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chapter 20

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hey, can i get your autograph and picture kayla.?

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It has been 2 weeks since the night Gerard and Bert had the fight, he still doesn’t know about it, he just thinks it was the fall he did on the same night.
It was the morning before we going back to jersey. The night before had been a blast cause it was the last time the guys had to play and tonight there was going to be a party. Gerard said I could go only if I stayed right next to him.
I reluctantly agreed and said he can’t cramp my style and if some cute boy asks me to dance I would go and dance, he was still deciding on the dance bit. I woke up in my bed, well, tour bus bunk, that I was staying in.
I looked around to see everyone still asleep. I got off my bunk, still in my batman pjs(which were long pj legs with batman written all over them and batman top with a huge batman logo on it.) and went into the couch area, I sat down on the couch, and brought my knees up to my chest.
I looked out the window and saw it was just breaking day, I then looked over to fobs tour bus and I saw Pete sitting outside, he was drinking coffee and sitting next to a blond girl who was also drinking coffee. Ive seen her around but never actually been up close to see who she was, that was going to change.
I went over to the bus door and opened it. I stepped out and got hit by a slightly cold breeze. I started to walk over to them and Pete looked at me and gave me a huge grin.

“Kayla, what are you doing up so early, does your father know where you are” he said the last part sternly and I just looked at him.

“Good morning to you Pete…” I said smiling, he just rolled his eyes and stood up and gave me a hug.

“Well I woke up and everyone was still asleep, and I came to the couch and then I saw you and” I looked over the blond girl, OMFG!!!!!........Ashley Simpson.?

“….and……and Ashley Simpson?????” I said confused, Pete just laughed and poked me in the arm, I immediately reacted and punched him lightly in the stomach. He pretended to start dieing, and I just laughed in my triumph.

“Wait Pete don’t die, who’s gonna sing all your songs.” I said and he immediately got up and went back and sat over next to…………Ashley.

“Kayla, I would like to introduce you to my wonderful girlfriend, and yes its” he cupped his hands on his cheeks and gave a girly grin and in a girl voice said “Ashley Simpson.” He said, and we all burst out laughing.

“Well it is a pleasure to meet you Ashley, My names Kayla” I said shaking her hand and she smiled.

“Hey, Pete has told me a lot about you, good stuff of course.” She said and I looked over at Pete and saw him giving us a cheesy grin, we just burst out laughing. We talked for about half an hour,
and the sun was up, people were getting off their tour buses, Patrick came out of his and started looking around, he spotted us and smiled and walked over.
He was still in his pjs, how cute, and no, I don’t like him anymore, he is like an older brother now.

“Morning guys” He came and sat down next to me “Morning mini way” He said and ruffled my hair so it fell in my eyes. I blew it out of my eyes, but it just fell back in front of them

“Success” I heard Patrick say, and I flipped my hair back and hit his arm softly while smiling the ‘Way’ famous smile. He yelped.

“Oww …” He said pretending to cry, He then pulled me into his crossed legs and started tickling me, I was laughing and screaming at him, to stop, but he didn’t.

“Okay, okay, ill stop.” And he put his arms around my waist and gave me a cuddle. We talked for about 10 more minuets before a very tired looking Gerard (who was in his long pj pants which had batgirl on them and his top which had bat man’s logo but was in pink not black) came out with a cancer stick.
He lit it and then looked around, He saw us and smiled and made his way over to us. I stood up as soon as he started walking over to us.

“Gooooooodmorning Dad, and how was your sleep, and what the hell are you doing smoking so early” I said Putting my hands on my hips, I heard Pete, Ash and Patrick giggle.
I looked up at him, with the most serious face I could muster, I thought it was going pretty good, until he burst out laughing.

“Hey!!” I said and I started poking him. He just poked me back. We had a poking fight, and then I punched him in the arm sort of hard, and he grabbed the spot where I punched him and he yelp and ‘oww’.
He took one last drag from his cancer stick and then threw his it on the ground then looked up evilly at me. My face turned to an im-dead look almost instantly.
I turned and bolted into the other direction, I looked back to see Gerard a few meters behind me. My pjs were slowing me down, but I kept on running,
I ran around a tour bus and was super quiet, I then ran back to the clearing and saw Pete, ash and Patrick sitting there.
I ran over to them and sat down, I let out a big sigh, and then looked around for Gerard

“Where is he?” I asked and they all just shrugged. They said they saw him run after me and then disappear behind the tour buses.
I just shrugged back and the closed my eyes, I then heard Pete giggle and I cracked my eyes open to see them looking up at someone behind me,
I saw Pete nod then he looked back at me…….
I knew what was going to happen. I whipped around and saw a very startled looking Gerard standing in front of me, he took 2 steps back and the regained himself, but before he could do anything, I giggled then stood up and ran over to our tour
I yelled a “see ya guys later” at Pete, Ash and Patrick, and literally jumped up the stairs and landed with a thud on the floor in front of the table. I looked back down the stairs of the bus and saw Gerard walking over to it.

