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chapter 23

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will you be my daughter forever and ever..?

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“Ummm” I said shakily. I was scared because I still couldn’t see their face.

“Kayla?” the person asked me. I recognized that voice but did find a face. I muttered a uh-huh.
“Here let me help you up.” and they held out a hand for me and I took it.

“KAYLA WHERE…….oh there you are, your in big trouble missy.” I heard Gerard say as he came over and grabbed my hand.
I looked at the person I ran into and to my horror it was someone I really really didn’t like.

“Bert, what are you doing here?” Gerard asked coldly, but I don’t think Bert got it. I think he didn’t remember what happened that night.

“Well, I was coming into hall, and then Kayla literally ran into me again.” Bert said with a grin as he looked down at me. I pretended to throw up when he looked away.

“Okay, we’ll this one has to go to bed, so we will see you later Bert.” Gerard said in the same tone and started walking and dragging me along. We were still walking and I stopped and he looked at me.

“Wait dad, what about the others, what about James?” I said, but as soon as I said the last part, I regretted it, his face changed from normal to a look I couldn’t understand.

“Kayla, I know you and James have been getting close, but I don’t want anything to happen, Kayla I don’t want to see you get hurt, it would break me if someone broke you.” Gerard said in a gentle soft voice, but I was the complete opposite.

“why, why don’t you want anything to happen, what would happen anyways, dad I really like James and he really likes me, you cant stop it dad, its already happened.” I said snatching my hand from his hand.
He just sighed and looked at the ground.

“I know I can’t stop it, but I think you’re too young to be dating” he said, stepping foreword and holding my shoulders.

“Yeh I know, but I really like him, and I think I just want to have him as a close friend, does that even make sense?” I asked looking up at him. He pulled me into a hug.

“Well I understood it.” He said hugging me even tighter, he pulled back and we started walking again.
“So did he tell you he is moving, and did he tell you where the house was?”

“Umm, he only told me that he moving so his mom could be closer to ray, but he never told me where the house was.” I said looking up at Gerard.

“Well since rays house is in our street, a few houses down, they are moving in with ray….”He said looking back at me. My face lit up.
“And he is going to your school.”

“But I thought you said I wasn’t going back to that school?” I asked starting to get worried.

“Well, I got a phone call a couple of days ago saying that miss cotton was sacked because of the way miss cotton talked to you.” Gerard said grinning.

“Great, one down one to go.” I said referring to aletia.

“Ah it only gets better, aletia was Miss Cotton daughter and when Miss Cotton got sacked she moved to LA with aletia, they won’t bother us again.” Gerard said, my face lit up. He looked at me and we both laughed.

“Kayla, I have something to ask you, something big.” Gerard said, stopping in front of our tour bus. I looked at him and nodded.
“I want you to come and live with me and your grandma, you can have the room you have now and we can go back to Australia and get the rest of your stuff. Kayla, I want you to become my daughter permanently.” Gerard said nervously. My face lit up once more.

“Really dad, you want to adopted me back and we can be a family again?” I asked hopefully, he just smiled with teary eyes.
“Dad………I would love to, I want to stay with you.” This time his face lit up and he hugged me so tightly I thought I was going to pop.

“Hey gee, why are you trying to kill your daughter?” I heard Frank say, and I laughed.

“Frank, guys, I have an announcement to make, Kayla is coming to live with me, permanently. When we get back to NJ, me and Kayla are going to go over to Australia and get the rest of her stuff. What do you say?”
Gerard asked, Mikey was first to talk, well more like talk and hug me and nearly kill me at the same time.

“Oh Kayla, your gonna be my niece, Alice is going to be ecstatic, yaaaaaaay!” he screamed and everyone laughed. Soon everyone was talking to Gee and it was only me and James, I went up to James and wrapped my arms around his neck, he put his arms around my waist.

“So I hear your living on my street?” I asked him and I started playing with his hair at the back of his neck, he smirked and nodded.

“Listen James, about before, I don’t wanna have any relationships right now, im not ready, and were just a tad too young, I wanna have you as my close friend….” I said but he put a finger to my lips.

