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chapter 16

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do you still want to kiss frank.? ........ NO DAD I DONT.!!!!

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“Kayla, wake up sugar, we have to leave in half an hour and we have to be downstairs in 20 minuets…..”I heard Gerard say as he opened the curtain, I opened my eyes and looked out the window…….

“What the hell it’s still dark” I said as I closed my eyes and started going back to sleep.

“KAYLA, now, up!!!” I heard someone say, but I wasn’t listening, and then I felt the blankets being pulled off me and then……

“DAD, that’s really cold” I yelled at him. He just tipped water on me and now my pjs are all wet.
I groaned and got up, and went and got changed, (-my dark purple skinnies, my new muse T-shirt and my green converse, I put some eyeliner on and black eye shadow-) and I came out, all dressed.
I repacked my bag, and I had to put my pjs in a plastic bag because they were wet.

When I finished repacking and I had some toast and juice, Gerard said we had to go.
So I got up and went and my bag and guitar and went to the elevator.
We got down to bottom floor and everyone else was there.

“So I hear you got splashed this morning Kayla?” frank teased me, and I hit him on the arm and told him to shut up.

“Don’t worry Kayla, your dad did it to me all the time when we were younger” Mikey said and I laughed.
We waited for about 5 minuets, before this huge bus came and stopped right in front of us.
It was black, and it had ‘My Chemical Romance’ written on the side. I was standing there in awww, but Gerard nudged me and told me to get on.
I got my guitar and Gerard held my bag, and we got on. It was huge on the inside as well,
it had a couch under one window and a TV and stereo on the opposite wall, and well as a Xbox, and a stack of movies,
I looked through the lounge room to see a room full of bunks.

“Wow, this is really cool…” I said and I sat on the couch next to Mikey and I leaned on his arm. He pulled his arm back and wrapped it over my shoulders.
I closed my eyes and leaned on his chest.

“Kayla, come pick your bunk” I heard Gerard say and I got up, grabbed my guitar, which was leaning against the couch and went to the bunk room “okay which one, this one that is opposite to Rays, or this one that is opposite to me, or this one that is opposite Mikey?”

“This one, the one opposite you...” I said and sat down on it, it was really comfy.

“I thought you would say that, so I already put your bag under it in the cupboard.” He said pointing to the cupboards. I nodded.

“Are you okay sugar?” He asked me as he lay on his bunk. Again I just nodded. I got off my bunk, and reached for my guitar, and put it under my bed.
I lay back down, and turned and faced Gerard, who was staring at me.

“What?” he asked, and I just shook my head, and looked at the rest of the bus, it was pretty big.
Just then the bus started to move, and I knew it would be a long road ahead.

“Kayyylaaaaa” Gerard whined and I cocked an eyebrow at him. “You’ve only said 2 sentences since you got on the bus…………I know there is something wrong, trust me, your just like me when I get worried or nervous” and he got up and came over to my bunk and gave me a cuddle.

“its, just im a little scared about this, I mean I have never really been to any of these things before and im just a little worried about it.” and I hugged him back.

“Kayla, your gonna be fine, you have me and the guys, and I will be right next to you if you have any problems okay?” he said and I felt a lot better, I felt excitement and hyper-ness…..

“Okay dad, thanks…” I said and I gave him a hug. We walked out of the bunk room and I sat on the couch between Frank and Mikey and Gerard went Into the kitchen with Ray, when I sat down Frank then snuggled into my arm and wrapped his arm around my waist.

“(-fake yawns-) oh am I tired or what, I think I am going to sleep right here, and make Kayla my pillow……….zzzzzzzzz” frank said and then he started to fake snore, I just laughed and tried to push him off, but he only held on tighter.
He stayed there for about 5 seconds before Gerard came back in and saw me trying to get Frank off but it wasn’t working. I started pinching frank in the side and he just held on tighter and then I looked over Mikey and mouthed ‘Help’ and he just laughed silently and shook his head, and I glared at him.
I looked over at Gerard who was talking to Ray at the table and kept side glancing every few seconds or so, then, I had the best idea to scare frank and get him off me…….

“FRANK ANTHONY THOMAS IERO JR, IF YOU DON’T LET GO OF ME NOW YOU WILL BE SORRY…..” I yelled and it made him jump and let go of me and it also made everyone else jump, when they looked over and saw franks face, they burst out laughing.
Frank then turned to me and I stopped laughing when I saw the look on his face, it was evil

“Ha frank, you know I was only kidding, you know I wouldn’t do anything to you, ahha, how silly of me to say that” and frank stood up and started walking over to me, and leaned over to Mikey “help me uncy Mikey please, he’s going to kill me…..” but I didn’t get to finished cause Frank lunged at me, and I got up as quickly as I could, and Frank landed on Mikey….

“Dude, what the hell, get off me……ahha, get off me….ahha stop that tickles” Mikey yelled as frank started tickling Mikey and forgot about me, at least that’s what I thought.
I started to walk away when someone cleared there throat behind me, I turned around and saw Mikey and frank both right behind me.

I opened my mouth to say something, but closed it, and then I bit my lip, and slowly backed away.
Because I know that this is going to go down well…..
I ran over to Gerard and hid behind him and I saw Mikey and Frank whispering.

“Let’s watch a movie to pass the time before we reach the venue...” Frank said he went and choose a movie, I turned to Gerard and he pulled me in his lap.

“Are you going to come watch a movie with us dad and uncy Ray?” I asked them, and they both nodded, and Gerard picked me up and walked over to the lounge and dropped me on the lounge and sat next to me and then Bob sat on my other side, ray next to him and Mikey sat in the arm chair and Frank lay on the floor.
We were watching ‘The hills have eyes 2 (unrated)’, and it was okay, I didn’t mind horrors, but Gerard kept covering my eyes right before blood came on, I guess he’s seen this movie a couple of times…..

