pjs and got dressed into my batman top and dark purple skinnies. I put on my green converse and brushed my hair.
I put in a white head band and looked at my eyes. They were really green today, almost like emerald green, and they had flecks of grey in them.
I put some eyeliner on and eye shadow. I was ready, so I walked downstairs and went to the kitchen. Gerard was sitting at the table dressed already and drinking coffee and reading the newspaper.
He was wearing black jeans, a plain black top and a black hoodie. He looked up at me and smiled and got up and gave me a hug. Donna wasn’t in the kitchen.
It was just Gerard.

“Where’s Grandma?” I asked and took a seat next to him and stole his coffee and took a large gulp. He gave me a dirty look and snatched his coffee back.

“She’s gone next door to see the neighbors about something, I forgot what about…” he said and continued reading the newspaper.
I looked over his shoulder to see what he was reading. It was an article about how some shop in New York got held up yesterday……boring.

“So what are we going shopping for?” I asked him, and I got up and poured my self some apple juice.

“Well you know how Uncle Ray got you the new guitar strap for your birthday?” he said and as he folded the newspaper and turned to me.

“Yea…” I said as I reached up and got a glass.

“Well, I am going to take you shopping so I can buy you a new guitar……” he said. I nearly dropped the glass.
He laughed.

“really, wow dad, you don’t have to, I’ve got a perfectly good guitar in Australia, and do you know how much they cost, hundreds and hundreds of dollars” I said and I sat back down at the table and sipped my juice.

“Kayla, it’s not like I can’t afford it, and besides, I want to buy you one, because I love you, and so you have something to do.” He said smiling.
I got up and gave him a huge hug.

“Thank you thank you thank yoooou, I love you dad,” I said jumping up and down while hugging him.

“Its okay sugar, well we better gets going, grab your jumper, it’s a bit cold out there, and your gonna need it…” he said as he got up and got his car keys.

“Why do I need the jumper, I mean its cold but….” But he cut me off.

“Cause people will recognize you and me and yea……” He said smiling, and putting his hood over his head and putting black sunnys on I laughed.
We went out to the car and we headed for the mall, we were listening to the radio when nun other than ‘famous last words’ came on.
I squealed and turned it up and started singing.
Gerard laughed and sang along as well.
When we reached the mall, we got out and headed right for the music shop. When we got inside, Gerard took off his hood and sunnys and went up to the desk.

“Hey, can you please show me where your guitars are” Gerard said and the man smiled and led us through the music shop.
This music shop was huge it had every musical instrument you could think of, from classical to cultural. When we got to the guitars.
They were hanging on the wall. There were white ones, blues ones, and to my disgust……light pink one. But there was only one that caught my eye.
It was a beautiful black/dark purple colour with a tinge of red. It had had a silver lining on the edges. I was in love. I looked at the price….

“$700!” I yelled making Gerard laugh.

“Kayla, don’t worry about the price, if you like this guitar, then I will get it for you, please don’t say you don’t want it cause of the price,
I can pay for it, and beside,
I want you to have the best guitar there is” He said with a smile and grabbed my hand.
I gave him a huge hug and then I carefully picked up the guitar and gave it a better look.

“It’s beautiful, thank you so much, I love you dad” I said and I went and got a black guitar case and few picks (-a lime green one and Dark purple one-).
We were waiting in line and when we got the counter the same man who took us to the guitars, were serving us, and he kept giving Gerard weird looks, and I think I know why.

“Excuse me, but are you Gerard Way, from My Chemical Romance?” He asked shyly. Gerard just nodded and smiled.

“Wow, I didn’t know you played guitar, I thought you gave it up…” He said as he scanned the picks.
I giggled, and Gerard shot me a look, and I stopped.

“Oh no, it’s not for me, it’s for my daughter…” He said and he motioned me to the man. His face dropped and gave me a look of shock.
I smiled the same smiled Gerard smiles and the man just gasped.

“Oh wow, I didn’t know you had a daughter……” He said still staring at me “She looks just like you, wait, I am so rude, im so sorry Mr. Way” hahahahah he called Gerard, Mr. Way.
I giggled, and Gerard nudged me with his hip.

