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chapter 15

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thats all i heard him to me before i drifted into a dreamless slumber

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Soon it was 2:30 and everybody came here.
We said goodbye to Donna and she told Gerard to keep an eye on me.
I laughed and he punched my in the arm softly.
We were going in Ray’s car and I was squished between Gerard and Mikey in the middle.
I was bored with there conversation about the best misfits song, so I said it was Astro Zombie and they all agreed.
I put my ipod in and hit shuffle and ‘im not okay (I promise) started playing. I turned it up loud, because I knew they could hear.
I was humming along and then Gerard nudged me.

“What, your making me miss a good song, what is it?” I said and He laughed.

“Okay but can you at least put something else on?” He said and I sighed and changed the song. I found ‘you know what they do to guys like us in prison’ and grinned evilly.
I pressed play and starting humming. I looked up at Gerard and was glaring at me.
I bit my lip and then I changed it ‘1979’ came on and I started humming. I looked up to see Gerard smiling.
When we got the hotel, it was huge, and im not just saying that,
I mean it was really, really huge, it looked like it had 10000000 levels, but it only had about 70.

“Holy shhhhh.” I said as I had to strain my neck so I could see the top levels.
Gerard just laughed and picked me up and held me on his side.

“If you want we go up to the very top later” he said in my ear as I was still looking up. I looked at him and smiled. We walked into the hotel and he was still holding me as we went to the front desk.

“Ah hello Mr. Way, your room is ready for you and your friends, here are your keys and we hope you have a nice stay here.” The man said at the front desk as he handed Gerard a swipe card.
“Your bags have been taken up already to the room’s sir”.

“Thank you” and Gerard walked away. I looked back to see the man on the phone covering his mouth and looking at Gerard. Hmmm strange…….
We were on the 46th floor and our hotel room was really big,
it had a lounge and 2 arm chairs.
a huge TV.
An already stocked fridge a huge kitchen table.
Me and Gerard share a bedroom while Mikey and frank share a bedroom and ray and bob share a bedroom.
As soon as we found Our Bed room,
I ran over to the bunk bed and claimed it as mine.

After everyone was settled, Gerard wanted to take me to Time Square. We got to the bottom level of the hotel and walked through the foyer.
Gerard was holding my hand.
I looked over at the front desk to see the man talking to a person with a camera around his neck and he was holding a pen and a note book.
‘Probably some celebrities staying here like Paris Hilton or someone.’ I thought to my self. We were just about go through the front doors when Gerard’s phone went off.

“Hello……..what???........they know where we are…….well what should we do……..okay see you in 5” and he hung up and picked me up and carried me over to a chair.

“What’s wrong dad….?” I asked him, because he was looking really distressed.
He just sighed and looked around before turning back to me.

“Kayla, I don’t want you to get worried or anything but there are A LOT or reporters outside wanting to get your photo and everything, and if we go out the front way,
that is what will happen, so frank is coming down to asked the manager if we can go out the back way…”He said and he brushed some hair off my face.

“Dad, its okay, I understand what is going on, I saw a reporter talking the man that gave us the swipe card…….”I said and he looked over at the man. He was still talking the reporter and the reporter was writing stuff down.
We then saw frank running towards us with the manager.

“Hello Mr. Way, Mr. Iero told me about the situation and I have called the police to tell them to move there asses down the road and not crowd my hotel entrance” he said with a smile “so if you would like to follow me out the back way,
and im sure by the time you folks get back, there will be no reporters out the front” and he started walking and Gerard picked me up and held my on his side, very tightly might I add.
The manager lead us down a hallway and then out the backdoor. Gerard then put me down and held my hand as we walked out on the street.
It was starting to get dark, and when we made it to Times Square, it was all lit up.
It was the most beautiful place I had ever been. I looked at Gerard and he was looking at me, he smiled and gave me a hug, lifting me off the ground.
He then put me on his shoulders, and started walking around. Gerard decided to head back to the hotel because it was pretty late, so we checked the entrance of the hotel, and there were no reporters or anything.
So we went through the front way, went up to the elevator. When we got to level 46 I got ready to get out but it went right past our floor.

