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chapter 19

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AN: this has a little violence. so please beware....

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I woke up to yelling and beer bottles being smashed.
I started to panic because I looked over at Gerard’s bunk and he wasn’t there. I looked at everyone else’s and they weren’t there.
It was still dark outside and I could see figures moving around and them standing in a big circle. I got up and slowly walked over to the window.
I saw the Fob guys with Bert and Gerard, and the rest of mcr behind Gerard standing right near our tour bus and the used and fobs.........oh god, whats happening. I walked over to the door and walked off, still in my pjs and I bet you anything my hair was sticking up.

“What the hell..?” I said to no one but got cut off by Gerard…….yelling. I looked over to where the noise was and I saw Gerard standing and a very angry looking Bert standing a few feet in front of him, they were glaring at each other.

“Just fuck off Bert and leave us alone, you already fucked up my life once, I will not let you do it again” Gerard said and he pointed a finger at Bert.

“Well maybe if you didn’t act so stuck up all the time, like your better than me, maybe I wouldn’t have been such an asshole back” Bert said taking another step foreword.

“But I am better than you, I don’t get wasted and drink anymore, I have my own daughter back and my life is going great, what about yours Bert, how have you fucked yours up lately.” Gerard said taking a step forward, so there was only about a foot between them.

“Gee, just forget it it’s not worth it...” I heard Frank say and he grabbed Gerard’s arm and tried pulling him back, he turned and look at Frank. Bad choice.
Bert lunged at Gerard just as he turned back around to face him, they started throwing punches at each other.

“Dad…..”I half yelled and half sobbed and Mikey looked over and his face dropped. Frank was trying to break it up with rays help.
But it was no use. I started walking over to them I walked past Pete and Patrick.

“Kayla, what are you doing……..No come back its not safe…” Pete said and tried to grabbed me but I just kept on walking, I then saw Mikey sprint to me and scoop me up so fast I didn’t even notice until we were heading back to the bus….

“No Uncy Mikey, WHY ARE THEY FIGHTING, why isn’t anyone helping him, STOP IT BERT, LEAVE HIM ALONE, DAAAAAAAD!!!!!” I yelled over to them, and Mikey stopped nearly everybody who was watching turned and looked at me, I looked over to towards the fight and saw them still fighting……. I wriggled out of Mikey’s arms and bolted over to them.

“Kayla, come back…” I heard Mikey yell as he ran after me, but I was to fast, I ran up to them lunged at Bert, who was on top on Gerard punching his face,
I managed to tackle him off Gerard and he rolled about 10 feet away, I jumped up and started punching Bert everywhere I could reach, I punched his face a couple of times, and his stomach. As I was punching him I was screeching at him

“Don’t you ever fucking touch my dad, you fucking prick, fucking stay away from him you fucking druggo…..stay the fuck away from him.”

When I went to punch again he grabbed my arms and held them so I couldn’t move, I looked him right in the eyes and then kneed him right between the legs and he doubled over and curled up to a ball. I then started hitting him again and I heard people yelling my name, and I felt someone pull me away. I looked at them and saw it was Gerard, he looked……………… I don’t know, I couldn’t read the expression.

“Dad, what are you doing..?” I said but I he just snapped his head and looked at me, I immediately closed my mouth and I let him carry me away.
He had a bruise on his cheek and it was bleeding. He walked towards our tour bus and got on, he walked right to the bunks and he put me on my bed and then he sat down on his,
he then turned so we were just sitting there…..looking at each other. I was about to talk when he cut across me...

“Kayla, how could you be so stupid,……why would you jump into mine and Berts fight...” He said looking me right in the eye.

“Because he was beating the shit out of you, and you were losing, and if I hadn’t of tackled him you would have suffered a lot more, and why were you fighting in the first place??” I was my turn to ask Questions.
He just sighed and closed his eyes. I got up and grabbed the first add kit, I sat down in front of him and I took out a cotton ball and the antiseptic ointment and put some on the cotton ball and drabbed his bruise, he winced and I grabbed his head and did it again.
I then put a plaster over it then kissed his other cheek, I looked at him and smiled.
I then put the first aid kit back in its stop and sat back down on my bed and faced him, he looked up.

“Me and the guys had to go talk to Brian about the new video we are doing, and when we were walking to where we had to meet him, Bert came out and was drunk and started saying ever since I got sober and stop taking drugs, I have been acting better than him, then we started to fight and that’s when you came out and…..”He said trailing off. He looked at me and gave me a small smile.

“Kayla, I really like how you sticking up for me, but you have no idea what Bert can do, he is capable of killing if he is provoked, trust me, I have been in the same sort of mess………” He said looking down again. I got up walked over to him, I stopped and put my hands on his shoulders and I sighed.