“Oh my god…” I half laughed have gasped, and started crawling backwards slowly, I then scrambled to my feet and then ran over to the couch, and jumped behind it.
I looked back over the top of the couch just in time to see Gerard walking on the bus and looking around. Someone opened the bunkroom door and Mikey came out.

“Morning bro……..what are you doing on the floor” I heard Mikey say and I looked from behind the couch around the arm of it, to see gerard kneeling on the floor in front of the bench.

“Looking for little miss trouble, she ran in here, did she pass you in the bunks” He said in a whisper and Mikey just shook his head.

“No she never came past, she is still in this part of the bus then” he said loudly and then I saw him smiling and he started looking as well.

“Who’s still out here?” Bob said coming from the bunk room, soon followed by ray and frank.

“Little Miss Trouble, she ran off from me before, and that only made it much worse” He said angry.

“Oh crap!” I said loudly and then remembered I was hiding. I gasped a clapped my hands to my mouth.
I peeked from behind the arm of the couch, but two legs in batgirl pjs were blocking my view……….

“oh-o” I said and I slowly looked up and saw a very (fake) angry looking Gerard looking back down at me with his arms crossed.
I then started to craw around him, and he let me get passed before, picking me up by my stomach, and chucking me down on the couch.
I just laid there pretending to be asleep.
He knelt down in front of me and flicked my cheek softly.
I screwed my eyes up even more, and a small smiled crept on my face. He then flicked my nose softly again, I then opened one eye to see him grinning at me. I cocked an eye brow at him.

“Kayla, since it is our last day on tour, I have decided on going into the town here and going shopping, do you want to come?” I just sighed
“We can go shopping for an outfit for tonight at the party.” I snapped my eyes opened.

“Yea okay, when are we going?” I asked smiling because I was going shopping and I didn’t have to buy anything.

“When ever you’re ready, oh and I found out that the party starts at 5pm and finished after 12, but you are not staying any longer that 11…..” but I cut across him

“Daaaaaaaaaaad, don’t be such butt, come on please, and ill be with you the whole time, what could happen??” I asked and he sighed.

“Okay but no later than 12:30, now go and get dressed so we can go shopping.” I kissed his cheek and then ran to the bunk room. Got my clothes and went for the bathroom. I got changed into black skinnies, my dark purple top with the heart-o-gram on it,
I put on my purple cons and I then straightened my hair, I put on my black material head beanie that had a small cap in it. I put eyeliner on and black eye shadow.
I walked back out to the couch and saw Gerard dressed in black jeans, boots, a black tee and a leather jacket.
I also noticed he was wearing a little eyeliner.
He looked up and smiled. We went outside and I saw that everybody was rushing around, I looked at Gerard confused and he gave me the same look back.
He grabbed my hand and we walked around to the exit of the venue. It took about 5 minuets to get into town. There was a huge shopping mall though, so I wasn’t worrying anymore.
We entered the shopping mall and we started looking around. I noticed that Gerard wasn’t wearing any sunglasses today.

“Why arnt you wearing your sunnys dad?” I asked him as we stopped out the front of a shop called jays jays………jay jays, where have I heard that name before, but my thoughts were interrupted, by Gerard.

“I don’t know, I can’t find them anywhere, do you know where they are Kayla?” He asked looking at me suspiciously. I shrugged like little kids do when they actually did something but was trying to hide it. I knew where they were,
I hide them in bobs boxers…

“Uh huh sure you don’t, do you want to look in here?” Gerard asked me pointing to the shop called jay jays………I swear I have heard that name before, oh well. I nodded and we went inside.
I was looking on the girls section and Gerard was looking in the guys section, I was looking at a top that had ac/dc on it and a girl came up poked me on the shoulder.

“Hi, are you Kayla Way.?” A girl asked me with blond hair and blue eyes. She had pale skin and was wearing blue jeans and a purple/pink top.

“Yea that’s me, can I help you?” I asked her giving her a huge smile, and she shyly smiled back.

“Im sorry to disturb you while you’re shopping but can I maybe have your autograph and our picture taken together?” I she asked very shyly. I just smiled even bigger. I had gotten used to this now, ever where I went at least one person recognized me, I didn’t mind because they were all so friendly.

“Yea of course, hey, you got pen?” I asked and she whipped out a pen and a picture of me and Gerard, we were walking down the street, he was holding my hand and the wind was whipping our hair away from our face,
were had the same look on our faces, and were looking the same way, I remember that day…….surprising.

There was writing on the bottom saying: Like Father like Daughter.

I just smiled and asked what her name was.

