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chapter 22

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kiss me...

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We walked over to this big hall that had music blearing and people were walking in.
We walked in and it was kind of loud but you could each people talking a few feet away. It was playing a song by TBS ‘make damn sure’. That was one of my fav songs.
We went and sat down at the table booth that was connected to the wall.
I sat next to Gerard and James sat on my other side. We got drinks and the guys started talking to each other and me and James were getting bored.
We both had drinks and were blowing bubbles in our cola, mine splashed a little on James and he thought it was on purpose so he flicks me little from his straw.
We were flicking little bits till some flicked over and landed on Mikey, we didn’t notice.
We kept flicking each other with our cola until some one yelled at us.

“Hey, cut it out you 2 or you will go back to the bus.” Gerard yelled and we both jumped. We stopped and then hung our heads and drank our drinks, that was until one of mine and James favorite songs came on…….in the shadows – The Rasmus.
We both shot our heads up at the same time and started singing, I looked at James and he smiled.

“Kayla, come dance with me.” James said getting up and holding a hand out for me. I didn’t care if anyone said no we couldn’t, I loved this song and I was not going to miss it. I took James hand and we ran to the dance floor, and went straight in the middle.

There weren’t many people on there, so everyone could see me and James dancing. We were dancing and singing at the same time. I looked over at the table to see everyone watching us.
I looked at James and pointed over to the table, he looked over and then looked back at me and smiled evilly. The song stopped and then ‘Demolition Lovers’ came on by my chem. James bowed and held out his hand, I took it and we started to slow dance.
He put his hands on my hips and I put my arms around his neck. I looked at him, and my eyes never left his the whole time we danced. I was mumbling the lyrics and so was he.
I guess we loved this song. The song nearing an end and I was still staring at James, and he was looking back at me.
We stopped dancing and I could see our faces going closer and closer. Our lips touched and I felt him snake his arms around my lower back and pull me closer, I held my hands were they were and started playing with his hair.
I felt him smile into the kiss and so did I. I was the first to break it off and I opened my eyes and looked at him, he still had his eyes closed and was smiling.

“You don’t know how long I have wanted to do that” he said when he opened his eyes. I just smiled at him, he smiled back and pecked my lips again.
Then I just remembered everyone was probably watching us. James looked at me and then relised as well. We slowly turned our heads to the table to see everyone looking at us with there mouth open.
I looked back at James and he looked at me and then we both started blushing. The song changed and ‘tainted love’ came on by Marilyn Manson.
We looked at each other and we both gave a disgusted look and stopped dancing. We went to head over the table, but I stopped him.

“I don’t think we should go over there right now, look at them.” I said motioning to the guys, the were still watching us like hawks.
We both laughed, and he grabbed my hand and we went and got some more drinks.
We then went over to a table and sat down, it was a few tables from the guys, and luckily they still weren’t watching us, well, all except Gerard. I wonder what he is thinking……….

*Gerard’s POV*

“Kayla, come dance with me” I looked over and saw James holding a hand out for Kayla.
He was a good kid and I new that if I had to choose who I wanted with Kayla, it would be him. She didn’t even ask me if it was okay to go dance, she got up and walked off.
I went to go after her, but Mikey held me back.

“Let her go man, we can see them, it will be okay.” I nodded and everyone turned there heads to watch them. They danced and I saw that everybody was watching as well.
I looked over and saw Pete and the guys watching and talking.
The song ended and then one of our songs came on, we all looked at each other and smiled. ‘Demolition Lovers’ was a very powerful song to us. I looked back and saw just as Kayla took James hand and they started to dance, he was holding her hips? I started to shift in my seat, I didn’t know what I was feeling but I didn’t like it.

“Hey Gee are you okay” Ray asked me, I looked over at the guys and saw they had worried faces,
I just smiled and then quickly whipped my head back over to James and Kayla, they were dancing, but now have stopped.
There faces were going closer and closer and……..kiss?

“Whoa, um okay” I heard Mikey say, but I wasn’t really listening, I started to go over to them.

“GEE SIT DOWN!!!” I Heard Mikey and I turned around and looked at him, he had a warning look on his face.

“Sit” he said pointing to the chair beside him. I sat down and turned to watch them. They were still going, it seemed like forever, everyone else was watching as well. I saw them walking towards us, holding hands.
Kayla stopped and said something and then looked at us, James looked over and then they both laughed and went and got some more drinks and came and sat by a table near us.
I kept glancing to see if they did anything else, but they just acted like kids that only have to worry about if the other person got more cookies than them.
I looked at the guys and everyone was still a bit shocked.

“Okay, what now?” Frank asked. I wasn’t really paying attention, I kept glancing at Kayla and James, Kayla was leaning on James and James had his head resting Kayla’s head. They looked still,
until Kayla yawned, I could tell she was tired.

“I think we should go, little miss trouble is tired. Umm Ray, where is James sleeping?” I said and everyone agreed and we started walking over to Kayla and James.

“Umm, in the spare bunk, why, oh Gerard, there not gonna do anything, there still kids, and I think Kayla is better than that, and I know James wouldn’t do that, they will be fine.” Ray said and we both laughed and agreed.
When we got them, Kayla was nearly asleep and I think James was too, they both looked bugged.

*Kayla’s pov*

We sat down at the table and we were talking about our favorite music video clip of all time by my chem. Mine was ‘Famous Last Words’ and ‘Vampires will never hurt you’. James liked ‘Im not okay’.
We were talking about life and what we wanted to become when we were older.

“Im thinking of taking my drumming professionally and maybe join a band, what about you?” James said and I shrugged before I said anything.

“I was thinking of making my own band, some of my friends that I made back in NJ, Shelby can play bass and Belinda can sing really well, but I am still thinking if I even want to be in a band, cause if I am, people are gonna think that I have to be as good as my dad, so I don’t know.” I said and he had a huge smile on his face.

“Did I tell you that me and my mum are moving to NJ?” He asked and my face lit up

“Really, where are you coming to Belleville or going somewhere is NJ.” I asked him and he gave another smile.

“We are moving to Belleville and I am going to Belleville elementary school, isn’t that where you go?” my face dropped,
I remembered Gerard going off at the teacher and saying I was not going back there.

“No, my dad said im not going back there” I said, he looked confused, so I told him the story, he was furious.

“That means he thinks my uncle is a joke, well let me tell you, he is not. He is better than any prep who think she is king shit” he said and the we both burst out laughing. I leaned on him,
I was starting to get a bit tired cause to be honest, and I haven’t actually been out later that 11:30, so I was pretty tired. I closed my eyes and yarned.

“Come on you guys, lets go, your both falling asleep and Kayla don’t you dare run……….come back here” as soon as I heard Gerard voice I snapped back to reality, opened my eyes, and ran for it……….I H A T E bedtime.

“Kayla Marie Way im giving you till the count of 3” Gerard said chasing after me.
I ran outside and ran straight into someone. I looked up and saw a dark figure above me....

x-- aww thats so sweet.
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