“Uh no it’s fine, not many people know about her, so how much….” He said trying to get off the subject. I stifled a giggle, and Gerard glanced at me. I gave him a cheeky smile.

“Um what, oh right, that will be $750, but since you are in my favorite band, it will be $400.” He said with a smile and Gerard just smiled at him.

“Really, thanks a lot dude, um what’s your name because I can get you tickets for one of our shows and you can come backstage.” Gerard said and the man gave him his name and his address.

“Hey, thanks a lot Mr. Way, okay well you folks have a good day, bye mini Way” And we walked out of the shops.
As soon as we turned the corner, I burst out laughing

“What is so funny is this going to happen every time you see fans, or what?” He said and he poked my cheek.

“No, its just he called you Mr. Way, I thought that was hil-ar-re-arse…” I said and finally calmed down my laughing.
We went into hot topic and Gerard brought a new leather jacket, and he brought me a ‘Taking Back Sunday’ jumper and a ‘Muse’ T shirt. After we went to the food court and went to the ice cream parlor.
I ordered a chocolate Sunday and Gerard order a strawberry one.

“So are you gonna show the guys your new guitar, when we get back.” Gerard asked me.

“Cant talk dad, eating” I said with a mouthful of ice cream. He laughed and said okay.
When we finished, we walked around a bit more before He dragged me into the comic book store.
I went to my sort of comics and he went to his.
I was standing there reading a comic when someone came up behind me.

“You know, this isn’t a library” I heard a girl voice I sort of recognized say. I turned around and saw…

“Shelby! What are you doing here?” I asked as I gave her a hug

“My parents own the shop and I get to work here, see” and she pointed out to her mum who was with a man. They had the same work top on.

“Oh, cool, so you must get free comics and everything then?” I asked her and she nodded.

“So wheres your dad or who ever you are with?” she asked me looking around the store. I looked with her and couldn’t find him.

“I don’t know probably sitting down and reading a comic in the isle” I said, and we both burst out laughing.

“Actually im right here, and who is your friend Kayla?” Gerard asked from behind us and we both jumped.

“Oh hi dad, this is Shelby, my friend, Shelby this is my dad” I said and Shelby smiled and shook his hand. I giggled cause I new she was nervous.

“So Shelby, where can I pay for these comic” He said and held up 3 x men comics.
Shelby led the way to the counter. She called her mom over and Shelby came and stood next to me.

“Hello, just these today” said a woman with dark hair and blue eyes, she was pretty.

“Uh, Kayla do you want anything?” Gerard asked me, I shook my head, and he paid for his comics.

“Have a good day.” She said and Shelby walked us to the door.

“So, ill see when you get back then?” Shelby asked me and I gave her a hug and nodded.

“Yea, do you want anything from tour, cause I mean, ive got connections (and I pointed to Gerard) so if you want anything” I said and we both laughed.

“Na, ill be fine, have fun okay, bye Kayla, Bye Gerard.” She said and went back inside.

“Connections?” He asked as we got in the car. I just laughed and told him to shut up.
When we got home, it was 12:45 and we were going to leave NY at 3:00. I went up to my room and packed my new clothes.
And I sat my guitar next to my suitcase. Gerard said I have to take it. I went back down stairs and sat on the couch and watched some TV with Gerard.
We were watching MTV and we were watching timberland ‘the way you are’ video clip. Even though I don’t like that kind of music, I really liked this song.
I was dancing around and Gerard was laughing at me.

“What I really like this song” and I continued dancing. When it was over, I sat back down and then ‘the ghost of you’ came on and I sat up and didn’t sing or anything.
This music clip always made me sad. I don’t like it when Mikey dies.
When that bit came on, I felt tears sting my eyes, and I looked away.

“What’s wrong sugar” Gerard asked me and he pulled me into his lap.

“I don’t like it when Mikey dies and you scream, it makes me sad” I said as I buried my head in his chest.
He just laughed and stroked my hair....

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