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chapter 17

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yeh Pete, but i can actually play thanks for the memories......

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“DAD!!!!” I yelled and I caught up to him and jumped on his back.

“Okay, Kayla you win, here…..hold on” and he held me up so he was giving me a piggy back.
We walked over to the other guys, to see them laughing at us.
We were just about leave when a group of guys came up to us.

“Gerard………?” the man asked, he was standing with a guy with blondish brown hair, a guy with brown hair and beard and a guy with glasses and longish hair that went just a little past his ears……omg it was FOB!!!

“Pete!!! Long time no see, what’s up” He said turning around and I leaned down and put face next to Gerard’s, so his cheek was touching my temple.
He just smiled at me and I smiled that same smile back.

“Uh I was going to ask you the same thing Gerard…..”Pete asked and he motioned to me. I looked at Pete and smiled, and he smiled back, I looked behind Pete and saw……..

“Patrick stump is right here in front of me omg, omg, omg” I said only loud enough for Gerard hear. This made him burst out laughing and look at me.
I just gave him a wtf look and I turned away……

“Oh This is Kayla, my Daughter, Kayla this is Pete, Andy, Joe and Paaaatriiiick” I gave Gerard a dirty look and smiled at all of them avoiding Patrick’s gaze, but I couldn’t resist and I looked at him and he winked, and I blushed.

“Hey guys….” I said quietly, and Pete smiled at me before continuing on.

“So….. Mind telling us what is going on???” Pete asked and Gerard laughed…

“Well you know how last summer how I told you guys about Mary and me, and how Mary put Kayla up for adoption……well I found Kayla and now ive got her back after ten years” He said and smiled. And Pete smiled and looked at me

“Well it is a pleasure to meet you young Kayla, and might I add, god you look just like your father……….” He said trailing off; I just smiled and giggled shyly.

“Well, we have to go to sound check cause we are on first and then I think you guys are on 3rd, anyways we will see you later” he said to me and Gerard “ See ya guys” He said to the rest of guys before they walked off.

“Ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy goooooooooood!!!!” I said as soon as they got out of ear shot “PATRICK STUMP!!!!!!” I said and they all burst out laughing.
We walked around the venue and soon we found a Starbucks.
We all sat down and ordered coffee, when we were just sitting and watching the world go by, I heard 2 girls scream and run over to us.

“Ok, Kayla get ready…….” Gerard said and he pulled me into his lap and cuddled me around my stomach.

“OMG! Its My Chemical Romance, can I, like, get an autograph from yours please” one of the girls said as she handed a piece of paper to Bob, He just smiled and signed it and passed it to Ray, who passed it to Mikey, who passed it to Frank, who passed it to Gerard.
He still had me in his lap, and he reached around me and signed it and then handed it to the girl, who was staring at me, I shifted uncomfortably, and looked at Gerard who just smiled and put his head on my shoulder and tightened his grip around me, he was nervous about how this was going to go……

“Um, who are you….” One of girls said to me and I just smiled at her

“Im Kayla Way” I asked nicely and she gave me a look of confusion

“Kayla who???” she asked, then she looked at the girl beside her and she shrugged her shoulders and then she looked back at me

“Kayla Way….” I said again this time losing the smile and getting a little nervous

“Why did you want to know her name?” Frank asked the girl, and she shot him a look before looking back at me.

“Because ive never seen her before, and there is no way in hell, she is related to you ways, your don’t have any kids ether of you” she said looking between Gerard and Mikey.

“Well it proves you don’t know anything about us do you, now can you please stop harassing my daughter with question and leave us in peace, im sure we can meet you after the show tonight, but for now we just want to rest up, so we can give a great performance.” Gerard said, and he smiled at me and I smiled back that same smile.
The girl just looked shocked and a bit angry.

“Daughter, ahha that’s a laugh, who is she really??” the girl said.
She would not give up or maybe she didn’t want to believe the truth.

“Why would I lie about something like that, my daughter, is that all??” Gerard said again and the girl just smiled, then walked off with the other girl…..
They were whispering about something and they kept looking back at us.
As soon as they left, I let out I long breath and Gerard hugged me.

“You did well, but don’t let those little fuckers…..oh I mean try hards get to you” I cocked an eyebrow when he swore and he just smiled apologetically. “Sorry it slipped out…” he said and laughed.

We soon headed back, I was holding Gerard’s hand, when we found the tour bus, and it was parked next to fall out boy’s and The Used.
When we got in the bus, it was about a 20 minuets till their sound check. So we headed over to the stage. It was huge. Mikey tuned his bass, Ray tuned his guitar and so did frank with his, bob was playing the drums and I was sitting in Gerard’s lap and he watching the guy play.

“Hey guys sorry im late, but it will only be quick but I have to get going again, Gerard Kayla come over here” I heard and saw a man with brown hair and in jeans and a white top come over to us “okay, so you guys are on 3, after Muse okay?” they nodded and I just stood in front of Gerard, who had his arms on my shoulders

“Kayla, this is Brian, our manager” Gerard said to me and I smiled at Brian and he smiled back.

“Hello Kayla, it’s a pleasure to meet you, im really sorry guys but I have to go, but I will talk to you guys later.” And with that we walked off the stage.

“Okay then……”Frank said and he went back his guitar. I walked over to ray and sat with him. And I was sitting there smiling at him.

