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chapter 18

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Soon, it was getting dark and people were coming into the venue, we were sitting in their dressing room and they were getting ready.
I was sitting next to Bob, it only takes him about 5 minuets to get ready.
“Im sorry for playing the drums better than you Bob, but ‘DEAD’ is really easy to play on the drums.” I said and I cuddled into his side, he just laughed.
“Well if you keep playing that well, maybe you could form your own band, but what would you do, drums or guitar?” He asked me, and I just shrugged.
“Probably lead guitar…..cause I like doing solos, and backing vocals…” I said and Bob nodded.

“Well, what would you call your band if you ever made one?” Bob asked me, and I sat up and crossed my legs and faced him.
“I don’t know...” he just laughed.
“Okay guys….your on in ten minuets, be out here in 5 so we can set up your stuff, okay?” I crew man popped into the room and then walked out.
“Okay guys, let’s go…..” Gerard said and I jumped up and ran over to him, and gave him a hug and we started walking.
“Good luck tonight by the way, I will be on the side watching you, I will be playing air guitar, or air drums…” I said getting a weak smile from Gerard, I knew something was up.

“Dad, whats up?” I asked grabbing his arm, but he wouldn’t stop walking, I stopped dead in my tracks and I was shocked. What the hell??

“Oi, whats up” I asked running in front of him, making him stop. He just looked at me, with no emotion showing on his face.

“Dad…...” I asked this time I said getting a little scared because he wasn’t doing anything.

“Dad…” I said a little louder, still no response

“Hello, anyone in there, DAD!!!” I said and snapped my fingers in front of his face, he blinked and he closed his eyes and looked at me, and then a huge smiled plastered on his face……….um wtf?

“Umm, okay then…..”I said and he gave me a confused look.
“What, sorry I have to tell you something after the show, well more like ask you…” He said and he gave me the same blank look, okay whats going on…….

“Come on Gerard, we got to go on and take our spots, are you gonna watch me play bass, and rock out……..well stand there and try not to get crushed by ether frank you’re your father…” Mikey asked me and I nodded and he walked on stage with the rest of the guys.

“Okay, good luck Dad...” I said to him and gave him a hug, He hugged back, just as tight.

“Thanks sugar, okay, stay right here, where I can see you, so don’t go wandering off with some groupie okay...” He said and I laughed and he kissed my forehead and walked on stage.

Their show was really buzzing, they played DEAD! Mama, welcome to the black parade and sharpest lives…When they finished sharpest lives. Gerard started talking to the crowd.

“You guys are amazing, we love to come out here and play for you guys, and we love what you gives us back” Gerard said, and he got a huge cheer from the crowd.
I heard a faint “marry me Gerard” and I just gave a confused look, I think Frank heard as well because as soon as I heard it he turned around to me and we both started laughing. I mentioned for frank to shut up, and turn around.
He pretending to zip his lips and then he turned back around.

“Okay this next song is our last song, and I dedicated this song to my beautiful 10 year old, Kayla, and without her I would be nothing, so here is it goes…” Gerard said, and they started singing teenagers, He knew it was favorite song, and he made he was singing it for me, He is the best Dad
ever… Half way through the guitar solo, Gerard turned to me and smiled, and I smiled back.
When the song was finished, they thanked the audience and ran off stage, Frank got to me first and picked me up and spun me around.

“Kayla, your Dad dedicated a song to you… that’s so cute, I love that song, it is one of my favorites, and I love playing it.” Frank said as he spun me around, I just laughed, he put me down, and Gerard scooped me up and cuddled me.

“Thank you daddy, you know that is my favorite song, and you played it for me, I love you so much” I said I kissed his cheek and cuddled him, he just smiled.

“And I meant everything I said, I would be nothing without you Kayla Marie Way, you are my world, I don’t want anything to happen to you, I would miss you to much and I love you way too much for my own good” He said smiling and we both laughed

“Good show guys, I loved every second of it, Kayla, you one special kid to your father” Pete said as he came up to us. I jumped down and gave him a hug, and he continued
“Okay, well I asked one of the crew members, that after the last band had preformed, and nearly everyone left. We could go out there and muck around. And we can play some songs….cause I don’t know about you guys, but Im still hyper…” Pete said and we all laughed.