“DAD, stop, I like to see the scary bits as well” and everyone laughed. I leaned on Bobs fore arm, and he moved his arm so it wrapped over my shoulders, and I cuddled into his tummy, he was the like over sized giant bear I never had.
We were half way into the movie when I fell asleep on bob.
I woke up when I heard the guys talking.
I was still lying on Bob and he wasn’t moving at all except for his breathing.

“She hasn’t moved at all, is she dead…?” I heard Mikey say as he touched my wrist and was checking for a pulse, it tickled when he touched my wrist so I self-consciously scratched it and put it back where it was.
I heard the guys giggle quietly.

“Hey, I have the best idea…..” I heard frank say, and I heard him walk away. About 10 seconds later I heard him come back and I heard all the guys laugh.
Then I felt something wet in my right hand, and I new exactly what it was……..shaving cream.
I then felt someone touch my cheek, but I wasn’t going to making a fool of myself, so I used my left hand and swatted the hand away, and I heard the guys giggle.

“Come on Kayla, use your right hand…” I heard frank say and someone touched my cheek again, and I used my left hand to swat it away again. I heard one of them groan and tickle my left palm, but I didn’t use my right hand,
I just used my fingers to scratch it…

“Oh my god, come onnnn.” I heard Ray say, and I felt someone tickle my cheek again, this time I groaned and rubbed my head on Bob shirt, and I dragged my right hand along Bobs tummy, making the shaving cream go all over his tummy.
I heard the guys try not to laugh out loud and I heard someone run away while laughing...

“Oh come on dude, can you get me a towel or something…” I heard Bob say, and this time I had to bit my lip to stop laughing.
I then felt Bob wiping the shaving cream off his shirt and then chucking it….

“Dude, okay enough, my top has got that shit on it and I don’t want anymore, so just stop...” I heard Bob say, I heard them laugh, and I felt them staring at me, so I took this opportunity to mess with there minds………sleep talk.

“No, leave him alone….” I groaned angrily and moved so I was I was facing everyone.

“Holy shit, she’s talking in her sleep………dude, you know how people answer questions in there sleep, that they wouldn’t answer when they were awake,
ask her something she wouldn’t say when she was awake..” I heard Mikey say, then I heard giggling.

“Do you still think Franks hot?” I heard Gerard say, then a fist making contact with someone…”what??” I heard him add…..I bit my cheek to stop laughing.

“Nooo….” I said, I heard Gerard laugh.

“Do you want to kiss frank?” I heard Gerard say, and I heard Frank laugh.

“Nooo….” I mumbled.

“Do you want to kiss James?” he asked and before I could stop myself I answered.

“Yes…” and I mentally slapped myself…. But I didn’t do anything physical.

“Do you think James is hot?” I heard Gerard say and I answered before thinking…

“Yes verry hott….”again I mentally slapped my self, and I heard Gerard giggle.

“Kayla, do you like James?” I heard Mikey say, again, I talked without thinking, I tend to do that a lot.

“Yes, I like him a lot….” I said sleepily, and I started to pretend snore, hoping they would stop but they didn’t…

“How much do you like James” I heard Frank say, I just decided to answer truthfully, they already know I like him, they might as well know the full story.

“A lot…” said sleepily, and I moved so I was lying on my tummy and my head was on Bob’s side.

“Ok I think that’s enough question, let wake her up so I can go change my shirt because I don’t wanna wear a shirt that has shaving cream on it…” I heard bob say and before I could stop myself I burst out laughing……

“Bob, im sorry for rubbing it all on you, hahahahah, you know how much you guys suck……for even trying to get Into my head about who I like, and no I don’t like James (-‘liar’ I thought to myself-), he is not my type (-‘yes he is’ I thought to myself-) I was awake the whole, so jokes on you” I said rolling around on the couch laughing.
Bob went off and changed his shirt, Gerard sat down next to me, frank sat on my other side, and Mikey stayed in the arm chair and ray went to the kitchen.

“So, what now….?” I asked still giggling about before. Gerard just sighed and put his arm over my shoulders, and frank just scratched the back of his head.

“I don’t know, why don’t you actually go have a sleep and we will wake you when we get to the venue” Gerard and he stood up and grabbed me and picked me up. he walked over to the bunk room and dropped me on my bed.

“I promise, I won’t let them do anything to you while your sleep sugar, ill stay right here…”and he kissed my forehead and went over and lay on his bunk.
I started to drift off and soon I was asleep.

“Kayla wake up we are nearly there and we are going to get off and explore the town before the show, so come on…” I heard Mikey say and he stroked my cheek,
I woke and I got off my bunk, and walked over to the couch and sat down,
I wasn’t really in the mood for a walk, but I will ask Gerard to carry me or something.
Soon the bus stopped at the huge venue and I saw other tour buses,
I bolted over to the window and looked out, I read the writing on the buses

Fall out boy….STUMP!!!!
The used……urghhh, I only like there music, not them!!!
The Rasmus……YES!!!

And that was all I could see, I soon felt Gerard lean on the couch next to me
And put his head on my shoulder.

“Come on Kayla, we are going for a walk now…” He said and I sighed.

“I don’t wanna walk around, I can’t be bothered…….Hey dad?” I asked him and he knew exactly what I was talking about, he got up and started backing away.

“No Kayla, you’re a big girl and what if I don’t want to...” he said and he turned around and walked off the bus......

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