“Um, where are we going, we just missed our floor” I said getting worried. Gerard just smiled and held my hand.
When the elevator stopped, we got out and we were in this room with a door, Gerard walked over to the door and opened it and I immediately got hit with a cold wind.
I shivered and hugged myself. Gerard came over and picked me up and cuddled me.
We walked over to the edge, the barrier came just over Gerard’s stomach, so I wouldn’t be Able to see over if I was standing.
The view was amazing, we were really high up, and the lights were like sparkles.

“You like it sugar?” Gerard asked me as he looked over the edge.

“Dad, its beautiful, but can we go now, im kind of cold” I said as my teeth were chattering. He looked at me and laughed and hugged me even tighter.

When we got to the door of our room, Gerard swiped the card then let us in , he was giving me a piggy back ride.

“Hey guys, how was time square?” Mikey asked as Gerard dropped me next to him and went to the kitchen.

“it was really pretty, uncy Mikey, we went to time square and I saw the big screen and it was really bright and it was showing all these advertisements and it had a coke bottle on it and then we went back to the hotel and we went up to the very top floor went up on the roof and I saw all the lights and I got really cold we came back here” I said in one quick breath, that made Mikey stop and stare at me.

“Um okay then, well the main thing is, did you have fun?” he asked me, and I closed my eyes and leaned back, I was starting to get tired, really fast...

“Yea, lots….” I said and I started drifting off.

“Okay sugar bed time” I heard Gerard say and my eyes shot open and he was just about to pick me up and swing me over his shoulder,
but I jumped off the lounge and ran into the kitchen where Bob and Ray were.

“Whoa, Kayla, why are you running……”Ray started as I hid behind him but was cut off by Gerard yelling.

“Kayla, come back here, its bedtime for you missy” we heard Gerard yell and Ray cocked an eyebrow at me.

“Im not tired…..” but off course when I said that, my body turned on me and made me yawn.

“Uh-huh, of course your not….”Ray said as he made a grab for me, but I moved away and ran into Bob,
and Bob grabbed me and chucked me over his shoulder

“Sorry Kayla, I would take your side, but we got to get up early and I don’t want your dad yelling at us cause were on your side…” Bob said as he walked into the lounge room with me still over his shoulder.

“Kayla Marie, is this going to happen every time you have to go to bed” Gerard asked me as Bob put me down, but I didn’t reply I just quickly turned around and ran over to Mikey and Frank who were sitting on the couch.
I ran over to the couch I jumped over it and leaned on it.

“Um, yea probably….” As soon as I said that Frank jumped over the couch and grabbed me around the waist. I tried wriggling out of his hold, but it didn’t work,
I just went limp and it was hard for him to carry me.
He soon gave me to Gerard, who chucked me over his shoulder and walked to our room.

“Kayla, why don’t you like bed time” he said as he gave me pjs for me to change into.

“Cause then I can’t hang with you dudes and chill out man” I said in a hippy voice. And he burst out laughing.

“Okay, I guess that’s a good reason” he said and he tucked me in.

“What time are we going in the morning dad?” I asked him as he was stroking my hair.

“The bus will come early cause we have our first show tomorrow night, so I will get you up early okay” He said and I nodded and gave him a hug, and laid back down.

“Okay sugar, you get some sleep and ill see you in the morning” he said and went to get up but I held his arm.

“Sing?” I asked and he smiled and he started singing disenchanted.

Well I was there on the day
They sold the cause for the queen,
And when the lights all went out
We watched our lives on the screen.
I hate the ending myself,
But it started with an alright scene.

It was the roar of the crowd
that gave me heartache to sing.
It was a lie when they smiled
and said, "You won't feel a thing"
And as we ran from the cops
we laughed so hard, it would sting

But that’s all I heard him sing before I went to sleep………..

x-- okay, i know i said warped tour next..but i just had to put this little bit in with gerard and kayla. cause they needed to have some time together.
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