“Yea, I think we still have heaps of energy left, right guys?” Frank asked and everyone jumped up and said yes.

The last Band to perform was the used, and soon when they were finished, the crew member Pete talked to earlier, came over and talked to us.

“Okay we can only give you guys an hour and then we have to pack up, is that okay?” and everyone nodded and we walked over on stage, it still had all the lights on and there were still a few people walking out and when they saw FOB walk out with my chemical romance, they got a little confused, they came back up and stood right up near the stage.

“Pete WE LOVE YOU!!” a few girls screamed and he just smiled and waved
“Hey Joe, Patrick, come out were gonna play a song with Kayla.” Pete yelled to the side of the stage and Joe and Patrick came out, the girls screamed even more.
But then stopped when they relised Andy wasn’t there

“Wheres Andy???” one girl asked and Pete smiled and as if he heard, Andy came out, and sat down next to Bob.
“Okay Kayla Way, are you ready?” I sat down behind drums and nodded, I looked over at the girls and they gave me a look of shock, I just smiled at them, and they returned it with huge grins…..weird.

“Okay, 1, 2, 3 go.” And then I heard Patrick start playing then I heard singing.

“I'm gonna make you bend and break
Say a prayer but let the good times roll
In case God doesn't show” I heard Patrick sing and I started play, I looked over at Gerard and the guys and they were singing and watching me.
It was really easy to play, I played and sung at the same time, when the song was nearly finished and it was the chorus where you could really hear the drums, I was playing really loud, I could hear the girls screaming.

“KAYLA, YOU ROCK…….” I looked over at them and smiled, and the song finished.
Pete walked over to me and nearly pushed me off the chair with a huge hug.

“Pete…I need to breath” I choked out and he pulled back, Andy rushed over to me and gave me a huge hug as well.

“Kayla, that was awesome….but please Pete don’t kick me out, I love this band…” he said pleading to Pete and we all laughed.

“Ahha Andy, don’t worry, im not going to replace you, im going form my own band and I am going be better than all of yous” I said pointing to them and gerard and the guys, we all just laughed.
I heard screams from the edge of the stage and I looked over to see the girls, and a girl that looked familiar

“SHELBYYYYYYYYY” I screamed and ran off to the stage and jumped down and gave her a huge hug.
She returned it. We started screaming and I couldn’t believe we understood each other, if we weren’t girls, I don’t think I would have understood.
“OMG you just played with FOB, omg, you are so lucky, how do you know them” she asked me jumping up and down.

“My Dad and the guys know them, they have toured with them before, I know Patrick is cute, and I played with him, and how did you get here?” I asked quieting down and she just smiled and showed me tickets.

“Hey Kayla, I want you meet my friend Belinda, Belinda this is Kayla and Kayla this is Belinda” and she motioned to a girl with dirty blond hair that went to her shoulders, blue eyes and light freckles like Shelbys, she had pale skin, she was skinny and she was wearing a black top and dark grey skinnies.
She smiled at me and I immediately felt like she was going to be my new friend.
We talked for a while and then I remembered that my fav guys were up on stage,
“Hey, Shelbz, Bell I want you to meet my friends and family...” and dragged them up on the stage and all the guys stopped talking when I came over to them.

“Shelbz you already met my Dad, and Bell this is Gerard my Dad, Frank, Ray, Bob and Mikey” I said and pointed out the guys “Guys this is Shelby (- I pointed and she smiled and waved-) and Belinda (- she waved big and said hey-).” I said and turned to the Fob guys.

“Oh and these are the other guys, Pete, Andy, Joe and Patrick” I said pointing them out. They all smiled and waved.

“So Kayla do you wanna play a song before we get kicked off” Ray asked me and handed me his guitar.

“Yea, I wanna play house of wolves and DEAD….you guys wanna stay here and watch?” I said turning to Shelby and Belinda, they nodded and walked over with me to where ray stands, they sat down at the corner of my side of the stage and watched me tune it up and a just it to my liking.

“Go Kayla, play just like you did at practice in New Jersey, but remember not too well” I heard ray yelled and without looking up I replied.