“You wanna play my guitar don’t you” he asked and I just nodded “Okays but let me finish tuning it first” and I continued to watch him. I looked around the stage and saw Gerard sitting watching us, I motioned for him to come over but he shook his head.
I looked over backstage and saw Pete and Patrick standing talking Mikey, and they kept looking over at me and ray.

“Okay here you go, just don’t go to crazy okay” he said and I laughed as he handed me his guitar, I put it on and I started play "mama", and when it was Gerard’s queue to sing I started humming the words,
but soon Ray was singing with me and I was singing as well,
I completely forgot about everyone and u just played, when the song finished,
I looked at Ray and he looked at me and we just burst out laughing.
Don’t ask me why we were laughing, it was just one of though moments.

“Holy…….you really have a musical talent……oh my god, that was really good, why haven’t they kick Toro out, and put you in?” I heard Pete say as he came up to me and Ray, he looked shocked.

“Ahha very funny Pete, but Kayla’s not that good…..” ray said and I just rolled my eyes “well, she close but still got a little way to go” he continued on and all 3 of us cracked up laughing.

“What else can you play?” Pete asked taking a seat besides Ray.

“I can play mostly my chem. songs on guitar, but I can play thanks for the memories on drums” I said smiling, and Pete looked shocked.

“Really, Andy even has trouble playing that sometimes……” he said in awww.

“She can play music dude, ive seen her, Bob lost a $50 bet with her, cause he said she couldn’t play the drums……oh no, she can play as good as she can the guitar.” Ray said, backing me up.

“Not making more bets are you Kayla, Pete don’t bet with her, I lost…” Bob said as he came over to us and sat down next to Pete.

“Alright Kayla, I won’t make a bet with you, but I want to play that song with you, with Joe and Patrick and myself and if your good enough maybe we will get you into our band as our drummer…”Pete said and we all laughed.

“Oh yea Pete, Andy’s really gonna love that, a ten old takes over his place in the band, he gonna hate me” I said and just as I said that Andy walked over with Gerard, Frank, Mikey, Joe and Patrick.

“Who’s gonna hate you Kayla?” Andy asked and we all burst out laughing.

“You, cause if I play thanks for the memories correctly on drums, you get kicked out and get put in” I said and he turned to Pete and slapped him over the head.

“what, well, they all said she could play drums just as good as she plays guitar… I just wanted to see if it was true” Pete said trying to defend himself,
and we all cracked up laughing. Gerard came sat next to me and I put rays guitar down and sat in his lap.

“So would that be okay with you Gee?” Pete asked him and looked at me and I just smiled.

“And what would that be” Gerard asked turning to Pete and wrapping his arms around me.

“That tonight after the show, we and you guys stay back and Kayla can play thanks for the memories and then she can play a few songs with your band and we can see if it really does run in the family.” Gerard just cocked an eyebrow at him

“Oh trust me it runs in the family alright, you should have seen her in practice in NJ, she rocked” and everyone burst out laughing.

“Well, ill guess we will just have to wait and see tonight night, so we will see you guys back here in an hour, we gotta go get ready cause were up first” Pete said and Andy, Joe and Patrick walked backstage.

“Hahahahah ah this is going to be good” I said, and got back up and ran over to Bob

“Hey Bob….” I asked and I looked over to his drums and then back to him and I saw him hold out his drum sticks for me, and I ran over to the drums and started playing dead. Soon ray joined in on his guitar and Mikey did as well. Then I could hear Gerard sing

“And if your heart stops beating
I'll be here wondering
did you get what you deserve?
The ending of your life

and if you get to heaven
I'll be here waiting, baby”

Soon frank joined in and we sounded so good.
Bob was just standing at the end of the stage, and I looked over and saw him standing with Dominic Howard from muse and Aki Hakala from The Rasmus.
I saw them talking and then I saw them all turn and look at me.
I kept playing and i started to show off, and I didn’t miss one beat, I knew this song to well to miss the beat.

“If life ain’t just a joke,
Then why am I …….dead!” I heard sing the last bit and I did an ending drum solo, and ray did and guitar one, together we sounded perfect. When finished Bob came over to me with Dominic and Aki…….omg.

“Kayla, if you keep playing like that, your gonna get me kicked out and im gonna have no job, and im gonna be poor” Bob said as he picked me up off the drum seat and walked me over to Gerard, Mikey, Frank and Ray, I walked over to gerard and gave him a hug.

“You did good dad……” I said but Aki interrupted me

“Whoa, Dad???, when did this happen” and Gerard told them they both looked at me and smiled, Dominic talked first

“Hello Kayla, my name is Dominic….” And I finished him off

“….Howard from muse, you play drums and percussion and backing vocals, I know who you are…” I said shaking his hand, he just smiled and laughed. Aki spoke next.

“Do you know who I am Kayla?” He asked and I just nodded my head
“Aki Hakala, you play Drums for The Rasmus, its not like anybody doesn’t know who you are” and he laughed.
“You’re all right Kayla, ….play any of our songs?” Aki asked me, and I nodded.
“Yes I can play ‘in the shadows’ and ‘falling’, and your band Dominic I can play ‘starlight’ all on drums.” I said and they just looked at me in amazement.
“Wow, so I can see that musical talents do run in the family.” Dominic said and we all laughed.
“Yes, yes they does” Gerard said and he looked at me and smiled....

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