“Well, if you keep getting beat up and you don’t fight for your self dad, who else is gonna look after you beside uncle Mikey, and I don’t think aunty Alice would like that… I guess its me, dad I will always be there for you, no matter how many times you push me away and tell me to stay out of it, it is my business to what you do because it effects you, which effects me, which effects us, dad I just wanna protect you…” I said and I felt tears starting to well up behind my eyes.

He looked up and I saw he was silently crying. He immediately pulled me into a hug and I hugged back even tighter. I don’t know why, but us just standing there, hugging like a father and a daughter should, and both of us trying to look after one another, it just felt right.
I pulled away and looked at him and I gave him a small smile.
He returned it with his cheesy grin, and we both giggled.

“Are you gonna be okay dad, how will this effect your band?” I asked, starting to get scared he might lose his job and everything because of……Bert!!!!!

“Don’t worry im sure one of the guys told him why we couldn’t make it, can I just ask you one thing Kayla?” I nodded and he continued
“where do you get your fighting skills from, I know I can fight okay, but your mother couldn’t fight, and Mikey cant, where did you learn it from?” he asked and I just smiled and giggled.

“If I told you where I learnt it from, the world would go to (-pokes tongue out-)”I said with a smile, he just smiled at me and giggled, he said it was a good enough reason.
He then yawned and closed his eyes.

“Dad, I think its time for your bedtime….” I said getting up off his bed, he just looked at me confused.

“Kayla Marie Way, I am the parent here and you’re the daughter…..i think I say when its bedtime.” He said getting up, looking not tired at all………wtf.

“Hey Gee….you in here?” I heard the distinct voice of Frank.

“Don’t worry Brian isn’t here, he said everything will be all over by the morning, Bert is gonna be to drunk to remember and apparently when you left, he tripped over and smacked his face on the bus, so he thinks that’s how he got the huge bruise on his face that Kayla gave him……” He said as he walked through the bus to the bunks, he saw us and smiled.

“Kayla……please reminds me never to get on your bad side.” Ray said as he picked me up and gave me a cuddle. I cuddled back and put me down.

“Don’t worry uncle Ray, none of you guys will be on my bad side unless you steal my eyeliner (-I moved my body to the side and looked at Mikey-) Uncle Mikey im looking at you...” I said and everybody laughed.
We walked into the lounge room and I saw frank had a little cut on his cheek, I jumped up and ran got the first aid kit.
I came and sat down in front of him, he just looked at me.

“Kayla what are you doing….ow that stings” he said as I dabbed the ointment on his cut. I grabbed behind his head and held him still.

“Don’t move or it will hurt more……idiot” I said the ‘idiot’ under my breath and he herd me and flicked my arm.
I put a band-aid on it and then I patted his other cheek and put the first aid kit back.
I came back in and everybody stopped talking and looked at me, I gave them suspicious looks and sat down on the arm chair.
I looked at my fists I hit Bert with and it was just a tad red over my knuckles,
I sighed and closed my eyes for a second, and opened them again to see everyone just sitting and staring, Mikey broke the silence first.

“Well im off to bed, night guys (- and he walked towards the bunk area which was behind me-) night Kayla” he said he kissed my forehead and I just smiled at him. Bob soon followed and then Ray.

It was just me frank and Gerard and they were talking about the new video they were doing (-teenagers-).

“So yea and the choreographer wants us to have all the cheerleaders dancing around us…. What do you think?” Frank asked Gerard and Gerard just shrugged.

“I don’t know dude, I mean cheerleaders, where gonna have to see…..”He said and he took a sip of his coffee that he had, I just stared at him, you know,
I never really noticed how much we do actually look alike,
I mean, the only thing I have from my mother is my eyes and height, (apparently my mum wasn’t that tall, about as tall as frank).
I closed my eyes and thought about it. It just occurred to me that I did actually know anything about my mother,
I didn’t know what her fav food was, fav colour, book, music, anything. To be completely honest,
I don’t think I want to know, when I found out that she didn’t even want me,
I felt like something just …went out, like a flame, that you could never relight, it hurt, but at the same time,
I took into consideration of how old she was when she had me, 19.

“Who would want a child at 19?” I thought I said to myself, I closed my eyes even tighter, I said my thought out loud that I didn’t even notice frank and Gerard had stopped talking.


“Why, he was only 20” I said back to the voice...

Because he loved you and your mother didn’t, you’re his, your Gerard’s everything,

“But why didn’t my mum want me, why didn’t she love me”……….there was no answer.
I just sighed, and started to drift off, I forgot all about Gerard and frank and fell asleep....

x-- oh :[ kayla misses her mum. sad
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