“What ever you say, Ray….” And I heard him laugh along with Pete and the other guys. Bob then start the beat with the drums and I waited for my queue to start playing, and I did. I played just like Ray and I started jumping around at the fast bits, just like Frank,
I was at home when I played the guitar, We were nearly finished the song and I looked up where the audience stands and I saw heaps of crew members and backstage people watching us, well,
me cause they all clapped and cheered when I looked up, I just smiled and showed off a little, soon the song finished,
and I played my last note.
I looked over at Frank and nodded and he knew what I was thinking, he started playing dead,
soon I played and the Gerard sung the first verse. The chorus came and I was jumping around, being an idiot just like frank, I backed Gerard up on the vocals of the chorus, and then it was my solo, and I nailed it, it was just too easy,
I wouldn’t have failed even if my life deepened on it. The ‘la’ bit came on and I was singing in the mic while playing and then the song ended and I played my last chord. I looked and Shelby and Belinda and they were just grinning,
I put Ray’s guitar down and I got tackled to ground with their hugs

“Kayla you were awesome, you sounded just like Ray.” Shelby squealed and Belinda just gave me a really long hug, and when she pulled away she gave me a smile and then started squealing with Shelby,
I just looked at them and burst out laughing, they look like such fan girls, I then got swept off my feet by Frank

“Kayla, you did wonderful, just like you always do” But stopped when he saw Gerard walking over to us “And im sure your father is very proud of you, right Gee?” He said and Gerard came over, tickled my stomach.

“Yea, you did good sugar, but come on, we have to go back to bus because we are getting kicked off by the crew members” Gerard said and pointed to people coming and clearing the stage.

“Okay, Bye Shelby, Bye Belinda….ill see you guys later okay?” I said and gave them each a hug and I kiss on the cheek.
They walked over to the exit and Gerard gave me piggy back ride, through backstage. When got to the back door where all the tour buses were, Fob said there goodbyes to us, they had to go see there manager.
We walked past a lot of big black tour buses, and there were people standing outside them.
When we walked past I heard a “Hey gee” or a “Sup guys”. When we got back to our tour bus, we were parked right next to a fence that had about 20 fans sitting there, when they saw us they all jumped up and screamed “MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE” and the guys went over to them and started signing and talking to the fans.
Gerard didn’t move, he just stayed back and watched.

“Dad, what are you doing, they’ve been waiting here to see you for the past hour, and you can at least go over to them” I said and he didn’t move.

“Kayla, if I go over there, there gonna ask who you are” he said but I continued.

“Dad, I think they know who I am by know, remember earlier today with those 2 girls, she would have told everyone body she met… me I would know, I am a girl, and girls would do that” I said with a reassuring smile, he kissed my forehead.

“Okay, come on, let’s go over…” And he walked over to them, with him giving me a piggy back. When we got there, I looked at…….all the girls. They were staring at me and they didn’t give me a smile, except for one, who asked if she could get a photo of us together.
Gerard cuddled me and we both smiled. She said thanks, and asked Gerard for his autograph,
He signed the piece of paper and gave it to her.

“God you guys look a like, Kayla, you’re so pretty…” She said and I smiled at her. Gerard just laughed and pinched my shoulder, I pinched him back and he laughed.

“Hey Kayla, can I get your Pic with you and the guys?” Another girl asked me.
We agreed and Gerard picked me up and then Frank cuddled me from behind and wrapped his arms around me and Gerard and leaned his head on my shoulder, Ray stood be hind him and Bob stood next to Ray, Mikey came leant on Gerard’s shoulder.. She took the Pic and soon everyone wanted photos.
When everyone got autographs and pictures, I started getting sleepy and yawned, Gerard saw and picked me up and cuddled, me.

“Alright guys, it was nice meeting you and we will see you guys at the next show tomorrow, but right now I got to get this one to bed, she had a big day today,
playing a song with fall out boy and then playing with us, I don’t know where you get your energy from…..” I just laughed and I said goodbye to everyone,
they all yelled goodnight to me and said they want me to come play with Gerard on stage. I just laughed and said I would probably get boo’d off stage for ruining the show,
they disagreed, they said if they don’t like Gerard’s daughter than there not a true my chemical romance fan. Gerard agreed with them.
We said goodbyes and we all walked back over to the tour bus, I feel asleep, when Gerard carried me to the bus……

dw. belinda is gonna come back in a little later...who knows what might happen.
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