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chapter 21

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kayla and some one alone...together...privatly......omg

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“James?” I asked getting up. He nodded, and I grinned, he opened his arms and I jumped into them, wrapping my legs around his waist.
I was so happy to see him, to be honest, I have kind of missed him, and I think he missed me as well.

“……cough” Someone said from behind me, I got down and turned around to see Gerard cocking an eyebrow. I bit my lip and turned back to James.

“What are you doing here?”

“Well, Ray invited me for the party tonight, and also to hang with you today cause the last time you had someone your age was you were school yea.?” He said and I nodded.

“Hey James it’s nice to see you again, so your coming to the party tonight right?” Gerard said coming over and interrupting us. James smiled and nodded.

“umm yea, uncle ray invited me to come and hang with Kayla since there is no one her age…..well that’s what he said anyways” James said nervously,
I started to giggle.

“So James, do you wanna go for a walk and get some ice cream or something.” I asked him, stepping in front of Gerard. James nodded, and we started to head out the door.

“Wait a minuet you pair, where are you going, and what are you going to do besides get ice cream” Gerard asked me crossing his arms. I turned to him and smiled.

“Going for a walk, ice cream, talking, laughing.” I said and turned to leave again “okay well we will see you later…” I said waving to them.

“Okay, BUT DON’T LEAVE THE VENUE!!!!” I heard Gerard yell and James looked at me and laughed.
“Yes dad!!” I yelled back and we started walking away from the bus towards the food court they had here.
When we got there, we went to the ice cream place and got a chocolate Sunday each. We sat down next to the fence from which you could see the shops and people walking down the street,
I sat down right next to James, and he didn’t mind, he just scooted even closer to me.
We were eating silently and looking at all the different tour buses, when we saw F.O.B. walking over to the food court.
They didn’t see me and James, it was good because I bet you Pete would probably tell my dad how close me and James were sitting, and tell him that we kept looking at each other.

“So did you like coming here with your dad and hanging out with him and the guys?” James asked me. I nodded and kept eating, I could feel him watching me.
I looked over at him and I saw he had some ice cream on his nose.

“You got a bit of ice cream. (- I pointed to his face, he kept missing-), here let me.” I grabbed the napkin and wiped his nose, I looked into his eyes and our faces were edging closer, closer and closer, until we were about 2cm apart, I leaned in but stopped because someone talked.

“Are we interrupting something?” I looked over to where it was said and saw Pete with Patrick Andy and Joe standing behind him smirking at us.
“Wait till I tell your dad about this…”but I stood up and interrupted him.

“No, please don’t he will kill James, Pete don’t pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaseeeee” I said and I started whining.
They all just burst out laughing. And then Pete hit my arm softly.

“Don’t worry Kayla, your secrets safe with us, but first you have to introduce me to your friend.” Pete said and James stood up, and shook their hands, while I introduced him to everyone.

“Nice to meet you, well Kayla we have to go but we will see you tonight at the party right?” Pete asked,
I nodded and then they left. I sat back down and James put an arm around me and pulled me close and I leaned on his chest.

“That was close, im sorry I nearly got you into trouble Kayla….” He but I interrupted him.

“It’s both our fault, I wanted just as much as you did” I said and he kissed the top of my head. I looked at my watch and it was 3:30.

“Come on, we better start heading back, I have to get ready.” I said getting up and then helping him get up.

“Why it’s only like 3:30 you still have an hour and a half.” He said and we started walking.

“Is that all, we need to hurry, it takes me 2 hours to get ready.” I said and we both laughed. “And we already lost 30 mins.” I said.

“Hey you want a piggy back ride back to the bus.” James asked me. I smiled and said okay. I jumped on his back and we started walking.

“God Kayla you’re so light, I could carry you around all day” He said and I laughed. When we got to the clearing of tour buses, I looked over to where ours was parked.
I saw the guys and Gerard standing outside, smoking.
We were walking over and James told me something funny, and I couldn’t help burst out laughing,
I looked over and saw the guys staring at us. I decided to mess with them, so I cuddled around James neck and cuddled my legs around him. I put my head next to my temple so it was on his cheek.
When we got to the bus, James put me down next to frank and then he stood next to me.

“So did you guys have fun having ice cream.” Frank asked me, putting an arm over my shoulder.

“Yes, we saw Pete and the boys there as well, but then they left and then we did as well.” I said to him leaving out the nearly kissing bit. He smiled at me and then I looked over at Gerard who was sitting down at the edge of the bus, a bit away from the group.
I went over and jumped in his lap, making him jump a little. He looked at me and his face turned into a smile.

“Hey dad, what cha doing?” I asked him while I tried to flick his cig away. He just took a drag then blew the smoke to the side of him before replying.

“Sitting, smoking, thinking, getting squashed under Kayla.” He said with a smirk. I hit him in the chest lightly. He then laughed and gave me a cuddle.

“You better go get ready Kayla, we are going there at 4:30 to see Brian.” He said and then I hoped up and went on the bus. I got my new clothes I got today and changed into them.
The dark red jeans looked really good on, and it made my bum look really really good.
The top was a tight fitting one and it made me look like I had a figure, it made me look really, really good. I straightened my hair and then put it in two plates that went to my elbows.
My hair had grown a lot over the past few weeks.
I put my eye shadow on and eyeliner. I put on my beanie cap again and put on my vans.
I looked at myself in the mirror and I got a shock. Im not a vain person, but I looked really beautiful. I never new I had such a good body cause I never really wear the type of stuff from jay jays, but now I will if it makes me look like that. I got my black studded belt and put it on loosely so it hung off the lower part of my hips,
and I was ready. I looked at the clock to see it was 4:26 so I went back outside.

“Im ready” and everyone looked over at me. I heard something fall and hit the ground and I looked over at James to see him with his mouth open slightly.
He was wearing black jeans, a smashing pumpkins T and his hair was straightened and he was wearing eyeliner (-‘HOT’ I said to myself-). I smiled as he looked me up and down, I looked over at Gerard to see him looking between me and James.

“Ummmmm, are we going now?” I asked no one in particular. Frank came over and gave me a hug. And whispered something in my ear.

“You look beautiful Kayla.” Frank said and he gave me another hug. We then started walking and I walked over to Gerard.
He was wearing black jeans the top he brought today and a black jumper. He grabbed my hand and smiled...

x-- aww. thats so adorable..
omg they nearly kissed...will they eventually.?
who knows....
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