“Kayla Marie way, you took the words right out of my mouth, and yes, you are right about us being to young, maybe when were older, we can see where things are going…..” he and he kissed my cheek.
We both agreed, we were way too young and that maybe later, we would become something more.
We then headed onto the bus and me and James went straight to our bunks, I just collapsed and started falling asleep,
I heard James snore and I knew he was asleep,
I soon went out as well.

The bus ride home was a bit boring, well, maybe for the older people, but me and James were laughing the whole way home.
We watched a couple of movies and we sat huddled up on the lounge together.
Me and James got on the like peas in a pod, it was just meant to be, I don’t think anyone could break our friendship, our friendship was so strong that I don’t even think that we could break it if we tried.

When we arrived back in Belleville, I was asleep on Mikey, he tried waking me, but I just kept my eyes close, I wasn’t really asleep.

“Kayla, get up, where here, please get up, Gee help, she isn’t moving!” Mikey said getting angry that I was lying on him.

He was still trying to get me up and asking Gee to help, I smiled a little, and they went quiet, oh shit they know im awake, Ohhh that means I have to walk……

“Kayla….Marie….Way if you do not get up right now and get out of my car and go to bed, you will, get no presents for Christmas, or your birthday for the next 5 years.” Gerard said with a firm tone, oh sugar, he is telling the truth.
I jumped and got out of the car and ran into the house, I ran past Donna and said hello, ran up the stairs, and closed my door behind me.
I looked around my room to find my bags already up on my bed and something else, a picture.
I took a closer look and it was a picture of me and Gerard eating ice cream in the ice cream parlor, it was the same day we went shopping. Oh I remember now, the photographer took the photo for some big mag, then gerard called Brian to ask not to put that Pic up, and then saw the Pic, and saw that it was really cute, so got a copy and gave it me, awww thanks dad.

“Ummm, how did you work that out and no worries sugar, I really did like that photo.” I heard Gerard say from my door, I turned and saw him smiling.
He came over and wrapped his arms around me. We just stood there looking at the picture, until my body made me yarn.

“Okay bedtime…..KAYLA!!!!” Gerard started but I didn’t hear the rest of it, I got out of the hug, ran out of my room and tried running down the stairs but someone blocked me.

“Oww my head.” I said as I was lying back down facing the ceiling, rubbing my forehead, where I had ran into someone.
I had my eyes closed but even if I did have them open, my hair would be blocking my vision.

“I need a hair cut, so bad, it is getting way to long.” I said and I brushed my now lower back, black straight hair out of my face.
I opened my eyes to see Mikey standing over me giggling.

“Its not funny uncle Mikey, you hurt me………HEY!!” I started to yell at Mikey for making me fall over but instead someone was dragging me by my arms to my bedroom.
Oh and who would of guessed that it wasn’t the big bad bed-maker-go-err-a but Gerard.

“See, I know you to well now Kayla, I say bedtime, you run, and so I got Mikey to help.” He said while chucking me on the bed.
I laughed and I got under the blankets, he sat on the edge of the bed.
Mikey came over and jumped on the other side and gave me a kiss and said goodnight, he walked out and Gerard started talking.

“So Carolyn and Steven know about you staying with me, and they said that when we go back to Aus they will have all your stuff ready and packed, okay.” Gerard said stroking my hair, I just nodded.

“Okay sugar, well you go to sleep, I think you can sleep in in the morning cause we arnt doing anything for a couple of days.” Gerard said and he kissed my forehead and then left.

“Night dad” I called after him and he smiled and closed my door. To be honest,
I wasn’t tired at all, so I started thinking, just thinking about life and what we do everyday,
I thought about death and I wondered what the last thing that goes through your mind before you die.
I then started thinking about school and all the friends I had already made, James, Shelby and Belinda.
I think making my own band would be fun, even if we don’t want to make it big,
I mean, if Shelby continues with bass and Belinda continues with guitar and I continue with electric and James with drums, we could go pretty good, I think the band might actually work out after all…....

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