“Ashley Ikin” she said becoming more relaxed around me, I was glad cause I was just the same as her and everyone else.
Not some stuck up celebrity. I wrote on the top above my head saying: Dear Ashley, keep on rocking your heart out, lots of love Kayla Way. Xox.

I gave her the Picture back and she got out her camera and stood next to me, I wrapped my arm around her neck and gave a huge grin, she took the picture and then we looked at it when she clicked review, it was a really funny one, we both looked at and laughed.

“Omg Ashley, can I have a copy, ahha look at my face, it is so goofy” we just laughed again, she said she would put it on her my space and then adds me and then sends me a copy.
I said thanks and told her to take another Pic cause that one wasn’t a nice one. She held the camera at arms length again and then I stood next to her and put my cheek up against hers, she took it and it came out really good.
She said goodbye and I continued looking at the AC/DC top. I got bored looking at the other tops because most of them were pink so I went over to the jeans.
I found this really cool pare of electric blue skinny jeans, a dark, dark green pair and a dark red pair. They had such cool clothes in here. I turned around and started looking for Gerard,
I saw him standing in front of the dressing room mirror, he was wearing a black top that had the words: I am so sorry……..about your face. As soon as I read it I pissed myself laughing.
Gerard twirled around like a fairy and I gave him a disgusted look.

“Please don’t ever do that again dad…….ever” I said and he skipped over to me and then started skipping and twirling around me like a ballerina.

“Why not, scared ill embarrass you. “He said while skipping around me. I nodded. “Okay, have you found anything you like yet?” he asked and I nodded.
I went and grabbed the AC/DC top and then I went over to the jeans, I couldn’t decide which ones, so I just picked the dark red pair.
I went over to him and showed him. He just cocked and eyebrow at me, I gave him a confused look.

“Kayla, you really want dark red jeans?” He asked me and I just nodded. He shrugged “Well they actually do look pretty cool” he said eyeing them up and down. I just laughed.

“Dad, please get that top, it is sooooo funny.” I said pleading to him. He smiled and said okay. Once we paid for the clothes,
we headed out the store, we walked around a little bit more and we found a hot topic.
We went straight in there and I went over to the shoe section, and surprising Gerard followed.

“Is all women the same, shoes, shoes, shoes…..” He said as he sat on the chair and I gave him my bag. I looked back and say this really cool pair of dark red and black vans.
I looked at Gerard who was watching me and I looked back at the shoes and then back at him. He just smiled and nodded. I grabbed them and tried them on, they fitted perfectly.
And the matched my new jeans and my dark grey AC/DC top I got.
My out fit looked so cool. We went and paid for them and then we headed for the food court. We got ice cream, I got vanilla and he got chocolate.
We were sitting next to each other and I looked at gerard and the same time he looked at me, we both had ice cream on our chins, we both giggled.
I saw a flash from the corner of my eye and looked over to see a man holding a camera and scribbling something down on his note pad. He then ran off before I even had time to blink. I looked at Gerard, who was on the phone to someone.
I didn’t think much of it, so I kept eating my ice cream.
After I finished I looked at Gerard who was looking at his ice cream bowl and just playing with the ice cream, and not eating it.
I slowly and sneakly glided my spoon over to his bowl, and I just about got some when he tapped my spoon away, and in the process, getting ice cream down his top.
I burst out laughing until something cold hit my cheek, I looked at Gerard who was smiling innocently, I scraped the ice cream off my cheek and dabbed it on his nose.
I then dabbed it on his cheeks and on his chin. I looked at him and laughed, he looked pretty funny. He just licked the ice cream off his chin and wiped the rest off with a napkin.
When we finally finished our ice cream, we headed back to the venue, when we got there, people were still buzzing around. Gerard grabbed my hand again and held it tight as we made it through the rush of back stage people and band members. When we got to the tour bus, we found that everyone was on.

“Whats going on out there guys?” Gerard said sitting down on the couch, I sat down next to him, and leaned my back on his arm.

“Everyone is fussing because it is the night of the huge party, and everyone is setting up everything.” Frank said not looking up from his magazine. I got up and kneeled on the couch and looked out the window. The rush was dieing down and there were still a couple of people walking in between tour buses. I looked over at fall out boys tours bus and saw Pete outside on the phone, I could hear the faint sound of the conversation.

“Yea I miss you to Ash, I can’t wait to get home and see you” he said smiling and then sipping his drink. I just smiled to myself, they were so in love.
I was just looking at all the different tour buses until someone pulled me off the couch.

“Argghh (-landed on the floor on back THUD -) owww, my butt” I rubbed the side of my butt, while I had my eyes closed.

“On the floor much?” I heard a familiar voice, but I couldn’t place a face. I opened my eyes slowly and saw a boy, a familiar boy my age…...

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