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Chapter 2

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2 more roses?

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I was awoken by the wind beating against the window. I rubbed my eyes and looked at my clock.
It read 2:00 am in bright, blood red numbers.
I groaned and sat up.
I reached over to turn on the lamp on my nightstand.
The rose was placed on my nightstand.
"That's not where I left you." I mumbled a little confused.
I got out of bed. I carefully picked up the rose and walked over to my desk.
Wait. What?
The rose. It was on my desk. But it was in my hand.
There were 2?
Then where did this one come from?
I was too tired to think about it at the moment.
I placed the rose next to the first one and fell back onto my bed, immediately falling back to sleep.


I was awoken ,yet again, by my alarm. I groaned and slipped out of bed. My eyes weren't completely opened yet. I walked into the bathroom. I peeled off the shirt I fell asleep in yesterday, along with my tight, black skinny jeans.
I turned on the water in the shower and waited for it to heat up. I slipped off my boxers and stepped in.
I took my time as the warm water slid down my body and the hot steam embraced me.
I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and washed my body.
Then I heard something.
It was a quick, short whisper.
A voice I've never heard before, but the voice was that of an angel...
I spun around and screamed.
"Ah! Who's there?!"
I gripped the shower curtain with one hand and leaned the other against the slippery wall.
I swear I could almost feel the breath on my neck.
I was breathing heavily and was still in a state of shock.
I slid down the wall of the shower and sat down.
The water was still beating down on me.
I remained there as my breathing began to even back out.
Maybe I was just imagining it or something.
I don't even want to know.
My eyes were still squeezed shut.
I slowly opened them.
My eyes suddenly widened.
The water was beating down on the petals of a single red rose.

[[AN]] alright. Uh...yeah so i finally started my chapter fic! i love the ideas i have for this. in a way this might be moving pretty slow, but in another it's moving pretty fast...yeah i don't really know.
of course i can only update on thw weekends, so i'll try to give as much as i can!! thanks!!

and sorry for such short chaps =P

-Lindsey Lachrymosa
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